Shamballa Reiki: Meaning, Symbols, Levels, Training and More
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Shamballa Reiki: Meaning, Symbols, Levels, Training and More

Shamballa Reiki a.k.a Shamballa Multi-dimensional Healing was first channelled through John Armitage.

He’s also known by his spiritual names i.e. Das, Hari Das Melchizedek and Hari Das Baba.

It’s believed that sir Armitage channelled this complex yet beautiful system by the help of Count of St. Germain who was a well-known European alchemist.

He took a keen interest in finding the elixir for long life and higher spiritual practices.

Today, he’s considered as an ascendant master of great power. 


What is Shamballa Reiki? What is its origin?

Shamballa Reiki Meaning and Origin

Shamballa Reiki is believed to be an extension of what we today know as Reiki Usui. 

It is used for spiritual development and personal healing.

This system is based on a belief that each and every individual has been attuned to Reiki at some point in the past and they have the ability to awaken it again to benefit mankind and heal the world. 

We are able to find deep, complex meditations with higher spiritual entities, archangels and ascendant masters. 

The spirit of St. Germain was believed to belong to the Atlantean origins, and therefore, Shamballa MDH seems to have the flavours and teachings of Atlantis. 

Note:  No one can guarantee this. This theory is a result of several opinions. Therefore, I’m trying to present my interpretation in the best possible manner. 

Shamballa Reiki has superior vibrations.

It has tremendous amounts of information and energy that you can access only through meditation, self-treatment and practise. 

The principles of this system were introduced by none other than Mikaomi Usui in the 20th century.

They’re combined with the ancient metaphysical principles and teachings of Shamballa that originated from Tibet and India.

Shamballa operates on a high vibrational plane and therefore allows faster energy transfers at a higher intensity.

It enables you to connect with the fullest expression of your true being.

This allows you to experience fulfilment in all aspects of your life including (but not limited to) health, finance, relationship and career. 


Shamballa Reiki Lineage

Reiki Lineage describes the family tree of masters and their students dating back to Mikamo Usui. for a healing system to be called Reiki and be recognised as such, the lineage must trace back to Mikamo Usui.

Shamballa Reiki Lineage


Understanding Reiki

The term Reiki is derived from the Japanese word “Rei” which means “Wisdom of God” and “Ki” which means “life force energy.”

As I pointed out earlier, an extended range of energies used in Usai Reiki is also used in Shamballa Reiki. 

This system helps you access a greater frequency range of energies for expansive healing. 


What is Usui Reiki?

It’s an easy technique that requires laying hands to transfer energy.

It’s done by attuning to life energy. 

Reiki can’t be taught and can only be ‘attuned’. This is done by a Reiki practitioner.

The same applies to Shamballa Reiki. It’s passed on to the disciple by their master. 

You can understand by taking an example of plugging a light bulb in a socket. The dormant energies flow freely. 

Practitioners of Shamballa Reiki consider it a more powerful and better technique of Usui Reiki since the latter includes a set of fixed patterns of hand movements. 

Whereas, Shamballa Reiki masters encourage their disciples to let the energy flow freely so that it can reach where it should. 

They do so because they believe that healing energies were transmitted by St. Germain to enable a direct and powerful connection to the divine healing power.

Therefore, the individual feels an intense and profound experience.


A Shamballa Master answering the question: 'What is Shamballa Reiki?'


Difference Between Usui Reiki and Shamballa Reiki

This system is taught by different schools and while some prefer to teach four levels, some only teach three levels of attunement. 

The main difference is that Shamballa Reiki offers access to 352 metaphysical levels.

Each of these levels corresponds to a secret and sacred symbol.

These can only be understood and revealed by the master/practitioner through practice and meditation.

They’re not revealed to the student during the attunement process because they’re powerful and shouldn’t be accessed by the student until the disciple is fully ready from a spiritual perspective. 

The idea behind this is linked to the story of Atlantis.

The inhabitant’s abuse and lust for power were such, that the entire continent was sunk as a punishment. 


Spiritual Significance

Shamballa Reiki brings great power and responsibility.

Once you are attuned to the master level, you gain new insights and a higher level of vibration and awareness. 

You begin to have a clearer understanding of your ‘karmic debts’ and you shall prepare yourself to face them.

It leads you onto a clear path of potential and focuses on spiritual growth. 

All of this happens because Shamballa MDH is not just a healing system.

Instead, it represents a way to accelerate your spiritual development. 

Since this system is spiritual in nature, it can be practised by anyone who wishes to seek enlightenment. 

It helps you create a powerful and strong connection to healing energies, love and your higher self. 


‘Shamballa’ refers to a mythical realm that exists in another dimension or within our inner Earth. It’s considered that spiritual and technological beings that exist within the realm that come to help us when we need it the most.


Forms of Energies

Once you are attuned, you have access to these forms of loving and pure energy.


Mahatma Energy

I.e. the Silver Gold Violet energy associated with extreme purity. 


You can access this even without attunement.

Though some students find it out during initiation.

However, it will arrive without any delay once you start calling upon it.

It’s advised that you don’t ‘abuse’ it. Instead, use it only when you need to cleanse yourself or are doing a self-treatment. 

This enables you to cleanse your body and brings the vibration of high consciousness and peace. 

It can be explained as ‘all is one’ or ‘one with all’ energy.

It’s the energy that acknowledges and identifies that you are the source as well as the source at the same time. 

You fill find oneness and you’ll realize that you are not separate from the higher source because you are the source. 

These energies benefit you to raise your ascension, vibration, multidimensional healing and psychic development. 


Christ Consciousness

Activates the Soul Start or the 8th Chakra.


Regardless of the religion your follow, it will connect you the consciousness of Christ and will engulf you with pure energy and love. 

Apart from the cleansing effect, it has the potential to appear during your darkest moments.

It creates a light for you in the most difficult situations. 


Silver-Violet Flame of Saint Germain

A manifestation of vibrational energy that’s believed to have belonged to St Germain.


This has the potential to burn energy fields of viruses and bacteria and breaks them up into (smaller) concepts, programs or negative energy. 

 You should use it when you’re experiencing severe pain (in a particular area of your body).

Apart from this, you can use it for self-treatment and meditation.

Since it has a high vibration, you should use it wisely and only when required. 


These three main energy types are used together along with the Shamballa Reiki meditations to bring enormous levels of awareness and healing to an individual.


Levels of Shamballa Reiki

It has the following levels:


Level I

  • Basic information about Reiki, how Reiki works and hand positions
  • Meditation and breathing exercise to balance the energy fields and chakras
  • Learn to cut negative and residual energetic strings with the help of Archangel Michael. 
  • Access 22 secret and sacred symbols associated with the Atlantean energy print.


Level II

  • Learn about Usui Reiki symbols (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei He Ki and Cho Ku Rei) and their uses
  • Learn about the different symbols and their attributes present in Usui Reiki and Shamballa MDH
  • Access 22 secret and sacred symbols associated with the Atlantean energy print.


Master Level or Level III 

  • Access 352 symbols 
  • Complete access to the Cosmic Christ Consciousness
  • Activation and cleansing 12 chakras that are associated with each energetic layer of our body
  • Learn how to create the new potential to access higher awareness and vibrations by understanding the Merkaba field.


These systems are used to aid a person’s ascension process.

It enables you to work with your third eye, raise your vibrational frequency, remove karma from your past life and release all old and negative energies. 


Shamballa Reiki Symbols

Here’s a short description of the Shamballa MHD Reiki symbols. These are the same as the Usui Reiki:


Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei Shamballa Reiki Symbols

Energises, protects, activates and cleanses.


Sei He Ki

Sei He Ki

Emotional and mental healing.


Hon Sha ze Sho Nen

Hon Sha ze Sho Nen

Send Reiki in time and distance.


Dai Ko Myo

Dai Ko Myo

This is the master symbol that brings pure energy and light.


After this, a few new symbols are introduced. They have a variety of uses but some of them are still not known to us. It’s up to all of us to gain more wisdom and knowledge in order to understand them.




This ancient symbol has originated from Buddhist philosophy. It magnifies the therapy and self-treatment on others and amplifies the healing energies. 


Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma


Activating this on the back of an individual, it energizes and realigns the back projections of the chakras. 


Ho Ka O iLi iLi


Activating this on the sides, back and front of an individual, it brings valour, respect and energy. 

In simple words, it can be described in a single sentence as: “I am worthy even though I’m not perfect.”




It helps you resolve all of your unresolved past problems. 


Motor Zanon


Also known as the ‘viral symbol’, it helps you combat viruses, bacteria and infections.


Atlantean Dai Ko Myo

Atlantean Dai Ko Myo

You can use it for spreading creative and vital energies in your aura.


Tibetan Fire Serpent

Tibetan Fire Serpent

You should use this symbol when you have exhausted all your energy.




A series of seven smaller symbols, it is used to balance the seven chakras and cleanse the meridians.


Palm Master Symbol


This symbol has the potential to unite your true inner-self and soul with your mind. 




Generally used to separate energy fields of the practitioner/master.


Abundance Symbol


This symbol brings you atmosphere and energy for spiritual and material prosperity. 


Shamballa Reiki Training

Reiki is easy to learn and is a safe and natural method of self-improvement and healing. 

It’s divided into four degrees:

  • Reiki I
  • Reiki II
  • Master Practioner
  • Master Teacher

There are several ways to approach training depending on your needs.

Some of the popular training courses are offered by Shamballa Reiki Training, Richer Life Journey and Sherry Speaks

The cost of these Shamballa Reiki Training courses ranges from $5 to $1200. 

If you’re looking for Free Online Shamballa Reiki Attunement, you can check out these resources here


What should you expect from a session of Shamballa Reiki?

A Shamballa Reiki Master performing Reiki on a student.

Shamballa Reiki can be practised by you sitting comfortably on a chair, floor or even lying on a table. 

Your practitioner may or may not lay hands on you during the session.

Once the session begins, you will feel several physical sensations including tingling or heat. You might also get strange thoughts or impressions.

These sensations are explained by this system as the sensations of  ‘freeing the emotional, physical and spiritual blockages replacing them with healing life force.’

You will notice the difference right after your first session.

You’ll be more relaxed, refreshed and calm. 

Some individuals have also reported feeling relief from pains and free from illnesses.

If you wish to become a Shamballa Master, you must undertake the courses.

You will learn and practise several healing methods including the Qi Gong, energy work and meditation practices. 

If you wish to attend a session, you can sign up for a class.

You don’t need to have any experience in the field of meditation or healing arts order to start. 


The Takeaway

Shamballa MDH can help you create your own spiritual path by offering a unique system of healing energies. 

It has great potential to heal yourself for the future, present and past. 

Practising this will help you gain a deeper understanding and clarity by eliminating mental concepts and residual blockages that hold you back. 

It will help you understand that each and everything in the world is connected and in unity through the spiritual and physical planes. 


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What are your views and have you ever practised it? Do let us know in the comments section below! 



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