Intuitive Energy Healing: Meaning, Modalities, Sessions and More
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Intuitive Energy Healing: Meaning, Modalities, Sessions and More

Intuitive Energy Healing is a path to approach the energy of life. Read the article to understand its meaning, modalities, sessions and more.


Understanding Intuitive Energy Healing

Life is made of energy. 

Intuitive Energy Healing is a mix of advanced energy healing practices such as:

  • Emotional Cord Cutting
  • Emotional Energy Healing
  • Channelled Mineral and Crystal Energy Healing
  • Life Aura Healing


This treatment starts with a diagnostic consultation (using personal development coaching techniques, numerology and energetic body scan).

It’s combined with energy healing treatments your personal energy fields resonate most with. 


Emotional Cord Cutting

It’s used when you are a heavily energetically influenced by someone else’s spirit.

As a healthy individual, we shouldn’t energetically be tied to anyone else.

Our energy only belongs to us and other people’s energy belongs to them. 

However, sometimes, more empathetic people, take away or share another person’s pain to relieve them, even if only for a little while. 

When this happens, their problems become yours and you don’t know what to do with it.

This reduces your productivity by affecting your mind and body in ways you might not be aware of. 

Additionally, it begins to take a toll on you resulting in long-term behavioural changes such as loss of motivation, moodiness and depression. 

To understand this, think of yourself as an electrical socket.

If you increase the cords plugged in, you’ll soon run out of energy or worse, blow up. 

The same thing happens to us when we try to burden ourselves with too much pain. We tend to burn out. 

Compassion, empathy and kindness can be shared responsibly without having to take up the responsibility of everyone and everything. 


Emotional Energy Healing

It’s an effective tool that helps you identify, release and heal all negative emotions present in your body. 

Surprisingly, you might still be carrying emotions and issues that affected you as a child. 

Our bodies function properly when they’re heard.

When it feels as if it’s unheard or not taken care of, it manifests into physical issues like illness or pains (chronic or general) as a cry for help.

For instance, you could suffer from cancer, heaviness in your chest, migraines, mental blocks that refuse to go away, depleting eyesight, unable to recover from injuries, stomach aches, chronic pain in the abdomen or back, etc. 

Emotional Energy Healing

If you’re someone who has tried several methods to heal your physical issues but they’ve been ineffective, you need to understand that you’re not identifying the root cause and addressing it.

Therefore, your body keeps rejecting these issues.

If left undiagnosed or untreated over long periods, the effects are likely to spread to other areas of your body leading to continuous weakness or abnormal or deterioration mental degeneration.


Channelled Mineral and Crystal Energy Healing

Channelled Mineral and Crystal Energy Healing

Here, energetic frequencies are channelled up and applied to mineral supplements and crystals that you need to support you on your journey towards healing.

One of the most powerful ways to fill leaks or energetic holes in your body is to do it via Crystal energy.

Depending on the size of the holes present in your body, it takes 1 or 2 concentrated channelled crystal healing sessions to repair it. 


Life Aura Healing

As you might be aware, we’re all born with one aura colour.

Life aura healing is believed to be faster and more effective for your body than Reiki since its a channelled energy that works according to the specificity of your energy.

In simpler words, it’s a tailored method of healing according to your aura colour.

Reiki, on the other hand, is one general white light energy that’s applied to everyone. 

Important Note: Please don’t confuse aura readings or aura cleansing with Life Aura Healing as its an extremely specific type of channelled energy.


Let your intuition guide you.


Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions

Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions

Your session based on a combination of more than one modality and your practitioner intuitive gifts to provide you with a custom healing session. 

They’ll spend the first few minutes by asking you what you’re searching for/aim of your session.

Then they’ll proceed to explain how and what they’ll be doing throughout the session to tap into your energetic vibrational field. 

Once they’ve analysed the source of energetic blockages, they’ll determine the combination of modalities to use during the session. 

Each healing session is individualized for each client and is guided by Spirit. 

Healing modalities best suited for you for your needs and personal guidance/message are intuitively guided. 

All you need to do during the session is to be open and receptive.

With the Spirit as a co-facilitator, your session will exceed your expectations. 

Generally, you can schedule a session for 120, 90 or 60 minutes.

The following healing modalities are used during a session:

  • Crystal pyramid healing
  • Sound bowl
  • Chakra spinning and balancing
  • Energy clearing
  • Cord cutting
  • Crystal healing
  • Timeline healing
  • Access bars
  • Multidimensional energy healing
  • High vibrational trans healing
  • Reiki


Benefits of Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions

Benefits of Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions

These sessions are beneficial if you are:

  • Keen to understand yourself through your spirit, conscious, body, heart and mind
  • Didn’t find other therapies effective and wish to try something deeper
  • Ready to take ownership of yourself and no longer want to live for others
  • Wish to consciously evolve and develop a spiritual connection
  • Pregnant and want to develop a pleasant environment for the baby or you want to make a stronger connection with the baby
  • Experiencing an infant loss/have had miscarriages or are infertile
  • Experience chronic diseases or illness or prolonged physical body pains
  • Your caretakers are feeling burnt out
  • Poor at respecting boundaries
  • Empathetic and take on people’s problems and emotions easily
  • Struggling to manage your mental health
  • Experience sudden or drastic changes in behaviour for a long period of time.


Tips for Scheduling an Intuitive Energy Healing Session

A modern individual scheduling an appointment via his laptop.

If you’re someone who’s new to this, you’ll find the following tips helpful:


You’ll need a minimum of 3 sessions

If you really want to change, you’ll need to attend at least 3 sessions to experience an actual change. 

Your first session should be of 120 or 90 minutes to ensure there’s enough time for a complete evaluation. 

For all your follow-up sessions, you can schedule 60-minute sessions.


For an appointment:

It’s wise to be on time to reap the benefits of the full session. 

You must also wear comfortable clothes that will help you relax during the session. 

Please keep in mind that you’ll continue to energetically detox after the session is over and therefore, it’s recommended that you take the remaining day for yourself. 


Traditional Intuitive Energy Healing

Traditional Intuitive Energy Healing

A traditional healing session is called ‘limpia’ which refers to ‘cleaning’.

The session starts with ‘plática’ that’s a heart to heart chat to determine the intention, focus and work that takes place lying (fully clothed) on a table or seated on a chair. 

It can also be done remotely via the phone or video. 

Limpia can incorporate a variety of tools such as stones, feathers, drums, rattle and burning ceremonial herbs along with hands-on work with your permission. 

A traditional healing session will help you:

  • Gain more joy, clarity and energy
  • Learn new ways to interact with your emotions and yourself
  • Develop harmony in relationships
  • Release pain from past traumas or clearing susto
  • Understand and move beyond any limiting beliefs that keep you from living your life 
  • Overcome destructive habits
  • Clear energetic clutter that you’ve collected through your life experiences
  • Ancestor work
  • Restore access to shadow or disassociated elements (also referred to as ‘soul retrieval’)
  • Extract unhelpful cords or imbalanced energies.


All the sessions will assist you to reconnect with your spirit and will have a calming and supportive effect. 

Most people report feeling ‘happier and lighter’ and more at ease post sessions. 


Intuitive Energy Healing Courses and Certifications 

A book and sweater along with a beverage are kept on a brown surface.

Apply for these programs if you wish to hone your intuitiveness to help others relieve their pain by restoring the balance of chakras and releasing blocked energies. 

These courses and programs will help you to discover your special gifts and change your life by altering your perspective in a positive way. 

Once you get your energy back, you’ll be able to hear your inner voice better.

It’ll also assist you in healing from past experiences and equip you to deal with everyday challenges. 

The tools of these programs will help you to find ease and harmony in creating your goals and life aspirations. 

The most popular programs are offered by the Center of Excellence and Learn Direct and the cost of these ranges between £147-£406.


The Takeaway

Energy permeates everything: our being and environment.

All of us carry an innate power to read and work with intuition.

During an Intuitive Healing session, your practitioner will help you tune into your unique vibration and help you overcome your challenges. 

After the treatment, you’ll feel free, light, happier and will be able to live life fully.


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  1. I like that you pointed out how intuitive healing is beneficial for people who are experiencing chronic diseases, illness, or prolonged physical body pains. I’ve been having chronic muscle pains for quite a while now and no treatment I tried managed to help. Intuitive healing looks like it’ll be able to help with my muscle pains so I’d really want to try it out.

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