Spiritual Manifestation: Meaning, Gifts and Examples

Spiritual Manifestation: Meaning, Gifts and Examples

The art of spiritual manifestation is to physically materialise the beliefs you hold. 

You will reflect your inner thinking on your external reality, regardless of whether you think you are gifted enough (or not), skilled enough (or not), or worthy enough (or not).

Spiritual gifts such as manifestation gifts are offered to believers and nonbelievers alike in the Church for their benefit. 

As a result of these gifts, God displays his supernatural power through the life of a believer in a given circumstance.

Additionally, you will learn about spiritual manifestation examples in this article.


What is Spiritual Manifestation?

What is Spiritual Manifestation

The idea behind Spiritual Manifestation is that you can bring your dreams and desires into being by regularly meditating and thinking positively.

Spiritual manifestation is one of the New Age concepts of the Law of Attraction. 

In recent years, the television series My Name is Earl and the book The Secret have brought this idea to the forefront of American media.

As per the Law of Attraction, you will attract good things to yourself if you think and act positively. 

Conversely, if you think and act negatively, you can expect bad things to happen.

In Ancient Hinduism, this concept was called Karma

Several different forms of it exist today, such as Positive Thinking, Mental Science, Pragmatic Christian, Religious or Divine Science, as well as Practical Metaphysics.

These practices, however, are significantly different from spiritual manifestation.

Spiritual manifestation works to fulfil each of your dreams and bring fulfilment to your desire, rather than simply providing vague, random positive thinking to happen to you.

As the spiritual manifestation theory holds, if you want something, it will manifest if you believe it is possible.

It’s also true that if you pay a lot of attention to what you don’t want to happen, that’s what will probably occur, as well.


Do’s and Don’ts of Spiritual Manifestation

Manifesting has its dos and don’ts, and this is a quick guide to ensure you’re on the right path.


#1. Do: Incorporate Manifesting Into Your Everyday Life

The process of manifesting is continuous.

We manifest and attract things all the time, although most of the time, we do it unconsciously.

You don’t have to keep your manifesting practices for “special” moments and places. Include them in your daily routine.

Make a habit of meditating every morning, even if it means just sitting in quietly and listening to your breath for a few minutes.

Seek guidance and support through prayer and religious podcasts.

Take part in the Appreciation Game!

Keeping a close eye on your finances will make you more prosperous.

Once you’ve gotten into your Zen den, focus on cultivating the feeling you desire!


#2. Don’t: Reserve Your Spiritual Manifestation Practices for Specific Times and Places

Many people believe manifesting is something you can do only inside your Zen den, on your meditation pillow, with all your crystals lined up and candles lit.

There is no right or wrong way to spend time in that space.

Do whatever makes you feel good, in harmony, and connected to spirit, whether it’s meditation, journaling, and even yoga.

Following that, you leave your spiritual practices behind and proceed with your day.

If you compartmentalise your spiritual practices, you will curtail the flow of inspiration.

The spirit of inspiration can hit you at any time, not only during retreats, yoga classes, or religious services.

When we put it in a box and keep it apart from the rest of our lives, we do ourselves a great disservice.


#3. Do: Become Adept at the Spiritually Aligned Action Method

The process of manifesting is also known as co-creating because you are collaborating with the Universe.

If you take spiritually aligned action, you can be confident that the energy beyond yourself is working for you and that things will fall into place, even when it is difficult to predict when or in what way.


#4. Don’t: Force it to Happen

Many of us have an ingrained tendency to try to control and force things to happen.

Your spiritual journey probably involved some beautiful work in releasing this pattern.

Nonetheless, the ego’s need to control can creep upon us, and we may unintentionally fall into this pattern.

Despite not identifying yourself as a control freak, you nevertheless exert subtle control in your life.

If you:

  1. Focus on the small things,
  2. Before making any decision, ask a lot of people about their opinions, or
  3. Don’t handle things.

Then you are probably trying to control your life secretly.

You should always keep in mind that the Universe has a plan better than yours.

When you follow this guidance, you will stop controlling and begin receiving instead.


#5. Do: Trust That The Universe Has Something Better in Mind Than You

The act of manifesting does not give us total control over our lives or enable us to fulfil short-term goals.

The pursuit of manifesting is not about getting what we desire.

The goal is to receive what is of the highest benefit for all.

You will have experiences where precisely what you seek will come to you.

The goal is not to control outcomes to gain the desired results.

Keep in mind that your plan may not always be the best one.

For instance, if all of your meditations and affirmations focus on securing promotion at your workplace, you may be completely blocking your chances for a better job at another company.

A bigger plan is in place than your own.

Manifesting is an art that you can surrender to, and trust will lead you toward the happiness you desire and much more.


#6. Don’t: Expect to Receive What You Want at the Drop of a Hat

There is probably no bigger manifesting misconception than this one.

People have this idea that creating a vision board and writing affirmations in a journal will lead to having what you desire.

The great thing about vision boards and affirmations is that they provide clarity.

Unfortunately, you can get hooked on believing that you know what’s right.

Sometimes, you get very attached to specific results or a deadline for the outcome.

Doing so means you are cutting off the flow of Universal guidance and moving into maniacal manifestation.


8 Steps of Gratitude To Create Spiritual Manifestation

Did you ever think about using the power of manifestation to achieve spiritual satisfaction and inner peace?

The majority of people think of manifesting as a method of accumulating money or material wealth.

There are more aspects to it than just that.

A manifesting practice allows you to increase your financial wealth, but its use can also lead to increased spiritual wealth.

If you’re like most people, you love the sound of that but aren’t sure how to make it happen.

These eight steps of gratitude will help you to live a life full of spiritual manifestation:


#1. Feel Good About Yourself. 

Feel Good About Yourself

Give yourself a well-deserved appreciation.

You are taking care of yourself each day. Tell yourself how much you appreciate this.

Observe the greater sense of harmony, delight, and gratitude you are creating within you.


#2. Be Thankful For The People Who Are Part of Your Life. 

Be Thankful For The People Who Are Part of Your Life | Spiritual Manifestation

Send a thank-you note every week to someone to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Written notes hold an infinite amount of life energy, and they will be a lasting reminder of why you wrote them.

You should express your gratitude to everyone in your life who has gone above and beyond to help you through the day and week.

Take the time to reflect on what others have taught you, and share what you’ve learned with them when it’s appropriate and timely.


#3. Thanks Are Due to The Spiritual Support Team and God. 

Thanks Are Due to The Spiritual Support Team and God | Spiritual Manifestation

Thank God for believing in you and giving you the freedom to determine your own fate every night.

It is divine guidance that guides you to live a better life whether you pray or meditate.

Appreciate the spiritual support cheering you on as you go through this process.


#4. Take Up the Gratitude Diet.

Gratitude Dieting involves following these steps:

  • Make a point of jotting down 25 things you’re grateful for every day.
  • Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, recite your gratitude statements as you tap on each tap point.


#5. Begin Keeping a Gratitude Journal.

Gratitude Journal | Spiritual Manifestation

Focusing your gratitude on people produces far better results than concentrating on those things for which you are grateful.

Be sure to include unexpected and surprising events when creating a gratitude journal to elicit deeper feelings of gratitude.


#6. Play The Game of Gratitude. 

Take turns naming things for which you are grateful, either on your own or with others.

Feeling gratitude from the inside out raises your vibration because it has such immense power.

By raising your vibration, you naturally change the energy of those around you.

Get a chance to witness people expressing their gratitude to you.

Imagine the positive impact this can have on your life!


#7. Express Gratitude for Every Single Moment of your Life.

Express Gratitude for Every Single Moment of your Life

Focus on feeling grateful for each passing moment and cultivate a habit of being present.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to set reminders on your phone at random times throughout the day.

Your chances of attracting that for which you can feel thankful and appreciate in your life increase when you feel appreciation and gratitude.


#8. Be Grateful For Every Experience.

Yes, every one of them. Don’t limit yourself to the positive, happy, and helpful ones.

Embrace the value of everything, even the bad, painful, and unfair.

You learn to appreciate every experience of life as well as to become aware of how it occurs for you and not to you.

Once you begin to recognise the signs and gifts that are shaping your life in the right direction, you’re in a position to notice them more often.


What Are Manifestation Gifts? 

What Are Manifestation Gifts | Spiritual Manifestation

As a result of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Church can share God’s love with the world in full measure.

One of the categories of spiritual gifts to the Church is manifestation gifts, which can benefit believers and non-believers alike.

Through these gifts, God shows His supernatural power through the life and activities of a believer.

According to I Corinthians 12:7–11, there are nine manifestation gifts:

  1. Word of wisdom
  2. Word of knowledge
  3. Faith
  4. Gifts of healing
  5. Working of miracles
  6. Prophecy
  7. Discerning of spirits
  8. Diverse kinds of tongues
  9. Interpretation of tongues

In learning about the gifts, remember that they are a manifestation of the Spirit of God, and they bring God glory.


#1. Word of Wisdom

There is great significance to this gift.

Divine wisdom enables us to speak and act in wisdom, ensuring that the other abilities we possess are applied appropriately.

The Word of Wisdom contains bits of divine wisdom, imparted supernaturally by the Holy Spirit.

It provides the power to determine what to say or do immediately in a given situation.

This gift is given frequently in conjunction with the Word of Knowledge so that believers can apply it correctly.


#2. Word of Knowledge

When the Holy Spirit gives a person a Word of Knowledge, it is a small fragment or piece of God’s knowledge.

The person previously had no knowledge of this information, and gaining it would not have been possible via natural means. The gift comes from the supernatural.


#3. Faith

Because faith deals with the unknown and the future, i.e. things not directly experienced, the gift of faith is only given to those who can exercise extraordinary trust.

By removing any doubts and restoring faith, God supernaturally purges him of all doubts.

Because of this, he is capable of accomplishing God’s purposes regardless of circumstances.

Our general faith stems from the seed of saving faith that God planted in our hearts.

As a believer’s development progresses, so does the degree of faith he possesses.


#4. Gifts of Healing

Gifts of Healing | Spiritual Manifestation

Healers use gifts of healing to heal diseases and infirmities in a supernatural manner without utilising any kind of natural means.

The power of the Holy Spirit is what dispels a person’s illness and drives out their pain to heal them.

God’s healing gifts to mankind that are in abundance are emphasised with the plural nouns here.

Likewise, Jesus’ healing is also a promise of deliverance from every illness, weakness, plague, deformity and affliction.

It implies that this gift manifests itself in a variety of ways.


#5. Working of Miracles

It is a gift given by God when He endows you with power by His Holy Spirit to accomplish something entirely beyond our human capacity.

You receive it at a specific time for a particular purpose.

Even though all spiritual gifts are miraculous, the word “miracle” used here refers to acts of power.


#6. Prophecy

The literal translation of prophecy is “to speak inspired words”.

1 Corinthians 14:31 suggests that all believers can exercise this gift if the Spirit so desires.

It is permitted for all to prophesy one by one, but no more than three at once.

1 Corinthians 14:3 states that such prophetic utterances intend to:

  • Edify the Church: To help the congregation grow and strengthen.
  • Exhort them: To challenge and provoke the believers.
  • Comfort them: To offer words of encouragement.

Many prophecies contain all three elements.


#7. Discerning of Spirits

Discerning of Spirits is one of the three revelation gifts; the other two are Words of Wisdom and Words of Knowledge.

Spirit of discernment is a divine gift bestowed by the Holy Spirit, and it allows us to distinguish between Satan’s spirits, God’s Spirit and our Spirit.


#8. Diverse kinds of Tongues

The Gift of Tongues serves two purposes:

  1. To edify the individual who uses it (devotional tongues);
  2. Edification of the church as a whole, not just of individual believers (when combined with the gift of interpretation of tongues).


#9. Interpretation of Tongues

The Gift of Tongues is the companion to this gift and is always used alongside it.

Holy Spirit’s supernatural power allows one to interpret an utterance in tongues into the natural language of the assembly.

When one receives the interpretation of the Spirit, they can perceive what the Spirit is saying in their tongue, and they can reveal it to the congregation for them to understand and embrace.


10 Ways To Practice Spiritual Manifestation Using a Yoga Mat

10 Ways To Practice Spiritual Manifestation Using a Yoga Mat

A lot of similarities exist between yoga and spiritual manifestation.

Changing your belief systems can help you challenge limiting beliefs and stretch your mind.

You will be astonished by all the different poses you may land in – both on and off your mat – the more you lift yourself up and turn yourself upside down to gain new perspectives.

Using your actual body to embody your true essence as a limitless, infinite creator, here are ten ways you can practice spiritual manifestation on your yoga mat.


#1. Align Your Actions

When you act in alignment with your spiritual manifestation, you will be able to achieve your goals from wherever you currently stand on your spiritual path.

Practice, belief in yourself, and intention are all necessary for effectiveness.

Momentum and direction are good for energy!


#2. Be Gentle With Yourself

It may be necessary for you to shut down the voice that keeps speaking inside your head.

It may be a message saying “You can’t do this, you’re too short, and you seem ridiculous.”.

The discomfort will diminish over time.

If you believe in yourself and take action, you will realise change is possible.


#3. Pleasure Comes After Pain

Half Moon Pose | Spiritual Manifestation

Despite your pain, however, never forget that pleasure will come after.

Even when the process is excruciating, childbirth marks the beginning of a new, beautiful life. 

Spiritual manifestation is no different.

Taking deep breaths and pushing through discomfort, you can create a life for yourself that is so far beyond your expectations.

You will not only be able to do Half Moon Pose, but you will also thank your lucky stars and the actual moon for giving you birth again into this better version of you!


#4. You Can Ask Questions

The following are examples of how to align your actions with your goals for manifesting a new career as a yoga instructor, but the same principles apply to any goal you have.

Ask yourself questions and take action in response.

When teaching yoga, what clothes would yoga instructors wear?

Get your yoga pants out even if you’re going to the grocery store.


On that day, what would they eat as a snack?

You should also consume foods that fuel your body.


What is their daily water intake?

You need to drink twice that much!


What are the readings and listening preferences of a yoga instructor?

Now you can choose which app you will use to listen to similar conversations.


#5. Learn to be Comfortable With Discomfort

It’s possible to feel uncomfortable during yoga.

It might seem like your leg doesn’t go all the way back, your bones may be cracking, or your thighs may be trembling or burning (or both at once!), and you might feel like your heart is beating too fast to catch up.

It might seem that you are doing it wrong, that pretzels can only look like that, or that you should give up since progress is so far away.

Yoga is uncomfortable because it stretches your body physically.

Being uncomfortable during spiritual manifestation comes from challenging your mind. In both cases, there is discomfort.


#6. Role-Playing


Try teaching a few easy poses to your family members, friends, colleagues – maybe a child’s pose or stretch.

Imagine yourself speaking to your future classroom while standing in front of a mirror.

Experience the energy of the environment in a yoga studio by playing with each move.

Avoid being seen as a lunatic or getting thrown out of class for disturbing the peace by repeating what your instructor is saying in your head.


#7. Be Tolerant of the Soreness

Be Tolerant of the Soreness

Imagine spiritual manifestation as the soreness in your body after trying new poses in yoga class.

When you exercise your body’s muscles, you stretch muscles that have always existed, but you tense them in different ways.

You’ll have to endure a little pain before it feels good.

In manifesting your dreams, the same holds true.

Discovering that the reality you desire to leave behind was also the result of your actions can be uncomfortable.

The process of manifesting your dreams involves acknowledging the feelings you’re experiencing, learning to navigate through the obstacles that have been holding you back, and stepping into a new way of presenting yourself.


#8. Work Hard

Starting from somewhere can be different for everybody, so you must all start somewhere.

Sometimes, even though you are trying your best to do a Handstand, you may be incapable of even walking while chewing gum at the same time.

Each of us has a different starting point, whether on our mats or in our daily lives.


#9. Rest a While

Savasana Pose | Spiritual Manifestation

In yoga, you spend nearly one hour bending, stretching, balancing, sweating, performing, trying, doing, and posing.

Holding yourself up, finding your inner and outer strength, and striving for your goals takes time.

A time is right for you to lean into the pose and right for you to emerge from it.

The yoga practice involves finding the right balance between exerting energy and releasing it.

You learn to find the right balance between faith and will, doing and being, working and resting.

Spiritual manifestation is also the same.

In manifesting your dreams, resting is equivalent to believing and letting go implies being present.

Desiring something deeply, picturing it in your mind, trusting that you will accomplish it, and taking inspired action to make it happen involves a delicate balance, as does know when to detach from expectations about when, where, and how it will occur.

The Savasana Pose involves opening your heart toward the sky, keeping your back supported by the ground, and just relaxing, breathing, and resting.

When you believe that the universe always has your back and supports you to achieve your goals, you can rest easy, much like the savasana pose.


#10. Make it Real

Practise affirmations such as “I can achieve my goals. I deserve everything I desire. I am learning all the skills I need for my vision.”

Seeing your reflection in a mirror and saying, “I’m a yoga instructor,” is like witnessing the feeling of self-knowledge.

Bring yoga terminology into your everyday conversations.


Spiritual Manifestation Examples

The act of manifesting consists of feeling and bringing into existence something that is yours.

It’s like telling the universe that you want this thing – whether it’s a dream job or a beautiful car – and when you manifest it, it becomes yours.

Below are some spiritual manifestation examples:


#1. Manifestation is Possible Through Objects.

Spiritual Manifestation is Possible Through Objects

The most effective way to manifest through objects is by concentrating all of your energy into a single object.

Fill it with positivity and your dreams by holding it in your hands.

Manifesting your dreams is easy when you use water. Wrap your hands around a clean, glass bottle filled with water.

You should put your thoughts into the water and think of everything you wish you could manifest.

There is even the belief that water molecules can change when exposed to high vibrational positive energy.

Take a sip of water after you have put your manifesting thoughts and positive energy into it.

When you feel like you want something to manifest in your life, keep a bottle of positive water nearby, like on your nightstand.

Crystals are another popular object for manifesting.

There are different kinds of crystals with distinct healing properties.

Put a crystal in your hand that you look forward to looking at or one that has meaning to you.

Be sure to surround it with your energy and dreams.

Anytime you need to feel that energy or start manifesting something, you should hold the crystal.


#2. Manifest Through Meditation.

Manifest Through Meditation

The soul benefits from meditation in general.

The benefits of meditation include calming the body and mind and bringing peace to everyday life.

Meditation teaches you to let go of everything around you and to focus on one thing.

If you intend to manifest your dreams when you meditate, then you will intend to do it with any intention you desire.

As you meditate, try focusing on your vision while closing your eyes.

Imagine how your life would look if you received all the things you desire.

Imagine yourself turning the key and getting into your dream car.

Feel what the grip on the wheel is like as you begin your drive.

While you are meditating, keep this in mind and go through the motions.

There is no limit to what children can imagine; it’s time to think big and believe in what your imagination can create. 


#3. Words Manifest What You Mean.

The act of manifesting with words is relatively simple once you get used to it.

There are times when many of you want something to happen and use words such as “I wish”, “I want”, or “I hope”.

These words have no place in your vocabulary when you’re talking about manifestation.

Speaking in the present and using active words are crucial to manifesting.

It’s about keeping the belief that you already have what you want.

You could change your mindset into a positive one by saying I’m going to get this raise instead of I want that raise.

Alternatively, you could say, when I’m selected for this new job instead of if I’m selected.

These small words will make a huge difference.


#4. List the Goals You Want to Achieve in Your Life.

Writing down your thoughts and desires makes your thoughts and desires seem even more real.

Whether you’re writing a letter, a list, or a story, express yourself by writing out your dreams.

Write out what your dream life will be like, but try to do so as if it is the way you live now.

If you decide that you want to manifest more happiness, you can make a list that begins with “I am grateful right now that I have…” and lists everything you want. 

Your writing should be as detailed as possible! 

Keep your desires in a hidden location where you will be able to read them anytime.

It’s also a good idea to read your writing out loud, as this helps put it into the world! 



#1. How Do I Start Spiritual Manifestation?

To stay spiritually centred and in alignment with spiritual principles, it is essential to use universal principles of manifestation.

The desire you have is given to you by God, it is the reason you came here, and it also represents who and what you were meant to be.

The material desires of someone who focuses on the outer world would be totally different.

In keeping with your spiritual alignment, here are five steps for manifesting what your heart truly desires:

  1. Identify what motivates you and provides you with a sense of purpose.
  2. Turn to God/the Divine and ask for it, hoping for some better thing in return.
  3. Make sure that you follow your inner impulses by trusting in God.
  4. Gratitude is the key to keeping your spirits high.
  5. Learn how to handle resistance.


#2. Is Manifesting a Spiritual Practice?

Manifesting is a spiritual practice based on the notion that anything you put into the universe comes back to you.

Manifesting is in many ways like focusing the mind on what you want and, therefore, your subconscious follows suit.

There is no doubt that the more time you dedicate to your goals, to thinking about them, and to planning for success, the more likely you are to succeed.

You can manifest in many ways, from positive affirmations to mantras, to written expressions of what you hope to achieve, to planning for success with realistic goals for the immediate future and the future at large.

You can use daily intentions to manifest in your life.


#3. What is Biblical Manifestation?

The Bible says that manifestation is the process of bringing your Higher Self, as conscious awareness, into the outside world of your awareness as a human being.

Scripture refers to the Spirit as your soul.

This description of ourselves in our original angelic Soul is a reflection of our Higher Self Awareness.

Often, ego gets in the way of guidance and others.

A Higher Self that is still vibrating at a high vibration can only think positive angelic thoughts, such as harmony, positivity, love, equality, sharing, etc.

It is because the Higher Self enjoys a high vibration emotionally, too.

God and all Souls in Heaven, due to their high energetic harmonic frequency, are incapable of thinking or feeling negative.

Negative emotions, negative feelings, and negative thoughts are part of our material dimension.


#4. What is the Power of Manifestation?

To make your dreams come true, you should think them through and take action with use the Power of Manifestation to turn them into reality.

You could say the process is intimidating.

To succeed, you need to have a lot of confidence, determination, and persistence.

It is impossible to manifest unless you are dedicated to your goals, have a focused mind, and think positively.

Be sure that your thoughts and feelings align before you manifest.

Let all of your negative thoughts and toxicity escape, and take a moment to clear your mind.

When trying out new things, it’s best to start small.

Make a manifest like a free snack and watch in awe as the event actually takes place. 


#5. What is Manifesting the Law of Attraction?

The Law of attraction teaches that our feelings, thoughts and beliefs attract situations and events that resonate with them.

We continuously cause vibrations in our surroundings that affect circumstances, experiences, and the people we attract and repel.

This tenet refers to the powerful effect that our thoughts have on the outcomes or events of our lives, also known as the law of manifestation.

The premise of manifestation is that you create your reality by focusing on it.

Although focusing on your thoughts is necessary to manifest your dreams, it also takes positive thinking and action on your part as well.

In manifestation, you focus and take supportive actions to turn your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and efforts into reality.


In Conclusion

Being clear about what you want is the simplest way to manifest anything.

Take action and don’t send mixed signals to the universe.

To achieve your goals, you must work hard and be open-minded.

Be on the lookout for signs of success or achievement as you ask the universe for what you want.

Your only obstacle to manifesting your dreams is yourself. 

It is possible to hold in your hands what you can visualize in your mind.

Start working now! It’s manifesting time!

Spiritual Manifestation: Meaning, Gifts and Examples

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