5 Tips To Start Off Your Mornings Right
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5 Tips To Start Off Your Mornings Right

When you have a hectic morning routine, the rest of your day will seem chaotic. Have you ever noticed this when starting off in a hurry, snoozing alarms and eating breakfast before leaving for work or school? The tone reflects its own feelings in a hurry because we’re noticing that there’s no time left over to oneself! Stress and anxiety can be brought on by rushing out the door in the morning. A stressed you lead to a distracted you, which leads to a disorganized you. Now say goodbye to your organized, productive day. Although it may seem like there’s not enough time, you need to set aside some time for breakfast, yoga, meditation, whip out your best coffee grinder or whatever form of self-care you practice regularly before you leave for work or school.


1. Start The Night Before 

It’s important to get enough deep sleep, and also set up your day. There are some basic things you should do every night that will help achieve this! Stop watching TV in bed- hold out a space for sacred sleeping hours by turning off all electronics an hour before heading into slumberland (you can always watch something else!).

Keep a notebook at the side of the mattress where thoughts spiral out Control them with penmanship exercises or just writing about what bothered us today. Go ahead, take care of yourself first so tomorrow comes soon. 


2. Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is no doubt the most important meal of the day.  Studies show that people who eat breakfast are more productive, and get better grades. Breakfast is also a great way to fuel up before starting off for the day. Make sure your breakfasts aren’t full of simple carbs like muffins or toast, but instead full of protein and veggies which give us lasting energy. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. Your morning meal is crucial to getting you ready for the day ahead! 


3. Get Ready For The Day!

When you wake up in the morning, most of us are still half asleep. When we’re groggy and barely conscious most of our decisions are based on emotions, not logic. If you need to be at work or school by 8 am, set 6 alarms: all 6 o’clock. Then get out of bed for GOOD after your first alarm goes off. After all, it’s easier to start getting ready when your body is already awake, right? This way you can get a head start and avoid waiting until 7:59 am to decide if running out the door with no makeup on will suffice today…


4. Plan A Workout

Your workout doesn’t have to be long: you just have to warm up your body for the day ahead.  A few jumping jacks and sit-ups can do wonders and set you up for a good day. Not that you have to do a full-fledged workout, put aside 10-15 minutes for a morning jog, or a light workout. It will be worth it. It will get you energized and ready for the day. 


5. Positive Affirmations

Saying things like ‘I can do this’ or ‘Today is going to be great’ out loud in the morning when you wake up will not only put you in a positive state of mind, but it will give you the motivation to keep pushing forward. The key to success is not found in what you read on the internet or hear from others. It’s all about filling your mind with positive thoughts and ideas so that when negative stories come along, they don’t take hold because we know how unrealistic those things can be! This way you’ll also get more sleep, which is key for feeling awake throughout the day.


The Takeaway

Although it might seem difficult to remember these tips when you wake up tired and groggy, try setting an alarm on your phone or using a note app on your computer to help remind yourself. You’ll thank yourself later when that big presentation or meeting goes off without a hitch! Having a healthy morning routine will help you get your day started on the right foot and make you much more productive, healthy and active-both physically and mentally. What are you waiting for? Starting today! Embrace new habits that will help make your day a success.

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