Work With Us

We’re constantly looking for new individuals to join our team. We offer unique programs that provide capacity-building, staffing and learning opportunities for junior and mid-career professionals to experience first-hand what working at F and B Recipes is like. 


Working as a team

We pride ourselves in our guiding values that form the basis of our collaborations. Both our applicants and employees can rely on us as an employer. We expect respectful conduct, professionalism and involvement from all our employees.


What drives us to work relentlessly?

Passion, drive and a pioneering spirit is what drives and defines us. At FBR, you’ll find self-confident individuals who embrace creative ideas and sometimes even work independently. 


Professionals at work

FBR is a leading F & B and Health and Wellness blog with a clear strategy and professional and highly motivated employees. We set ambitious goals, make courageous decisions, reflect on our mistakes and achievements before drawing appropriate conclusions. The end result of our actions is in our focus at all times. With us, you will not only hone your skills but also master several interesting tasks and ace projects.


Benefits of working with us

At FBR, you’re respected. We’re an inclusive, egalitarian and open-minded organisation. With that being said, we ensure that we never lose sight of our employees’ work-life balance over our passion for our mission. 


Who can work with us?

Currently, we’re open for internships in business units and development operations such as Digital Marketing and HR. The duration of the internship is 1-6 months throughout the year. For more information and how to apply, feel free to email us at


You’re in good company. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our employees and interns testimonies. 


Shubhi Gupta, Digital Marketer

Shubhi Gupta, Digital Marketer | Work with us at F and B Recipes

“I want to thank the entire Team FBR for giving me the opportunity to work with them. I’ve gained valuable insight into the food and beverage industry over the last six months. Today, I’ve mastered the art of social media marketing, content writing and drafting email newsletters. Katie and Shristi are extremely helpful and welcoming and always offer me terrific career advice. The work environment is fantastic and I hope to continue to work here in the coming years!”




Anushka Bhargava, Content Writer

Anushka Bhargava

“Working with F and B Recipes was more than a learning experience. It was an experience of joy, teamwork and exchanging knowledge and building skill sets. In each phase as a beginner, I was constantly guided and mentored by the team who understood my requirements, identified my abilities and skills and hence, helped me to strive and reach my potential. Both as a content writer and a digital marketer, I learnt a vast array of what goes on in building a blog. Moreover, the day to day work had been very well organised and flexible which helped me stay out of work stress. As I bid farewell to the team, I am overwhelmed at receiving such wisdom, mentorship and confidence which is bound to help me in future. Finally, I would like to thank the entire team of FBR and wish them success and prosperity.” 



Mahima Gupta, HR Intern

Mahima Gupta, HR Intern

“My internship with F and B Recipes was great! I was paired with phenomenal mentors who guided me throughout this educational internship. In my opinion, everyone should gain experience as an intern early on so that you know what you’re interested in and can build your career accordingly. This internship helped me gain knowledge, polish my skills and has drastically improved my confidence.”




Diksha Menghani, Digital Marketing Intern

Diksha Menghani, Digital Marketing Intern

“I got very good exposure at F and B Recipes. I received hands-on training that helped me tackle a lot of problems. My mentors were just a call away, quite literally! The work environment is excellent and they go above and beyond to help you. They helped me understand everything in an in-depth and understandable way. I wish them all the best and will recommend them to anyone who’s eager to learn digital marketing and get a practical experience.”




Dhanlaxmi Nipane, HR Intern

Dhanlaxmi Nipane | Work with us

“Thank you for this opportunity that you have given me to intern at F and B recipes. Being a student I have only theoretical knowledge but while doing this internship I have gained practical experience. Through this internship, I was really able to take responsibility and ownership of my work. I have been able to expand my skillset and strengthen the skills I possessed coming into this position. Being a new intern I made mistakes but the FBR team always helped me with my shortcomings. I really thank Shristi ma’am who has mentored me throughout my internship journey. I really had a good working and learning experience at FBR. Thank you!!”




Disha Ochani, Digital Marketing Intern

Disha Ochani | Work with us“My experience at FBR was amazing. As a fresher, I had a lot to learn. Shristi ma’am and Shubhi ma’am were always there for me. They explained everything to me, answered all my doubts or questions and made my work experience more like a fun experience. My timings were really flexible and I could manage my college and internship quite easily. Everyone at FBR was really patient and polite with me. Not to mention the fun activities conducted by FBR every month. It was because of these activities we really got to know about each other and now we all are a family. My internship at FBR has not only given me lessons about work and career but also some amazing memories that I will cherish all my life.”



Vaishnavi Bhagat, Digital Marketing Intern

Vaishnavi Bhagat | Work with us

“I want to thank the entire team at F and B Recipes for guiding me and helping me understand what digital marketing is all about. The internship was flexible and challenging enough to help me learn new aspects of digital marketing. I learnt how to collaborate with clients, manage outreach campaigns and had the freedom to make my own decisions. This helped me learn from my failures and success and has helped me hone my skills.”




Soumya Jain, HR Intern

Soumya Jain

“Thanks for the opportunity and to provide me with a chance to be your Human Resources intern at FBR. I can unquestionably say I wouldn’t have developed and learned however much I have this previous month without your constant input. I’m so thankful for the experience that Shristi ma’am gave me and enjoyed every bit of this internship.”




Tanushree Nayak, HR Intern

Tanushree Nayak“I have to say getting the first-hand experience in HR has been amazing as it provided me with the opportunity to see what kind of environment I could be working in. The most important thing I can say I have gained from this experience is truly understanding the importance of the entire Human Resources function, and how they are all tied together. Aside from learning new skills and applying myself, this internship has been a great opportunity for me to connect with people from various regions. Other things that I have valued most about my internship at FBR include, the supportive and nice working environment.”





Dhanashree Kawade, HR Intern

Dhanashree Kawade“Being an intern at FBR was one of the best decision I’ve ever made because I’ve gained so much experience and expertise in such a welcoming and supportive community. Everyone on the team was extremely supportive, and Shristi Ma’am was always available to assist whenever I get stuck. I had a wonderful time working here and would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn, explore and experience.”




Mayuri Patil, HR Intern

Mayuri Patil“My working experience with F and B Recipes was quite amazing. This was my first Internship as an HR intern. I got good exposure and thoroughly enjoyed the work. This is an amazing platform to start your career. It helped me polish my skills and knowledge. The environment is very friendly at F and B Recipes. Thanking the whole team of F and B Recipes!”




Pooja Mehra, HR Intern

Pooja Mehra | Internship in Indore

“Being part of the F and B Recipes as a Human Resource Intern was a really good experience as it was my first internship. I’ve been learning so many things that helped me improve and hone my skills. I’m thankful to F and B Recipes for providing me with such a great opportunity. I’m glad to be a part of this organisation and also working under Shristi ma’am was like learning something new and interesting every day. She was very understanding. Thanking you once again for giving me such a brilliant working and learning experience!”



Madhuri Shirke, Digital Marketing Intern

Madhuri Shirke | Internship in Indore

“I want to thank the entire team of FBR for giving me the opportunity to work with them. My internship with F and B Recipes was really nice. It helped me gain knowledge, improve my skills and confidence. As I was a first-year BBA student I was afraid of how the corporate world would be but, there Shristi ma’am and Shubhi ma’am were always there to help me. There were fun activities for us to have fun and get to know the whole team better. I really enjoyed them! I am so thankful for the experience which I got through the FBR team. I really learned a lot! Thank you!!!”



Khushi Tiwari, Digital Marketing Intern

Khushi Tiwari } Internship in Indore
“I’m honoured to be part of F and B recipes. I want to thank everyone who cooperated and helped me throughout. I was the part of Digital marketing Department it was really fun and I learned so much from it. Thank you so much for selecting me and giving me this opportunity.”