Creating Daily Habits That Serve Your Wellbeing
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Creating Daily Habits That Serve Your Wellbeing

Serving your well-being is more than just self-care and considering your mind, body and soul. It means making you the priority. To serve your well-being, you need to juggle responsibilities and do regular activities that help you to recharge and feel good. These habits do not need to be lengthy, complicated or cost money as long as you are committed to becoming the best version of yourself. It does not even have to be the exact same ritual every day – you could have a list and choose different options on different days regarding the time or resources you have available.


Find Your Feet

These daily habits need to be things that you enjoy and that fit into your lifestyle. You need to look forward to doing them, so don’t force yourself to do things you hate – this will do you no good and you will struggle to make it part of your routine. Make a list of things you might enjoy and take time to experiment. You need to have a basic structure of the time set aside for you, but be open to flexibility and try new things. Don’t beat yourself up. Make this time slot a non-reschedulable appointment with and for you. Maybe it involves reading for ten minutes, listening to podcasts, going for a walk to enjoy the fresh air and exercise, journaling, or taking a dance class. Whatever you choose must be tailored to you


Eat, Sleep, Pray

To find the joy, relaxation and peace you seek, will require more self-care, more self-awareness, and more self-love. Know your worth and create and then maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. Upon waking every morning, drink a glass of water immediately. You can get dehydrated while sleeping so having a glass will help you to start the day off well. Next, make your bed! This helps your mind to declutter and encourages good sleep hygiene. 

You also need to get a good night’s rest. Sleep helps to rid the brain of toxins, consolidates memory, and builds neural highways, so take full advantage of this. Go to bed an hour earlier every night and make sure you sleep on the best mattress you can afford. Take five minutes at bedtime to decompress and write in a gratitude journal. 

Eating healthy can lay a great foundation for your healthy mind, body and spirit. A diet rich in nutrients and green-concentrated is a great option. Grow something green. If you have no space for a full garden or lack a green thumb, get a pot plant. A herb that you use often in cooking is a good idea or even a tomato plant. Choose something that you can nurture and that will yield goodness for you. 

Meditation and deep breathing techniques are easy habits to pick up. Set aside fifteen minutes daily. Try a new sport, take a new route to work, or even learn a new language


Use Your Time Well

Make sure you spend time with the right people. Family and friends who bring you happiness and joy will serve your overall well-being. Learn to say no. Plan family dinners where you detox from technology and work. Take a break when you need one. Stop overthinking and laugh heartily every day at least once. 

Don’t aim to merely exist – live your life to the maximum. Enjoy the journey. To improve your mood, boost your energy and confidence levels, and create the best version of yourself, you need to surround yourself with people and things and experiences that make you happy. By doing so, you’ll be creating a life filled with compassion, gratitude, and deeper kindness. 


Creating Daily Habits That Serve Your Wellbeing

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