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French Press Vs Pour Over [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is absolutely nothing better than waking up to a mug of good coffee. A lot of people prefer brewing coffee in their homes. There are so many coffee beverages you can choose from. For instance, do you prefer a latte or an espresso? However, you don’t think much about making such choices while rushing to work or college though. You need something good and quick to go. However, since there’s a wide variety of coffee available, how do you decide which one’s the right for you? In today’s article, we debate “French Press Vs Pour Over”, to help you understand which is better for you.


French Press Vs Pour Over: What’s The Difference? 

French Press Vs Pour Over has very basic differences. The major difference is the brewing method. A french press as a device has three parts. It has an open-top cylindrical glass and a plunger. All one has to do is fill the cylindrical glass with coffee grounds. Add hot water to it and let it steep. Once you feel that it has steeped as per how you want it. Push down the plunger. Your coffee is ready.

On the other hand, pour over is mostly when you are brewing coffee for yourself. It is usually meant for a single-serve and uses a drip method. It has two components – a pour-over funnel and a filter. Mount your funnel over your mug. Place your filter inside this funnel along with your coffee grounds. Pour hot water spirally over your coffee grounds. Your coffee is ready!

The two brewing techniques obviously result in a difference in flavour. While the French press uses the concept of immersion, the pour over method uses the concept of dripping. The time, water and coffee grounds which go into both differ based on your personal requirement. 


French Press Vs Pour Over: The Advantages and Disadvantages 

French press coffee

It is always better to draw comparisons using pros and cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the two manual methods of making coffee:


French Press: In this device, you can make coffee by soaking coffee grounds in hot water. 


The advantages of using this device are: 

  • Affordable: It is budget-friendly and available in various models and prices.
  • Control over coffee: You can decide how you would prefer your coffee thereby controlling time and temperature.
  • Easy to carry: It is light, simple and portable. 
  • Rich in taste: A paper filter isn’t used in a french press. Therefore, more oils from the coffee grounds seep into the brew giving it a better taste.


The disadvantages of using this device are: 

  • Might be too strong: The absence of a paper filter may cause bold coffee flavours.
  • Coffee grounds may get into your coffee sometimes: Some people hate this. 
  • Scraping: The lack of easy filter clean makes the french press very annoying to clean.


Pour Over: In this method, you can make coffee by pouring hot water over coffee grounds through a filter. 


The advantages of using this device are: 

  • Cost-effective: This is an affordable option as well.
  • Stops all coffee grounds from entering your cup: The filter doesn’t allow any coffee ground to slip through.
  • Gives you full control: Let’s you experiment.
  • Easy to carry: All you need to carry is a filter.
  • Cleaning is easy: Throw out the filter and just rinse.


The disadvantages of using this device are: 

  • Time-consuming: Takes more time compared to other methods
  • Requires practice: You will need several tries before making your idea mug of coffee.


French Press Vs Pour Over: Which Method To Choose? 

Homemade Pour Over Coffee
Homemade Pour Over Coffee

When it comes down to making choices, there is no rule. Everyone has a different preference and personal choice. So, how do you decide which method wins in a French Press Vs Pour Over? We’ll make this simple for you. Let’s compare both methods under common criteria.


  • Brewing time: Both French Press and Pour over help make coffee when you are on the go with less time in hand. Pour over is usually faster to make. It typically takes between four to five minutes to make a cup of french press coffee. However, a good cup of pour over coffee may take between three to four minutes to brew.


  • Servings and size: French press is available in several sizes. It is usually used when preparing in bulk. Pour over is primarily used as single-serve coffee. Therefore, the French press is better when serving a group of people. Pour over is better when making coffee for yourself.


  • Flavour: When using a french press, the flavour extracted is bold and rich. The lack of a paper filter and plunging of grounds helps extract the oils. Therefore, the resulting brew is creamy and thick. You will taste the flavour better. On the other hand, pour over tastes smoother. It feels light and clean. The coffee flavour isn’t so overpowering.


  • Filtration: filter is not the strong suit of the french press. Therefore, you may find coffee grounds and sediment in your coffee. It makes the texture different. On the other hand, pour over coffee has no coffee grounds at all. 



Is Pour Over Healthier Than French Press?

It is often said that filtered coffee is healthier. This is so because an increase in cholesterol is linked to coffee oils. Coffee oils contain cafestol-  considered a cause of cholesterol. Therefore, pour over makes for a healthier option than the french press. Although, a strong coffee flavour is predominant in a french press.


Why Is Pour Over Better Than French Press? 

There is no better here. It is upon your choice. If a person likes strong and rich coffee flavours, they might not like to pour over. Similarly, a person who likes smooth coffee flavours would prefer drinking a pour over. 


How Is French Press Different From Pour Over?

The brewing methods are different in terms of the device and taste. The flavour of coffee oil can be tasted in the french press. That is not the same in pour over.


Does Pour Over Or French Press Make Stronger Coffee?

The French press makes a stronger coffee. The flavour it produces is rich and bold due to the flavour of coffee oils in it. It also has a gritty texture. 


What Is The Healthiest Method Of Brewing Coffee?

Coffee has several health benefits if brewed well and correctly. Espresso is often considered to be among the healthiest coffee choices. When it comes to brewing, studies suggest filter coffee is better for health. Therefore, the drip brewing method is the healthiest method of brewing coffee.


In Conclusion

Having a good cup of joe really makes one’s day. It is absolutely frustrating when someone gets your coffee wrong. We all are very particular about how we prepare our coffee. The right coffee beans, the temperature and the right amount of water. It must be on point. Similarly, we all have our own choices about brewing methods as well. It is always best to try and experiment. 

How do you like your coffee? Do you prefer pour over or a french press? Let us know in the comments section below.


This infographic visually explores the difference between French Press and Pour Over coffee.


French Press Vs Pour Over Infographic


French Press Vs Pour Over Pin

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