The Ultimate Guide to Metaphysical Counseling
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The Ultimate Guide to Metaphysical Counseling

Metaphysics generally means “beyond the physical”. In this article, we will help you understand the meaning of Metaphysical Counseling, what is Metaphysics, how can it help you, what to expect from your sessions, ethics and standards and more. 


What is Metaphysics?

Everything around us is made up of energy but it is believed that it is first defined as a thought.

Metaphysics is a branch of science that is the thought, cosmic universal consciousness, universal spirituality and realm of energy. 

Metaphysics helps us answer all those questions that have been defied by “natural science.”

The idea is to integrate both our spiritual as well as mental selves together. 

In other words, it is a spiritual philosophy where the belief is that we live in a universe comprising of infinite intelligence that fills all things.

The acceptance and acknowledgement of this universal presence within and around us help discover the principles and laws that govern our existence.

Metaphysics allows us to go beyond our limited self and spiritual nature. Nous vous viagra pour homme proposons également de nombreuses réductions tout au long de l’année.

You can work with the transformative principles to connect to your own inner being through meditation to help restore faith in ourselves and in our life.

You can discover your uniqueness and creativity using self-knowledge. 

Therefore, it is more appropriate to use the term Metaphysical counseling since our spirit, mind and body denote a person. 


What is Metaphysical Counseling?

The Ultimate Guide to Metaphysical Counseling

It is also known as Personal Life Coaching or Transpersonal Counseling.

It helps you understand your life experiences in an insightful manner by explaining those elements of you which are beyond your senses’ capacity to perceive. 

We are all influence of media, friends, family, culture, etc. sometimes, these influences lead individuals to cultivate unhealthy habits, attitudes, negative outlook towards life, prejudices, etc.

These affect our overall health, relationships and the quality of our life.

Additionally, they often cause fear, causes conflicts with others and live stressful lives. 

Through Metaphysical Counseling, we can understand ourselves and the world around us better.

Once you know who you truly are, its easier to adjust your life and free yourself from all the unnecessary addictions, relationships, addictions, stress, sadness and grief. 

The main focus of Metaphysical Counseling is to assist you to change your life by achieving goals, succeeding and being happy.

It helps facilitate personal growth ad connection to the Source/All That Is

Working with a Metaphysical counselor helps you analyse the root cause of your beliefs.

They also help you develop a strategy that helps you change this negative thinking/programming that is dragging you down.

In simpler words, they enlighten you about the tools you need to heal to know yourself and get better. 

Counseling also adds to your spiritual development by helping you giving insights to dig deeper and understand your belief system better. 

It integrates the use of:

  • Emotional releasing and clearing
  • Energy balancing
  • Personal coaching
  • Meditation
  • Affirmative thinking
  • Personal empowerment
  • Human relations
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Problem-solving
  • Spirituality awareness and assessment
  • Value identification
  • Stress management

As you can understand, this holistic approach helps you overcome any obstacles that hinder personal fulfilment. 


How Can it Help You?

Metaphysical Counseling

Since metaphysical counseling is nothing but a self-empowering therapy, it helps us realise and address the imbalances in our belief system that are causing conflicts or preventing us from living a happy, successful life. 

These beliefs reside in our unconscious being and therefore, our conscious being is often unaware of them.

An experienced counselor will help you identify and understand these underlying conditions and causes that are responsible for your suffering.

They will also help you find resolution through an understanding of yourself and self-examination. 

Your counselor will help you harmonize by giving you the clarity you need.

You will have a calmer mind and a better sense of your well-being. 

The aim of this approach is to guide you towards living a life that’s authentic and true.

A life where you know how to make conscious choices.

This counseling will help you transform all aspects of your life from financial stability and career development to self-worth and happiness and happy and inculcate healthy relationships. 


Counselor’s Approach

The Ultimate Guide to Metaphysical Counseling

Experienced Metaphysical practitioners are trained to work in a holistic mind-body-spirit method. 

Using various spiritual teachings and psychological strategies, they show you how your mind works at both spiritual as well as psychological levels.

They gradually guide you to personal realisation and self-discovery. They can help address:

  • Childhood abuse and emotional neglect
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Lack of purpose
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Inner crisis and conflicts
  • Breaking unhealthy habitual patterns
  • Understanding emotional reactions
  • Health issues

By targeting the root cause, they teach you how to draw on your own self-healing power and turn your life’s misfortunes into opportunities. 


What Should I Expect From Metaphysical Counseling?

During the first session, your counselor will as you a series of questions revolving around your life history and background.

Since practitioners are trained to be good listeners, you not only feel heard but also understood. 

They listen to what you’re saying and also what you’re trying to say, such as the underlying issues, hidden issues, stressful beliefs, etc. that are troubling you.  

In order for you to understand your problems, the counselor might use a counseling/meditation/visualisation exercise or technique.

Counselors have a wide variety of counseling techniques and skills at their disposal. However, they still follow a code of conduct. 

The counselor discerns the ideal technique that best suits your condition.

There is no set form to use metaphysical counseling.

They can use different techniques to resolve different problems since Metaphysics is a versatile therapy. 

You must enrol yourself for metaphysical counselling for the grieving session if you have lost someone special to ‘let go of the burden’ and grief.


Two women talking to each other.


Spiritual Mind Treatment

Your counselor may use some encouraging words in relation to your problem.

They may also give you a short written statement for you to repeat to yourself between each session.

This is what is referred to as Spiritual Mind Treatment as it affirms the Truth about your situation and yourself.

Most individuals find this extremely comforting, beneficial and reassuring.  


Subsequent Sessions

Your therapist will explain you how your mind works and teach you some Universal Laws. you can put them into practice to transform your life. 

The healing process requires you to stay in touch with your feelings from time-to-time and not lose track of who you are. 

If you feel uncomfortable with the inner work assigned to you or questions asked by your practitioner, you can simply inform them.

They will show you alternative ways to solve your problems. 

You will start feeling peaceful and have an enhanced sense of self after the first session itself. 


Ethics and Standards

Ethics and Standards

Every counselor will follow these ethics and standards. A Metaphysical counselor:

  • Must treat his/her clients with respect and compassion
  • Must create a safe environment that promotes open communication and trust
  • Should make all training certificates, diplomas and relevant degrees to you should you wish to inspect them
  • Must at all times remain professional and not misuse any information provided by you
  • Must at all times respect your confidentiality
  • Should NEVER claim to be a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist
  • Works with spiritual teachings that might also be included in psychological techniques which are an aspect of metaphysical teachings
  • Should encourage you to utilise these principles and teachings to lead a self-empowered life
  • Should NEVER claim to personally heal or cure you. Any benefit of you are solely due to the healing power within you, God, Power within, Universal Power, Inner God, God-Mind, or the Higher Intelligence
  • Will NEVER advise you to discontinue any prescribed medication. You must discuss your medications with the concerned medical physician
  • Will only take you case if it is within their capacity to heal or treat or take cases that will benefit from the metaphysical practice
  • Will receive the proper education, qualification and experience required.


Where can I receive a metaphysical prayer certificate online to offer prayer counseling?

A quick Google search will result in a host of course of metaphysical counseling that you do.

The most popular online courses are offered by the School of Metaphysics, and Metaphysical Society among others.


Metaphysical Counseling Program

If you’re interested in pursuing this program, you must be prepared to do the necessary coursework.

This program will help you realise your unused power and indwelling, guide you with simple and direct methods and skills to help others with their problems and burdens.

You will learn the most powerful and wonderful healing methods that have ever been discovered. 

The course includes (but is not limited to):

  • One elective
  • Psychic protection
  • Astral travel
  • Prayer therapy
  • Metaphysical counseling


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you become a metaphysical counselor?

Becoming a metaphysical counselor requires a master’s degree. In some cases, spiritual counselors might need a doctorate. Generally, people don’t become metaphysical counselors or spiritual counselors for a lucrative salary but it’s a financially rewarding and fast-growing field.


What is metaphysical approach?

Metaphysics, as explained above, is a type of study or philosophy that uses broad concepts to define and understand reality. These studies seek to explain universal or inherent elements of reality which aren’t easily experienced or discovered in our everyday lives.


What does a metaphysical practitioner do?

A metaphysical practitioner usually has a PhD in holistic healing and use a variety of techniques to help us heal at a spiritual level. The spirit work helps you relax your mind and body. This, in turn, helps you improve your body’s healing abilities and relationships. 


How can I study metaphysics?

You need to take a course in metaphysics. A number of institutions offer courses in the field of metaphysical sciences (as listed in the article above). When you enrol yourself for these courses, you’ll get gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge by experienced and trained professionals.  


Can anyone call themselves a counselor?

Surprisingly, anyone can call themselves a counselor even if they have no or little training. However, in order to be a certified counselor, you need to have a licence.


Wrap Up

You don’t just have to use talk therapy to find the solution to your problems as the solution you’re searching for goes beyond the emotional, mental or physical realm.

You need to targetting the problem at root i.e. at the level of our soul which is the wisest and deepest part of our self. 

Metaphysical counseling helps you apply a range of powerful and spiritual techniques and principles to uncover the greater good in each and every type of situation. 


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