Spiritual Response Therapy: Meaning, Benefits, Sessions and More

Spiritual Response Therapy: Meaning, Benefits, Sessions and More

A spiritual healing approach known as Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a rapid and systematic way to eliminate obstacles that keep you from living a better life.

With the aid of spiritual response therapy, you may overcome problems on all levels of your life: spiritual, mental, emotional and physically.

Spiritual response therapy employs a 32-chart approach to examine your subconscious mind and soul records.

It helps identify and eliminate programmes and barriers that hinder you from completely expressing yourself.

As a powerful therapeutic method, Spiritual Response Therapy has the potential to improve all aspects of your life.


What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

When it comes to alternative healing, Spiritual Response Therapy is a type of therapy that assists you with putting your past behind them and pushing forward in your life.

For this approach to function, you must be open to the notion of a living spirit and past incarnations.


History of Spiritual Response Therapy

Rev. Robert E. Detzler (1926-2013) founded Spiritual Response Therapy, a spiritual healing approach that works at the soul level to remove harmful programming from the subconscious mind.

During his time as a unity minister in California, he came into contact with a couple of hypnotherapists who were creating a new tool: Response Therapy.

It didn’t take Robert Detzler long to become enthralled.

Despite his position as a clergyman, he was a spiritually accepting person.

He experimented with Response Therapy while serving as a pastor and saw life-changing outcomes.

Being a gifted healer, he believed in Vedic wisdom, and his favourite book was “The Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda.

In his continued exploration of the tool, Robert Detzler began to see a very apparent trend among his clients.

In addition to the physical body and subconscious mind, there may be “programmes,” which he referred to as “energy blockages,” in the soul records (or the Akashic records).

The Akashic Records hold all the experiences that a soul has had throughout its lifetime. A soul’s existence begins on the level of Godhead and continues through the present time and beyond.

To sum it up, every thought, expression, and action.

You retain all of these thoughts, expressions, and actions in your Akashic Records, and the only thing removed is the negative energy attached to them.

Negative energies residing deep within your subconscious mind generate the behaviours you exhibit today.

By removing them, you can essentially move forward unburdened by the past and evaluate things from a different perspective.


Understanding Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy Meaning

In your life, a programme is the beginning of an issue or where the problem stemmed.

We all have difficulties or symptoms that have evolved as a result of an underlying condition.

We refer to this underlying cause as a programme. Every one of us has good and bad programming.

As a machine may contain valuable software, so do we. In spiritual response therapy, you only deal with the programme that prevents you from advancing to your best potential.

Using spiritual response therapy, you can identify the harmful programming buried in your subconscious.

Energies and programmes stored in your subconscious hinder your present life in the manner that you are incognizant.

In spiritual response therapy, when programmes are cleared, past-life energies and soul programming are also cleansed. The soul can develop and expand via this cleansing.


Our present-day energy blockages might really be a result of previous incarnations.


Spiritual response therapy helps to reach your high self committee by working with the subconscious mind.

While working with your high self committee, your High Self emerges. It helps uncover the negative programming that requires eradicating to grow and flourish.

An individual’s high self is a channel to the spirit inside.

It’s important to note that the subconscious mind is also in charge of muscular actions as your high self emerges.

They utilise a form of dowsing in spiritual response therapy.

The high self communicates through the use of a pendulum.

The use of spiritual response therapy charts in conjunction with questions and pendulums clean out all conflicting programming.


How Can Spiritual Response Therapy Help Me?

Similarly to fingerprints, each person’s response to clearing will be unique.

In addition, each session will have a different frequency due to the constant shifting of the energy bodies frequency.

Through SRT, stuck patterns in the energy bodies can be unblocked and balanced.

Cleaning out negative energies, in general, can have a profound impact on your health and well-being.

The practitioner makes the clearing work by setting up a remote energetic connection using focused attention and intention.

The work is performed in an altered state of consciousness, using a pendulum and a set of charts.

The goal is to locate and eliminate soul programming and negative energies that are halting your progress on every level.

Using a pendulum and charts, the SRT retrieves information from the mind and discards harmful programs inside.

A comprehensive therapeutic system known as dowsing encompasses this approach.

The basis of dowsing and SRT lies in the principle that concentrated, intentional, coherent thoughts modify energy expression at a quantum level.

Using their breath and intention, practitioners can put the conscious mind aside while accessing their High Self.

The subconscious mind does not know how and where programs emerge, so working with the High Self enhances the system’s power and allow a more thorough cleansing.

In addition to minimising negative subconscious tendencies, SRT clearings will enable you to take charge of your responses to life’s challenges and dissolve any limitations you might have regarding yourself or others.

Throughout this process of gaining greater awareness, remember to be kind and patient with yourself.

By ensuring that no harmful beliefs exist in the subconscious mind that could interfere with your desires, Spiritual Response Therapy enables you to break cycles of negativity and thereby fulfill your true purpose.

Spiritual growth is involved in all changes that occur physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Although SRT clears the way for healing, the soul decides upon the path forward.

Usually, a sense of well-being and lightness prevails.

As the denser bodies assimilate, the energetic system changes, old patterns begin to fall away.


What Areas Can be Addressed by Spiritual Response Therapy?

Among the uses of SRT are:

  • The key is to release any negative behaviours you may be stuck in.
  • Dealing with health issues from a cellular level.
  • It is possible to eliminate negative programming about people, places, activities, or issues that have occurred in this life or previous lifetimes.
  • Unblock your inner guidance. 
  • Help eliminate or mitigate the symptoms of phobias, allergies, or recurring physical discomforts. 
  • Assess any particular problem, whether it’s a problem of economic well-being, career difficulties, or interpersonal relationships. 
  • Help you regain your confidence, interpret life positively again, and heal from the emotional and mental distress you have experienced. 
  • Improves mental clarity and balance, as well as mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Lifts our spirits and helps us feel freer.
  • Helps to relieve pain.
  • Makes you feel more joyful.
  • Fosters a sense of harmony and trust in our lives.
  • Enhances our self-knowledge, wisdom, and clarity.
  • Makes our lives more abundant.
  • Promotes self-discovery.
  • Raises our vibration energetically.


What To Expect in Your First Session

A practitioner uses a pendulum and a book of 32 charts for guidance during a session.

Through the use of a pendulum and methodical questions, the chart directs the practitioner where blocks and programmes are present.

A systematic process of identifying, researching, and clearing these programs occurs.

By clearing these energies, the subconscious mind and Soul can fully express themselves, allowing them to keep the wisdom and lessons they’ve absorbed.

You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how to lead a fulfilling life by participating in this session.

Clients should take the time to create a list of their current problems, concerns, or challenges in different areas of their lives before their first Spiritual Response Therapy session. 

Money and finances, careers, relationships, and health, weight, and wellness are some of the most important concerns we face each day.

An initial consultation may take clients between 60 and 90 minutes.

Afterwards, sessions tend to run between 30 and 60 minutes.

As a result of the availability of distance and absentee Spiritual Response Therapy (spiritual response therapy), it is not important where you live.

As a result of geographic restrictions or other reasons, distance spiritual response therapy is excellent for people who cannot attend a session in person but yet want to be involved and present through phone or Zoom.

People who want a session without being there and who want session notes afterwards will benefit from absentee spiritual response therapy.


How to Choose the Right Practitioner?

How to Choose the Right Practitioner

1. Prepare Ahead of Time by Doing Your Homework

You can turn to Google for help.

Most established spas, acupuncture clinics, hypnotherapy practitioners, and spiritual practitioners have websites.

Before you visit, learn what each provider has to offer by checking out their websites.

You should call ahead of time and ask questions if something looks promising to you. Make sure you know what the services and prices are.

A scheduled appointment is helpful.


2. Check Reviews

TripAdvisor and Yelp are great sources to check.

It’s a great way to find out what other people have experienced, both good and bad.

In addition, they provide you with recommendations for specific practitioners to contact.


3. Gain an Understanding of the Spiritual Language


An object with a symmetrical, weighted design that hangs from a single chain or cord is called a pendulum. Pendulums are simple tools that allow the user to tune into their intuitive abilities.



The concept behind Dowsing is that there is an unseen presence of energy that affects our health and wellbeing.


4. Stop the Session if You’re Not Comfortable

Any intuitive session that feels fabricated or overwhelming should be stopped.


5. Participate in the Process and Stay Grounded

The spiritual sessions can be thought-provoking and enlightening.

You will find enlightenment, healing, or perhaps just enjoyment by engaging with an open mind. 

The majority of spiritual practitioners are sincere and honest about their gifts. At the end of the day, only you know what’s best for you.


What Are The Common Benefits of Spiritual Response Therapy?

Our subconscious minds store all our memories and beliefs.

Most of our beliefs and memories are ingrained in us over our lifetimes, which keeps us from achieving our full potential.

In this way, Spiritual Response Therapy can assist you in releasing your negative beliefs, discomfort, distress, and psychological blocks preventing you from accomplishing your goals.

Using Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), you can alter both the external and internal landscape of your life efficiently, powerfully, and accurately, resulting in a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

It is possible to clear the following areas using Spiritual Response Therapy:


1. Wellness and Health

Wellness and Health

Provide relief from physical discomfort, health issues, addiction and dependency problems.

Relieve fears and symptoms of allergies and food sensitivity.

Identify and release your struggles, negative thinking, and obsessive programs and beliefs related to weight gain and weight issues, as well as any self-critique or blame that may accompany.


2. Finances and Monetary Affairs

Eliminate programs, mindsets, barriers, and perceptions that contribute to poverty and economic hardship.

From your work to your personal life, you can enjoy success, fulfillment, and prosperity in everything you do.


3. Relationships


Break free from the negative patterns and destructive beliefs, programs, and behaviours that are harming your relationships with yourself, your partner, colleagues, friends, family members, and everyone around you.


4. Life Path or Career

Get rid of any feeling of being unsure, doubtful, indecisive or uncertain about your career direction or next step.

Enhance your sense of purpose and self-worth by establishing a path for spiritual guidance and support.

Experiencing the ease of true expression will allow you to discover your true essence.

Enhance the clarity and precision of your inner guidance. You feel more energetic, confident, and focused in your life.

Discover how easy and free it is to understand your true self and how you can enjoy more energy, confidence, and clarity in your life.


How Much Does a Session Cost?

Customers may expect their first session to take 60-90 minutes, with a fee of $2/min or $120-$180 per hour.


Spiritual Response Therapy Training and Courses

There are several vital components of Spiritual Response Therapy training:


  • Being able to understand the nature of consciousness and how it mirrors in the universe.
  • Developing a higher level of consciousness to connect with the High Self and clear the path for our soul.
  • Developing the art of asking using the principle of Ask and You Shall Receive and determining what to ask for precisely for lasting results.
  • Radiant Love teaches you how to incorporate the New Paradigm.


Based on information and charts that Robert Detzler channelled over 30 years, Robert Detzler created a systematic step-by-step methodology.

In terms of energy healing methods, spiritual response therapy is one of the most complete and potent ones available today.

Some of the spiritual response therapy training and courses that are accessible to us are:

Spirit Releasement Therapy – Spiritual Entity Healing

Basic SRT class online

SRT basic & SRT advanced classes

Level 1: Foundation Course

SRT Basic class

SRT Basic training class

Online Integrated Basic and Advanced SRT Certificate Course


Top 4 Books on Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy Books

#1. An Introduction to Spiritual Response Therapy and Dowsing – Kathleen Butler

Spirit Response Therapy (SRT) is a method for identifying discordant beliefs and beliefs which limit your life, as well as replacing them with supportive, loving beliefs and ideas.

We can live more freely as a result of SRT, which is a powerful, virtually painless, precise way of changing the landscape of our internal and external lives.

Through this “research,” you will find past life energies, subconscious blocks, and negative soul programming, done with the guidance of the Higher Self (your “High Self”).

It is possible to clear blocks and negative energy from the Akashic (subconscious) records once these have been identified, allowing you to heal yourself on all levels.

Since 1988, thousands of students have used SRT, which was developed by Robert E. Detzler.


#2. Spiritual Healing –  Robert E. Detzler

This book teaches you how to work with a spiritual committee to determine what your body needs to heal itself, then using a series of diagrams and patterns to help with the healing process.

There is a detailed explanation in this book of how to use the healing techniques, diagrams, and patterns to work with your High Self.

We are surrounded by vibrations in everything we see and do in the world.

Energy like love is very powerful. Throughout the world, there are lower energies that manifest in hate, fear, discord, and illness.

The patterns in this document contain vibrational energy that, when used, can guide your body away from discordant energy, which leads to illness, and towards harmonious energy, which leads to good health.

On the cover of the book is a geometric symbol woven from the three basic building blocks of the universe: the circle, triangle, and square.

The symbol can be felt as a source of transformation by those sensitive to energy vibrations.

People were already using the diagrams and getting benefits before this book was completed.

For spiritual healing, the book presents 214 vibrational patterns and how to apply them. There are two charts that will serve as guides in transforming your physical-emotional wellness.

Even readers who do not dowse can benefit from these patterns for daily assistance and complementary benefits.


#3. Soul Re-Creation: Developing Your Cosmic Potential – Robert E Detzler 

You can clear negative patterns from your life through Soul Re-Creation’s step-by-step guide. Its simple tools make it easy for you to:

  • Engage in communication with your higher self
  • Investigate your past lives
  • Learn about your soul mate and spiritual origins
  • Invest in a spiritual purpose, love and joy

Using universal energies to heal subconscious blocks and past life traumas is a spiritual treatment taught in Spiritual Re-Creation, which uses Spiritual Response Therapy as a treatment.

This book offers compelling proof that we have the divine ability to heal ourselves through the instantaneous healing brought about by this method.

The founder of Spiritual Response Therapy and the Spiritual Response Association is Robert E. Detzler.

Throughout his books, Robert shares explanations and examples about how to apply energy healing to find greater peace of mind, prosperity and happiness.

In addition, he encourages readers to join their worldwide Spiritual Response Association community.


#4. The Freedom Path: Clear Your Soul Records –  Robert E. Detzler

Spirit Response Therapy identifies, clears, and replaces discordant programming from this life and past lives on a deep level.

Detzler outlines a systematic plan for how to:

  • Get in touch with your High Self with a pendulum and charts
  • Learn how to access your subconscious programs and eliminate harmful energies
  • Clear your Soul Records by replacing them with positive programs

As you work to Clear Your Soul Records, you bring about positive changes to your mental, emotional, and physical well being.

Families, friends, and others can also benefit from your assistance in making drastic life changes.

Throughout his career, Robert E. Detzler has served as a teacher, counsellor, and minister.

In addition to lecturing and teaching in the United States, Robert has taught in several foreign countries as well.

Training workshops were regularly held for students to learn how to replace the blocking and limiting Soul energies.


The Takeaway

An SRT session is a great solution if you are feeling stuck in any aspect of your life. 

SRT grants access to the subconscious mind in a precise and miraculous way, while avoiding the stirring up of painful memories.

It can alleviate challenges related to spirituality, mentality, emotions, and physical health, removing blocks (that we are unaware of) that prevent us from enjoying good relationships, prosperity, abundance, and health.

It allows a deeper sense of lightness and clarity by replacing negative with positive, supportive energy. 

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