11 Gorgeous Ways To Decorate For Your Next Dinner Party
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11 Gorgeous Ways To Decorate For Your Next Dinner Party

Have you ever seen those beautiful dinner parties on TV where everyone is seated looking gorgeous and happy? Every dish is cooked to perfection, the glow of the perfectly placed lights reflects on the delicate glassware, and everything looks so spectacular you can’t imagine it being real. Well, it looks like you can finally make that TV dream a reality with your party.

There are so many different ways to spruce up a dinner party from the delicious food to the music set just right but another equally important part of making your party THE place to be is the decor. It sets the mood for everything to follow. Your guests should walk into the room and instantly feel different. The decor itself has a lot of different aspects to it: the lighting has to be just right and the wall art should be just enough to pull the room together. Your table arrangements should be convenient but also artsy. And your food set-up should have your guests wanting to dig in immediately. If you’re a first-timer it might sound a bit overwhelming but fear not. We have come up with just a few ways you can take your dinner to the next level and absolutely WOW your guests.


1. Theme

Every dinner party should have a theme to it. You could pick a simple theme like a cuisine (eg: Italian) or a colour (Yellow) and base everything on it. Or you could even go formal like a Royal British Affair or the MET gala. Or if you want something unique then go ahead with the mystery theme party idea. You could base it on your favourite TV show and have various references to it throughout the dinner. You could incorporate a certain icon into the dinner. This not only makes it easier for you to plan the rest of the dinner but also makes it a much more fun event as it allows the guests to be a bit more involved which will make your party all the more memorable.


2. Invitations

Invitations are a great way to get people excited about a party. They give your guests all the details they need and are a good way to introduce the theme if you have one. Invitations also give you a great pre-party Insta-worthy shot especially if you design them well.


3. Name Cards

Name cards can be a really fun way to allow your guests to mingle and make the most of your party. They can have a rustic handwritten look to them. You can wedge them into wine corks or small wooden planks. You could customize each card according to your guest. It makes them feel special because quite honestly, who doesn’t like seeing their name on things?


4. Menu Cards

Menu Cards

Menu cards are a super aesthetic addition to table decor. Some cool ideas could be writing it on a chalkboard, or you could even have code words for each item for people who would like to be surprised. They can always be tweaked according to how minimal or elegant your theme is. And it gives guests something else to do or discuss while seated. 


5. Lights

Lighting is a crucial part of setting the mood for your dinner party. Depending on your location, you need to decide what exactly you want your party to feel like. You could go with string or fairy lights for a soft, gentle vibe. Maybe some overhead lamps or stronger bulbs could give you a heavier look. You could even go the candle route, with candelabra or individual candle holders for a more romantic vibe. 


6. Table Cloths

Table cloths are a great add-on to your decor, especially if you have a specific look in mind. You could go for a royal purple or emerald green for an elegant look. You could go the white or cream route for a softer touch. Or even try out some flannel cloth or block prints if you’d like it more casual., Don’t forget to add an appropriate table runner to pull the look together.


7. Centrepieces


Centrepieces are beautiful additions to your table decor. They can range from floral pieces to wood carvings. You could even have a vase of unique shells or ferns for a botanical look. You can purchase them at any party store or even make something yourself. The possibilities are endless.


8. Food Stands

Food stands give a much-needed “lift” to your table. You can use it for any small courses, be it your mini quiches and sandwiches or your tarts, marshmallows, and cupcakes. It allows for more food to be served and leaves the table looking so much better.


9. Wall Art

A lot of our decor has been focused on the table but wall decor is quite an interesting way to spruce up a room. You could hang up cute frames or humorous food quotes. Maybe even add some tasteful streamers or tapestry. 


10. Bottle Decor

One of the most aesthetic forms of decor is bottle decor. You can use them to display your floral arrangements. You can bottle up some of those string lights we were talking about earlier and place them on the table. In addition, you can even DIY it with bottle art and paint them in bold colours and designs or tie some ribbons around them. 


11. Floral Arrangements

Floral Arrangements

Flowers give everything a fresher ambience. They could be tucked away in different vases around the room, they could be used as centrepieces to brighten up the table, and they could even be made into an elegant table runner depending on your budget. They need not even be real. Faux flowers are all the rage right now for being not only affordable but also sustainable. You could arrange them in mason jars, unique pots, or even atypical vases like vintage food cans and purses.

Gorgeous Ways To Decorate For Your Next Dinner Party

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