Vortex Healing: Meaning, Procedure, Benefits, Sessions and More

Vortex Healing: Meaning, Procedure, Benefits, Sessions and More

The belief in Vortex Healing is that all of life is one.

The awareness we once held is gone today, and everything has become one of separation. 

Achieving health with vortex healing involves breaking this conditioning of separation on all levels.

The result will be a re-establishment of emotional harmony and energetic power, resulting in better health. 

By channelling the divine energy of the universe, vortex healing facilitates physical and mental healing.

This holistic method helps you reconnect to universal energy, eliminate negative energy, and cleanse your mind and body.


What is Vortex Healing?

What is Vortex Healing?

A Vortex Healing concept holds that everything existing expresses itself as an experience of creation, and thus all is One.

You perceive life as a separation from everything else, as a singular being, unique and separately existent from everything else and the Universal Source of creation.

Overall, all of this creates all sorts of problems, creating false identities that ultimately imprint or condition the entire human system.

Blockages and distortions occur in your energy system as a result of the deeply woven web of this conditioning.

To heal, you need to break free from your roots of separation and find your true selves.

By experiencing Vortex Healing, you will begin to experience inner stillness and self-awareness.

It will allow you to awaken to the liberation and oneness of your true nature.

The uniqueness of a Vortex healing session lies in its ability to be transmitted directly from its source or consciousness.

Though the mind is trained to understand what is occurring, it does not learn how to use Vortex Healing tools.

Human consciousness receives them directly from divine consciousness.

Divine beings exist beyond the boundaries of space and time.

Their living in Oneness is a manifestation of the pure source.

Vortex Healing is a result of the power of Merlin, one of these beings.

Merlin possesses the characteristic of magical transformation.

Vortex Healing’s primary goal is for you to achieve your full potential and awaken to your true nature by promoting your evolutionary process.

Conditioning stemming from a perceived experience of separateness makes letting go of it hard.

Transforming it back into the light is necessary for it to be integrated back into the wholeness.

This transformation is possible only through divine light and consciousness; Vortex tools are manifestations of this divine light and consciousness.


History of Vortex Healing

Traditionally, Vortex healing originates with an ancient avatar named Mahindra.

An Englishman apparently received a revelation from Mahindra/Merlin around 753 BC.

He was the one who was able to pass Mahindra’s gift on directly to others, hence opening the door to vortex healing.

The historical literature described Merlin as a “man of magic” responsible for creating the famed Round Table for King Arthur’s Knights in Camelot.

With its round design, the table conveys the idea that there is no hierarchy and that everything is one.

Through vortex healing, you attain awareness of inner freedom that is outside of egoic consciousness.

Healing, transformation, and opening to your true nature are possible.

With vortex healing, the person experiencing the healing feels liberated and transcends their separate self-identity and experiences their true self that lies beyond the core veil of ego.

The path of vortex healing involves awakening to your true essence.

Despite being forgotten for long stretches, vortex healing was rediscovered and conceptualised by Ric Weinman in 1994. Weinman reported experiencing an inter-dimensional experience where he received teachings from Mahindra/Merlin.

Among the Merlin lineage, vortex healing is revered as a gift of the divine presence.


Purpose of Vortex Healing

Purpose of Vortex Healing

Vortex Healing holds that all life stems from one source (one consciousness, one divinity), manifesting as this wonderful experience of creation.

You experience life, in its essence, as separate from everything else. Over time (and through a multitude of lives), these give rise to a variety of issues and false identities that imprint and condition your human systems, causing them to suffer.

You are conditioned in an almost unimaginably complex way by this conditioning, which completely skews your sense of self.

As a result, you develop psychological issues, negative mental attitudes, and blocks in your human energy system, leading to physical weakness and disease.

With Vortex Healing, these limiting patterns are released on every level found, so that health prevails by restoring emotional balance and energetic strength.

Using the chakra system, meridian system, and jin shin pathways, Vortex Healing treats the physical, emotional, mental, karmic, and spiritual bodies.

There are also situations where Vortex Healing is effective.

When there is a problem in a relationship, in a family, at work, in a company, etc., it can be harmonised.

Vortex Healing’s goal, however, is significantly bigger than this.

By releasing ourselves from the web of personal conditioning and being aware of who we truly are, we can begin to awaken out of our conditioned reality and act in accordance with our true nature.

On a deeper level, Vortex Healing’s tools facilitate the deepest kind of healing movement possible.

On one level they promote physical, psychological, and emotional health (and they do this very well), but on a deeper level, they facilitate the kind of awakening that leads to true health.


What Can Vortex Healing help With?

Vortex healing consists of the following benefits:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Treatment for depression
  • Relief from pain
  • Menstrual cramps relieved
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Provide joint pain relief for knees, backs, necks, shoulders, and ankles
  • Discomfort in the body
  • Managing pain, such as back pains, headaches and muscle pain
  • Viral and bacterial infections
  • Boost immunity
  • Fatigue, burnout, exhaustion, and low energy
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Stabilisation following operations and accidents
  • Support for the recovery from shock, trauma and radical experiences (concussions)
  • Managing allergies
  • Chakra cleansing
  • Inflammation
  • Support during pregnancy
  • Provides support in difficult life phases (e.g. puberty, menopause, job changes, etc.).
  • Crisis in a relationship or marriage

It works on the principle of energy-based healing, which means that muscles or tissues do not have to be forcefully manipulated.

It can directly channel divine healing energy into your body.




Merlin’s divine transformational power is channelled through the heart and becomes a vessel for his healing power.

With vortex healing, you get energy infused into your body through light energy that flows into your vital web.

Vibrational energy affects your physical, emotional, and mental health and wellbeing.

As a result of vortex healing, the healer directs its consciousness to you that consists of three aspects: 

  • The direct transfer of healing techniques. 
  • The evolving and accelerating, towards divine consciousness, of the healer’s energy system. 
  • Establishing a connection between the healer’s energies and the power of the divine.


When you tap into divine consciousness, you gain access to a divine intelligence that knows what is at the root of your problems. It can work directly on them to completely transform them.

The Peace vortex, for example, can be activated when you are experiencing fear so that discordant vibrations can be restored to harmony.

By amplifying the harmonics of your vibrations, the process should remove obstructions.

The more you raise your vibrational consciousness, the more you awaken them from their egoic trance state, which is the preparation for the full healing to take place.

Divinity bridges divine energy and divine consciousness, breaking down the veil that sits at the heart of the ego structure and restoring ego to wholeness.

In meditation, you are able to connect deeply with the divine presence and open up your spiritual heart.

The technique also includes grounding cords that assist the grounding vortex strengthening you as you connect to the earth.

Rather than originating from the healer, healing tools are generated by a divine presence through them, to facilitate the flow of consciousness and energy between the two.

For this reason, egoic trance must not be present in the healer to successfully deliver the healing art.


How Much Does a Vortex Healing Session Cost?

30 Minute sessions:

Use this to boost your energy or as a quick fix. With Vortex, you can channel energy that attracts certain qualities into your life.

30-minute sessions can provide relaxation, clarity, grounding,  the chakras balancing, happiness, healing, balancing, energising, nourishment, relieving pain, heartbreak, and insomnia.

In addition, you can simply let the Divine energy heal you wherever it is needed. The cost is likely to be around $100.


60 Minute sessions:

60 minutes of therapy provides a bit more depth and gives you time to complete other services which require a more intensive approach.

It takes about 35-45 minutes of Vortex to release the various effects or symptoms from the physical body, then a balance-up process to restore the receiver’s system to its original balance.

The cost would be around $175.


Vortex Healing Training and Courses

You may find the below courses helpful if you are interested in learning Vortex Healing:


5 Best Vortex Healing Books

Best Vortex Healing Books

#1. Awakening Through the Veils: A Seeker’s Guide – Ric Weinman

Step by step, Awakening Through the Veils guides readers through the mysterious process of awakening. A broad spectrum of readers can benefit from this book because it provides practical and direct guidance for actual awakening. The practice will help the already awakened to deepen their existing consciousness.


#2. Vortex Healing Divine Energy Healing: A Magical Path of Healing and Awakening – Ric Weinman

Divine Energy Healing, or Vortex Healing, is an incredibly powerful system of energetic healing. It guides us toward awakening, guided by Divine intelligence.


#3. Beyond the Trauma Vortex: The Media’s Role in Healing Fear, Terror, and Violence – Gina Ross

Gina Ross describes in her book Beyond the Trauma Vortex that there needs to be a collaboration between the media, trauma researchers, and helping officials so that this vicious cycle can be broken.

By using the media’s tremendous influence, Ross suggests, we can promote peace rather than violence, begin to repair wounded psyches and heal wounded communities and nations.

As Ross reveals, first the destructive nature of trauma through a variety of historical and personal examples, then the healing vortex, she offers her insight into the alternative, restorative process.

Focusing on the interconnectedness of individual and collective healing, the author argues persuasively why and how media professionals can play an important role in healing their audiences and themselves.


#4. Sedona: Beyond the Vortex – Richard Dannelley

The book Beyond the Vortex is considered an essential work on Ascension science.

Although this book is based on the research conducted in Sedona, the concepts are applicable anywhere on the globe.

Through Beyond the Vortex, you will explore the relationship between Soul Awareness, Vortex: Phenomenon, Ascension, the Merkaba, Sacred Geometry and The Medicine Wheel.

The meditations and practices outlined in this book will teach you how to activate your Merkaba (crystalline body of light) with “Vortex Energy.”

This book is a must-read for everyone with an interest in the Ascension process.


#5. Getting into the Vortex: Guided meditations audio and user guide – Esther Hicks

Abraham teaches multi-dimensional group consciousness in the New York Times bestselling book of Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Abraham emphasises the importance of aligning yourself with the Source within you in order to live the life of your dreams.

Our natural state of Being is within our Vortex of Creation, perfectly aligned with Source Energy, and that all aspects of our physical experience reflect our alignment with or resistance to that Connection.

Every aspect of our lives – from feeling at ease in our bodies to finding mental clarity to the abundance we allow to flow to the satisfaction we feel in every relationship we enjoy – is impacted by our relationship with our Vortex.

The one thing we all want every day is to enter the vortex! Abraham has helped us to see that.

Jerry and Esther Hicks have been guided through the process of creating a unique and reliable tool that can enable everyone to enter the vortex in the present moment. That tool is the Getting into the Vortex User Guide, which is enclosed on a 70-minute CD.

Using this powerful offering of guided daily meditations, you can create positive results in four areas of your life: General Well-Being, Financial Well-Being, Physical Well-Being, and Relationships.

Esther and Jerry are delighted to present to you the first-ever, musically score, breath-enhancing, easy-to-use tool from Abraham that will help you get inside the vortex more easily.



#1. What is a Spiritual Vortex?

The presence of spiritual vortexes is not limited to obvious places around the globe. In fact, these vortexes also exist inside you. We can become part of the universe’s ebb and flow using these vortexes, which act as portals to universal energy.

Consequently, the spiritual vortex can often be separated into two major types – internal and external.

It doesn’t matter how spiritual you are, you have internal spiritual vortexes. Although not all of us can use them wisely, we cannot change the fact that they exist. We are spiritual beings, and therefore we experience these vortexes as innate pathways for spiritual energy.

Though spiritual vortexes have countless interpretations and versions, it doesn’t matter. Your biggest goal should be to recognise their presence as it is the starting point in changing your life for the better.

You need to make sure you’ve secured your internal spiritual vortexes first before exploring the external ones. The energy that emanates from certain places in the world is more spiritual than others. 

Consequently, when people come into contact with these places, they often feel energised and rejuvenated, especially if they are physically and mentally prepared for it beforehand.


#2. What Happens if You Are in a Vortex?

  • Life moves at such a fast pace that you desperately want it to slow down.
  • Your work-life balance is out of whack, and you don’t know how to fix it.
  • It’s a struggle to force yourself out of bed in the morning because you don’t want to go to work.
  • The feeling of fatigue, irritability, and stress is overwhelming.
  • An ideal job would be one you don’t have to take home with you.
  • Having caffeine in the morning helps you start the day and power through the day.
  • In order to relax and wind down your brain after work, you use alcohol.
  • There is only one thing you want to do: escape.
  • Thoughts like, ‘This isn’t what I signed up for’ and ‘There must be more than this’ take over your head.
  • As a result, you tell yourself that you should just handle it and be able to cope with it.


#3. What are Vortexes?

The Earth has vortexes which are concentrated areas of energy rising from it. When you encounter a vortex, you may feel tingling on your skin, or a vibration emanating from the ground on some occasions. Others claim that the vortexes are gateways into the celestial and terrestrial realms. When you experience a vortex, you will usually feel a palpable sensation between your shoulder blades and the nape of the neck.

The energy of magnetic vortexes is considered yin or feminine as it is very nurturing, soothing and receptive. You can use magnetic vortex energy to support inward activities such as reflection, contemplation, and meditation. 

The electrical vortex represents a masculine or yang energy. Energy is generally moved forward by electrical vortexes, which are energising and motivating. Electric vortexes are similar to a double espresso in their ability to spur forward movement, set intentions, and increase resolve and endurance.

Yin and yang combine in balanced vortexes, making them a mix of electrical and magnetic energy. Among the best-known, balanced spiritual vortexes in Sedona is Airport Mesa. You can view things from a larger perspective at a balanced vortex to get clarity and a more positive perspective for your life.


#4. What is a Natural Energy Vortex?

Energy vortexes exist at selected locations on Earth and provide a swirling centre of energy that contains more energy than any other place normally would.

Many people believe that energy vortexes exist where ley lines intersect or where the random energy lines form the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

In addition to their strong spiritual power, energy vortexes are said to be conducive to various forms of spiritual activity like meditation, prayer, and healing.

A vortex is said to promote tranquillity, harmony, balance, and peace, while others are thought to promote clarity of thought, deep insight, and an overall sense of peace.

There are still others that serve as centres of physical and emotional rejuvenation.

Many believe ley lines themselves possess spiritual significance.

It is unlikely that there is a map of Earth’s ley lines (since they cannot be measured or detected), but they may be found by connecting ancient or sacred sites.

Energy vortexes are similar in one respect: they attract visitors by making them feel more connected to something greater than themselves – whether that is God or the universe itself.


#5. What is The Most Spiritual Place on Earth?

Some spiritual destinations are thought of as such simply because of their energetic characteristics. Others have been fashioned based on specific belief systems.

Despite this, several sites still hold meaning and significance to many communities owing to their long history and symbolic significance. The sites of spiritual significance are nonetheless open to people of all beliefs, as so many spiritually connected communities do, as long as they are respectful and committed to learning more.


Camino de Santiago, Spain

The Camino de Santiago is a trail in Spain renowned throughout the world that was originally used by pilgrims to reach Santiago de Compostela, a city in northern Spain where (it is believed) Saint James is buried.

The route became very popular later in the middle ages when millions of Christians thought they would be spared purgatory by travelling the route and landing in Santiago de Compostela.

In the present day, the Camino de Santiago is visited by hiking enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike. Camino pathways are technically many, but the most popular one begins in France and passes through Burgos, Leon, Pamplona, and Burgos, covering a total distance of about 500 miles.

Unlike most routes, the Camino de Santiago focuses more on the journey than the destination. Participants are tested on mental and physical levels, giving everyone a truly different experience.


The Takeaway

Explore the miraculous world of energy-healing with art that is focused solely on divine light and consciousness to help you clear your mind, your emotions, your polarities, and your karma, as well as energise and balance your body on the inside.

Experience Vortex Healing and reap the rewards of this powerful healing method.

Vortex Healing: Meaning, Procedure, Benefits, Sessions and More

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