Twin Heart Meditation: Meaning, Benefits, Procedure and More
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Twin Heart Meditation: Meaning, Benefits, Procedure and More

Are you a fan of meditation already and you’re about to give Twin Heart meditation a shot? Or maybe you just want to learn more about this procedure? We gathered all the information needed in this article.


The tremendous speed at which life sometimes moves nowadays makes us feel overwhelmed by daily activities and tasks, taking stress levels to never-seen-before levels from younger and younger ages.

Extremely few have the privilege of not having to deal with rush-hour traffic, angry customers, impatient bosses, crowded commute to and from work, and the list can go on for ages.

So, what’s the solution for all this?

It’s not like we can just quit our jobs and retreat on top of a mountain or in a quiet village to leave a simple but peaceful life.

Keeping on living with the negativity and stress generated by the surrounding environment is no option either as you feel the days until a burnout or total meltdown are numbered.

Throwing in the towel is definitely not an option.

Working out can be a solution, however, trying to fit going to the gym in an already stacked schedule can do more harm than good.

Another alternative would be to get gym accessories installed in your home, but you need lots of space for that.

So, the solution for everyone is to simply focus more on ourselves, wellbeing and what our body and mind need for a more balanced approach.

Meditation is a fantastic method to bring back the balance into your mind and body and to reach general wellbeing.

However, with so many different forms of meditation out there – not all of them legit – it can feel discouraging for beginners to find the best fit for them.

No matter if you already tried other meditation methods or you’re about to give it the first try, the Twin Heart Meditation procedure is ideal to help with all the issues listed above.

In this article, we’re exploring every detail about this technique, how it works, why you should give it a try, and of course, the Twin Heart meditation benefits.


The Origins of Twin Heart Meditation

The Origins of Twin Heart Meditation

If you didn’t indulge in any other form of meditation, you’re probably curious to know more about the Twin Heart procedure and where it comes from.

It was developed by the founder of Arhatic Yoga and Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui, in the Philippines.

To, we can pinpoint the origins of the Twin Heart meditation pranic healing procedure to the Philippines.

However, the technique quickly spread all across the globe and is now practiced in over 40 countries.

Also, there’s no doubt that the number of people practicing this specific meditation technique will grow in the following years due to its benefits and simplicity.

Also, just like any other meditation practice used all over the globe, Twin Heart has its origins in the intrinsic human desire to feel good and enjoy a balanced life together with like-minded people, surrounded by love and positive energy.

Therefore, it’s not extremely important to know where certain meditation practice comes from.

It could be promoted by a homeless person in an attempt to alleviate their pain and suffering.

The most important about a technique is the effects it delivers and how people perceive it.

Sure, knowing more about certain techniques convinces sceptical people to give it a try.

However, the focus should always remain on how to do the meditation procedure right and the numerous benefits it can bring. 


What is Twin Heart Meditation and How Does it Work?

What is Twin Heart Meditation and How Does it Work?

Pranic healing twin heart meditation, just like any other meditation technique, is a tool that everyone can use to reduce stress levels, improve wellbeing, and, eventually, attain Universal Consciousness.

Sure, perhaps not all people that practice Twin Heart have the ultimate goal of obtaining Universal Consciousness or complete illumination as its often called, however, its positive effects are far more numerous and we’ll explore all of them soon enough.

When practiced correctly, this procedure provides a feeling of kindness, harmony, joy, and complete peace and love.

The goal of this meditation is to induce total wellbeing and since it doesn’t have any connections with religious beliefs, it can be practiced by everyone.

It works by developing the heart and crown energy centres within the body, hence the name of Twin Heart.

The two energy centres become “twin hearts” that bring with them divine love, peace, and also creates a bridge between the emotional love within our soul and the higher soul of divine love.


How to Practice Twin Heart Meditation

The Twin Heart meditation exercises are not particularly difficult, especially if you’ve tried meditation before.

However, it’s good to have a complete step-by-step guide to know what to expect and prepare your body and soul for this excellent experience.

It’s good to know that these steps are not strict.

Just because you don’t execute everything on this list perfectly, it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the positive effects of Twin Heart meditation.

  • Start by warming up your body through simple neck rolling, squatting, shoulder rolling, stretching, or knee rolling exercises – it’s good to keep up this warm-up procedure for at least 10 minutes
  • Sit in a comfortable position. There’s no fixed position you should adopt but it’s essential that your spine is upwards and aligned properly
  • Begin with intense breathing exercises until the entire body feels relaxed and calm
  • Induce positive thinking by remembering and being grateful for all the blessings life has given you so far – it could be people in your life, happy moments, favourite places to relax. By doing so, you start the heart chakra
  • Next, place your hands on the middle of the heart while continuing to go to positive moments in your life and trigger positive feelings
  • Once you reach a state of pure happiness and positivism, touch your head with one of the hands placed on the heart, right in the centre as this is the beginning of the crown chakra
  • Keep touching your head for about 2 minutes while wishing for your blessing to go on to the rest of the world
  • With both chakras active in your body, it’s time to imagine a bright light bursting from you
  • Next, chant the sacred word “Om” while visualizing the light within
  • Let the light spread over your entire body and feel the warmth and complete wellbeing
  • Finally, open your eyes gradually to conclude the Twin Heart Meditation technique


Twin Heart Meditation Benefits

Twin Heart Meditation Benefits

Now that we’ve answered the question of “What is pranic healing Twin Heart meditation?”, it’s time to take a close look at its main benefits for those who use it.

And the list is not short at all!


Increased Self-Esteem

By reaching a state of bliss and happiness through meditation, your self-esteem gets a boost as well.

With so much positive thoughts and feelings, your vision of self improves and you’ll feel that you can achieve lots of things.


Better Health

By connecting to the positive energy released during Twin Heart meditation, your body also goes through a cleansing process.

All the bad unwanted, bad energy from your system is flushed out and this can have physical effects like relieving pain from headaches, stomach discomfort, and breathing problems.

You basically become a fresher, better version of yourself after meditation.


Reduces Depression, Anxiety and Tension

This one may feel a bit self-explanatory at first.

However, since this meditation connects your two heart and crown chakras, you will immediately reduce stress, depression, and tension levels.

This puts you in a more comfortable position to deal with all your daily tasks.


Improves Relationships

After practicing the Twin Heart meditation for a while, you will be filled with mercy, love, and kindness.

All these positive feelings will radiate and bring harmony to relationships with your loved ones.

It’s a good way to find a way to more positive relationships with people that matter in your life.


Can Anyone Practice Twin Heart Meditation?

Generally speaking, there are no restrictions on who can practice this form of meditation.

However, there are some groups of people that should be cautious when practicing Twin Hearts or avoid it altogether.

  • Anyone that didn’t turn 16
  • People with intense heart trouble, glaucoma, kidney or liver illnesses. Those with hypertension can still practice it provided they jump over the “Om” chanting section
  • Heavy smokers – it’s recommended that a full chakra cleansing is done before attempting Twin Hearts
  • Pregnant women can practice Twin Hearts since the warm-up exercises can become too much at one point
  • Persons that regularly consume alcohol or drugs


Frequently Asked Questions About Twin Heart Meditation

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Twin Heart Meditation Have Side Effects?

As long as you follow the steps described and don’t stray from them, there are no side effects to worry about.

The meditation technique was developed through years of meditation and validation of the positive effects.


Can Twin Heart Help with Healing Psychological Ailments?

Indeed, through meditation and reaching a state of happiness and tranquillity, psychological ailments like phobias, anxiety, stress, irritability, or depression can be dealt with as well.

Note that the Twin Heart meditation procedure does not guarantee any of the more serious psychological effects.


Is Twin Heart Meditation Linked with Any Religion or Sect?

This meditation procedure does not belong to or have ties with any sect or religions.

It is designed so that it can be practiced by all persons looking for a better version of themselves and new ways to deal with stress and anxiety.

It’s been practiced in over 50 countries by people of various religions and backgrounds, providing the same positive effects for all of them.


Do I Need any Equipment to Practice Twin Heart Meditation?

No extra equipment or accessories are needed to practice the Twin Heart.

You’ll just need to find a quiet room in the house or even outside in a park, provided you can enjoy peace and quiet so you can focus on yourself.

Going outside is ideal, especially on a sunny day since the natural light can boost the benefits of Twin Heart.

However, a quiet room with big windows is often better suited for meditation as outside it will be quite difficult not to get distracted.


What is a Chakra?

The body is filled with energy channels, also referred to as meridians, and energy centres or chakras.

A chakra is similar to a power plant that can provide the energy needed for the body to function properly.

Each chakra in the body is responsible for a certain process or set of organs.

When chakras malfunction, the function of vital organs or parts of the body can be affected as well and physical effects are felt immediately.

On top of that, chakras can also have psychological functions that can determine interpersonal relationships and even the character of the person.


What’s the Best Time to Practice Twin Heart Meditation?

There’s no specific time of day that is definitely more suitable for meditation.

However, you should avoid going for the Twin Heart procedure when you’re exhausted or you just can’t focus.

So, to increase the chances of a positive experience, the recommendation is to try it first thing in the morning when the body battery is filled and there are no negative emotions in your way.

It can also be done in the evening, provided you feel there’s enough energy left to commit to the steps in the Twin Heart meditation to bring out its positive effects.


How Often Can I Practice Twin Heart?

There’s no contraindication when it comes to how often Twin Heart can be practiced.

You can do it on a daily basis and it’s recommended to maintain consistency when practicing it for improved results.

However, if you want to do it more often, there’s nothing stopping you. Just make sure you’re ready physically and mentally so you connect the two chakras.

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