Multidimensional Healing: Meaning, Benefits, Training and More
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Multidimensional Healing: Meaning, Benefits, Training and More

In simple words, Multidimensional Healing means healing in more than physical dimension. In this article, understand what it means, the process and more. 


What is Multidimensional Healing?

It is a unique experience that allows you to achieve an enhanced state of mental, emotional, physical and energy balance.

This work takes place in another dimension in the presence of the interdimensional portal known as the Stargate and masters and guides. 

There are 2 modules you can use to understand it.

The first one is known as the 4-Body Model and the second one is known as the 7-Body Model. 

Models used in Multidimensional Healing

They refer to the same reality and experience but slice the experience into more or fewer parts depending upon the model. 

Let’s talk about the 4-Body Model first. Here, the densest dimension is Physical dimension.

It refers to physical body and environment where the body functions. 

Next is Etheric dimension which includes bioenergy, chi or prana level.

If you hear someone talk about energy bodies, chakras or acupuncture meridians, they’re referring to the structures in this dimension.

After this comes the Astral body or dimension. It comprises of the mental and emotional body.

You experience effects of this dimension when you have a specific emotion or thought.

The last dimension is the Ego (the E here is capital). This is very different from the Freudian ego. Instead, it corresponds to your Higher Self. It’s your Divine self or “I AM” presence.

The 7-body model, on the other hand, explains some dimensions and bodies of the 4-Body Model. To be more specific, the Ego and Astral dimensions are expanded. 

The Astral body is divided into Mental and Emotional dimension and the Ego dimension is divided into Divine, Spiritual and Causal dimensions. 

The Divine dimension is the highest dimension. It’s identified with the Godhead or the Source and is non-dual consciousness resulting in no duality or polarity in this model.

Dark and light are both present below this dimension. 

Spiritual Dimension is understood as an individual’s Soul level and is more fundamental and subtle than the Causal dimension. 

Causal dimension is a.k.a Karmic Dimension.

This body houses an individual’s karmic propensities and seeds. 

Both consciousness and energy fill all these several dimensions.


The Scientific Materialism

Multidimensional Healing takes all the dimensions of an individual, thing, animal and place. 

This is completely opposite of the existing scientific model that basis reality in physical dimension.

All the things we see in physical dimension is real. Such thoughts or phenomenon are generated from physical dimension.

Such a model where physical dimension is primary is known as the scientific materialism. 

Here, for instance, it implies that if an individual didn’t have a physical body or brain that the individual’s thoughts, emotions and consciousness and their emotions and thoughts don’t exist. 

All these processes are the effects of physical body in the model.

The Healing modalities assume that primary importance in the healing is to notice a change in physical dimension. 

Within this model, an individual has the tendency to focus on physical dimension as most of the humanities lessons and consciousness occurs in physicality.

The consciousness is fixed to physical dimension.

A Multidimensional healing model allows the change with an emphasis on physical dimension.

For instance, sometimes in healing, there is a sense that healing is successful only when there is a noticeable change in physical dimension. But, any change in the other dimensions may/may not bring about an immediate change in physical dimension.

In such a case, has healing occurred?

It is the most common area for clients and healers to get lost.

Should they focus on healing or allowing the results to manifest as needed on any dimension? 

A result in physical dimension isn’t what’s required in all cases. 

People generally focus on those results that their client/healer can be aware of via their own conscious mind or what can be physically documented.

Changes occurring in the higher dimensions like Divine, Spiritual or Causal dimensions can’t every time be registered by our conscious minds.

But, this type of healing has a profound and longer-lasting impact as compared to the changes occurring in the lower dimensions like Mental, Emotional, Etheric and Physical bodies. 

From a wider point of view, we’d not be in physicality if it weren’t serving the purpose of teaching us a few things on this level. 

But, a Multidimensional model suggests that we are all beings that have several aspects, facets and levels of reality that are true and real as physical dimension. 


The Essence

A man holding another man's hand showing compassion.

Why is Multidimensional healing needed?

Why do we experience suffering?

The answer is that we must suffer in order to learn compassion.

Suffering is the catalyst for something better and higher. 

According to Rudolf Steiner:

“Wisdom is nothing but crystallized suffering.” 


In many Shamanic healing techniques, the basis for motivation is that Shaman takes the suffering of the person/community in which they serve. 

If we are to understand this world as a dream, then hardship and suffering are not to be avoided.

Rather, they’re to be used as an instigator to develop compassion.

When we face difficulties in life, it helps us understand that people around us might be suffering through something similar or even worse.

If situations always turn out to be great, we tend to gloss over other’s pain.

The best way to be compassionate is to use our hardships on a spiritual path. 

The essence of healing is compassion.

The ability to see another individual’s needs above our own.

It’s the first step to being a healer.

We often forget how much other people might be suffering because we blur, soften or minimize the situation or simply not get to know the cause of their pain.

Multidimensional healing requires that you remind yourself daily why you came and what your motivators are. 


Is Multidimensional Healing Beneficial?

Is Multidimensional Healing Beneficial?

Taking this approach to wellness is all about restoring the different aspects of yourself back to wholeness.

It includes clearing all the negative distortions that you carry in order to collect part of yourself from all frequencies and dimensions.

Releasing and resolving negative Karmic patterns from your Soul is an essential part of this.

This approach to healing also requires cleaning all the negative resonances carried in our DNA coming from the Collective and Ancestral Lineage. 

Healers often use several tools and techniques to assist in clearing and resolving your problems.

They focus on the Shadow side. 

They begin by identifying areas or situations in your life that can bring you information to awareness.

It could be an issue from the collective, previous lifetime or this lifetime. 

Once you are aware of the originating cause, you can clear the karmic blocks and patterns and begin to heal.

These blocks could be present physically, spiritually or emotionally. 

You can also clean negative inferences that come from the parasitical energies and entities.

Some of these could be present because you or your ancestors have knowingly or unknowingly in a lifetime granted permission.

The process includes gaining awareness and consciousness, clearing all past energetic connections from past and current life, healing traumas by clearing negative energy fields and trauma bodies, saving soul fragments, deep forgiveness and amongst other things.

Slowly, you reintegrate yourself back into wholeness. 

Once you open up to the Multidimensional aspects of your life, you will no longer be able to ignore the greater version of you and the bigger picture of your life.

Therefore, it is crucial to integrate spiritual practice into your everyday life. 


Who is this for?

A woman sitting by the lake searching for answers.

Do you find yourself unable to solve nagging or threatening health issues?

Do you have difficult relationships one after the other?

Or perhaps are you blocked in achieving an element in your life?

Did you spend or the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on therapies sound familiar? 

Your search for answers could leave you frustrated if you still can’t resolve these issues after several years.

The main problem is that you are not looking for the root cause.

Generally, therapies don’t acknowledge that we are energetic multidimensional beings that have a lot more than our physical bodies. 

Regardless of what you’re searching or what you need to fix, if you find yourself unable to find a solution or a resolution, I recommend you try Multidimensional Healing.

Looking beyond the 3D world can give you the answers.

Answers that exist beyond the dimensional frequencies our perceived reality can see. 

Doing so will also help you stay true to yourself and your spiritual path. 


What Should You Expect in a Session?

Multidimensional healing is a form of hands-on healing and is an ancient art known to shamans and healers across the globe. 


Here are a few things to know about a session:

  • They’re done from a distance
  • During the session, you might be resting quietly or on the phone with your healer
  • All of your bodies (3 or 7 depending on the model you choose) are included in the session. 


Before your session:

  • Your healer will gather more information about your health issues or your problems
  • This information will then be used by your healer (and their team) to consult with your “I am presence”, to determine the best way to guide and assist you in your situation.


During the session your healer will call:

  • Their and your “I am presence”
  • Their and your personal guides
  • Healing teams from the highest order of love and Light and multi-dimensional healers
  • Your body elemental
  • Angelic healers and ascended masters.


Please keep in mind that whatever happens during the session happens with your permission and from the input of your body elemental, personal guides and your “I am presence”.

Your healer may use different healing techniques. A complete list of what can and cannot be addressed during a session is impossible to make as everybody’s situation and issues are different. 


Techniques used in Multidimensional Healing

Here are some of the energy techniques that are commonly used during a session:


1. Releasing blocks to communication

This is done between your “I am presence” and you.


2. Filling Divine Love

In all the parts of your body that are willing to receive and integrate them.


3. Improve telepathic and energetic communication

This is done between your body parts and systems like the nervous system, digestive system, glandular system and the immune system.


4. Repairing Etheric Holographic template

For your physical body


5. Installing and setting your personal intentions

To eliminate or reduce discomfort in order to heal.


6. Unwinding

To restore the natural vibration pattern that has been blocked by the inappropriate vibrational patterns in your physical tissues. 


7. Releasing mental and emotional blocks

That interferes with your healing.


8. Brain balancing

Enables communication in all the parts of your brain. 


9. Aura cleansing

Techniques used in Multidimensional Healing

All your higher frequency bodies in your auric field are cleansed.


10. Clearing and repairing chakras


11. Sealing energy leaks


12. Restoring Adam-Kadman Divine Blueprint


Benefits of Multidimensional Healing


You might experience a few or all of the benefits listed here:

  • Feeling calm and relaxed
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • A feeling that your physical body is stronger and more able to take on your life’s challenges
  • A feeling of being more whole, integrated comfort and well-being
  • Feeling at ease with your body
  • Feeling more grounded, balanced, playful and energized
  • More control over your unwanted habits and improved appetite
  • More interest in your life 
  • Improved immune system
  • Less distress and discomfort
  • Faster recovery from surgery, injuries and illness
  • Feeling more in align with your “I am presence”
  • Receiving more Divine love
  • A feeling of greater connection with your “I am presence” and Divine
  • Greater alignment with your spiritual path.


Multidimensional Healing Training and Courses

Multidimensional Healing Training and Courses

A number of training journeys will empower you with guidance, research, tools and techniques that you need. A few popular holistic healing courses are offered by Advanced Soul Recovery and Pleiadian Institute.


The Takeaway

The goal of Multidimensional Healing is to provide assistance for physical and other bodies to use their natural healing abilities. 

You will free your spiritual goals and will. 


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