Bullet Journal Goals Page Ideas and Tips
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Bullet Journal Goals Page Ideas and Tips

Are you usually excited when you start a new resolution, and the enthusiasm wears off after a few weeks? Bullet journals goals pages are an integral part of a journal that will motivate you to achieve more and set yourself higher goals!

When it comes to bullet journal goal setting, you want to make sure your goals are attainable.

Depending on your taste, you can create an artistic or minimalist bullet journal weekly goals page.

You’ll find in this guide everything you need to know about how to use bullet journal goals layouts, from setting them up to using them, to creating your own unique designs, to staying motivated.


What are Bullet Journal Goals?

What are Bullet Journal Goals

To make your bullet journal work efficiently for you, you should set one of your bullet journal goals to become more efficient.

Bullet journal goal setting at the start of the year is typical, but it can also be beneficial to revisit them at various times throughout the year.

It’s crucial to write down your goals in order to achieve them.

If you’re planning to set up a bullet journal goals page or an entire goal journal, writing down your goals is a great way to start!

Setting up a bullet journal goals page is worthwhile for a few different reasons. 


#1. You Can Make Your Goals More Attainable By Writing Them Down.

The act of writing them down creates a sense of responsibility.

The point is that sharing your goals out in the world, regardless of whether you wish to share them with others, is a great place to start.

In addition to helping you focus on your goals, writing them down makes them more visible.


#2. Bullet Journal Goals Keep You Motivated.

Bullet journal goals are a powerful tool for keeping motivated and tracking your progress.

Keeping track of your progress can inspire you to accomplish your goals.


#3. Monitor Your Progress Through Bullet Journal Goals.

Track your long-term goals by breaking them into smaller ones.

While achieving big goals can be immensely fulfilling, they can also be frightening.

If you maintain a bullet journal and a goal tracker, you can break down your goals and monitor your progress!


4. Establish Time Limits For Your Tasks.

Your bullet journal can help you reach your goal if you build it specifically to meet your needs.

With a goal tracker, you can design a timeline that outlines what you’d like to accomplish. Moreover, your bullet journal can assist you in setting deadlines!


What are The Benefits of Bullet Journal Goal Setting?

Something about the act of writing makes you remember things clearer, whether it’s something you need to remember, someone’s birthday, or even a book you want to purchase.

If you are like most people, you have owned dozens of planners and always began with good intentions, only to abandon them several weeks later, replacing them with to-do lists on post-its instead. You may want to consider bullet journaling as a solution.

These bullet journal goal setting benefits may just be the key to changing your life.

If you are curious about starting your own bullet journal, you will enjoy these benefits.


#1. It Helps You Track Long-Term Goals

It Helps You Track Long-Term Goals

Maintaining your goals and tasks in a bullet journal will help you stay on track.

As soon as you’ve written these things down, your action plan will be streamlined and concise.

Modules are there to accommodate delays, as well as the possibility of rearranging tasks as needed.

Making a page with a list of long-term goals can be an asset when you’re unsure of where your decisions are leading.

It is a page that enables you to understand how and why you make decisions as you advance in your life.


#2. List-Making Is A Breeze

List-Making Is A Breeze

To make a list, just turn to an empty page and write down the items you want to remember, such as books you wish to read, movies you want to attend, and article ideas you plan to write.

Bullet journaling each day makes everything easy.

Using the planner, you will not forget or lose important information that comes to your mind.


#3. Helps Boost Productivity

Helps Boost Productivity

It’s a great idea to set bullet journal goals to improve your productivity.

Basically, it helps manage every aspect of your life by helping you set goals, track tasks and schedule events.

You will likely complete the task on the task page that day if you can see that you still need to communicate with that professor or send that memo to your coworkers.

Therefore, it is pleasant to have everything finished at the end of the day or at the end of the week.

It can help you relax over the weekend and give you a sense of accomplishment.


#4. All Of The Information You Need Is Visible

Those who are visual learners will particularly benefit from this.

Digital planning does not provide this type of constant visibility.

Monitoring your productivity over time is possible. With everything in one notebook, you can discover where you find difficulty and where you fall into patterns.

If you stuck with your haphazard post-it note method, you would have missed out on this valuable insight.


#5. It Increases Organisational Effectiveness

It Increases Organisational Effectiveness

A bullet journal goal setting is an excellent system mainly because of its sheer visual impact.

It allows you to distinguish between the vital parts of your to-do list and ensure that they stand out.

It lets you quickly see what’s on your plate for the day, and you can create monthly agendas so you can see your progress over time.

Furthermore, you will never lose your to-do list between days because it stays in the same place.

At the end of each day, you can prepare a list of things you need to accomplish the following day.

It will save you from having to spend time first thing in the morning remembering what you need to do or trying to remember where you left the list.


#6. It’s Easy To Set Up

Blank pages can seem daunting, particularly when you realize that it’s up to you to design and write in the content, but bullet journaling is surprisingly easy.

Although a lot of the inspiration online is overtly beautiful, you aren’t required to make it pretty.

It is possible to keep tasks, personal information and notes visually separated in your bullet journal with just a few different icons.

In your journal, you should dedicate the first page to your key.

Additionally, you should specify what each symbol means, in addition to the meanings of the different colours of ink.

It’s totally up to you what to include in your key; if you don’t like the official icons, create your own!


#7. Adapts To Your Budget And Needs

Adapts To Your Budget And Needs

Using a bullet journal, you can organise days, weeks, and hours the way you need to, even if they vary over time.

It really only takes a notebook and pen to bullet journal.

A set of markers and some washi tape could also contribute to the affordability of the practice, but in the end, you can make it as inexpensive as you wish.

To start, you do not need to buy anything.

Simply use what you already have around the house, such as paper and pencils.


#8. Aids In Time Management

Aids In Time Management

Any task requiring accomplishment depends on time management.

If you don’t plan your time effectively and don’t manage it properly, you’ll struggle to accomplish your goals.

Moreover, you’ll feel more stressed and be less productive due to the increase in unnecessary stress.

Making the most of your time will be easier with a bullet journal.

Tracking time becomes much easier when you break various tasks into smaller parts and assign them a certain amount of time.


#9. Encourages Creativity

Encourages Creativity

With bullet journaling, you can express your creativity and improve your creativity at the same time.

Regardless of whether or not you have the skills to draw or have all the artistic flair as others, bullet journaling forces you to discover and express your own style.

You will see an increasing number of different art styles in your spreads as you progress.

Making creative decisions can also improve the quality of your life, whether that is managing your time, taking care of work projects, or just managing other things throughout the day.


#10. Enhances Self-Awareness

If you think you already know yourself well, bullet journaling is a powerful way to gain even greater self-awareness.

The act of recording your moods, thoughts, feelings, and actions allows you to pick up various elements of who you are and what to improve through different actions or thoughts.

When you notice these small details, you will now be able to change them if they occur again in the future, and most importantly, you will be more aware of yourself when you are in the present.


How to Set Bullet Journal Weekly Goals 

How to Set Bullet Journal Weekly Goals 

If you want to reach your goals and milestones, consider what actions, habits, and tasks you should be doing weekly.

Plan your weekly schedule, determining when and how often you need to do what.



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This bullet journal weekly goals layout shows the top priorities for the week to achieve goals and is designed to function like a habit tracker.

Furthermore, you can track whether you are taking the necessary actions and adhering to the habits that will yield the desired results. Tracking how well you are staying on target is also possible by allocating a percentage.

Likewise, you can create separate sections in your daily planner solely dedicated to your priorities and goals to ensure that they get adequate attention in your busy schedule.

Twelve weeks may seem like a short period.

To reach such a great goal in such a short time, it is necessary to keep working hard.

Everyone has ups and downs along the way; after all, we’re only humans!

But to help you keep your aim in sight, reviewing and reflecting on your goals each week will be useful.

Instead of focusing on what went wrong, take a moment to reflect on what went well and what you may improve on in the coming week.

In some instances, just doing a little bit of correcting can bring you back on track.

Consider leaving a two-page space after your bullet journal weekly goals where you can reflect on your week, jot down notes, and record any inspirational quotes.


How To Set and Achieve Goals With Your Bullet Journal

How To Set and Achieve Goals With Your Bullet Journal

With each new year come 365 new opportunities.

In the new year, set realistic goals rather than unrealistic ones.

Rather than focusing on the past, try making some smart new goals. 

Using a Bullet Journal as a goal-setting tool is the best way to make your goals happen. 

You are probably already exceptional at setting small daily goals.

Yet, to accomplish big goals requires a bit more organization and work. 


#1. Bullet Journal Goal Setting Process

Bullet journal goal setting means making those goals achievable and making them your own.

You should aim high, but not impossibly high if you want to accomplish your goals.

But, you should not set a million dollars in your first year as a goal when searching for your first job.

You should always make sure your goals are a little scary while still being attainable.

It can be tricky to make them your own.

People are surrounding you who are bombarding you with their resolutions and goals for the new year.

Especially under the pressure of all that pressure, it can be so easy to get sucked into the purposes that others want for you. 

It’s not a good idea! It’s more likely that, in times of difficulty, you’ll give up and not have the motivation to stick with these goals if you don’t have a burning desire for them.

What’s the point in using your time and energy to help fulfil the dreams of someone else?

When setting goals, make sure you ask yourself: “Am I setting goals that are relevant to what I want?”

Consider the reasons you want it and the feelings you’ll have when you receive it.

Simply by going through this simple procedure, you will realise if it’s something you’re interested in and get motivated to pursue it.

Below are a few questions to consider so that you can get started with bullet journal goal setting:

  1. How would I like my life to be?
  2. What is it I want to become by the end of this year?
  3. What compelled me to pursue these goals?
  4. Is there anything I need to improve in my life?


#2. Achieving Bullet Journal Goals

1. Supplies – Notebooks and Stationery

Firstly, here is the basic supplies you’ll need to create these pages.

If you’re planning to use your journal for a year, you need to get one made of high-quality paper with a beautiful cover.

A hardcover notebook is an option, but if you like quarterly goal setting, you can pick a softcover notebook that is thinner and change it every quarter.

Fountain pens are best because they have fine nibs, so feathering is almost nonexistent.

Fineliners are another option.

You can use all kinds of colours and go overboard!


2. Goals Front and Centre

Organising your goals by a quarter on the first page of your plan is a helpful way to summarise your goals for the year.

Now it’s time to index. Consider creating an index or numbering your pages if you need to.

The more spreads you make, the more your index will evolve.


3. Quarterly Goals and Goals Roadmap

Identify the goals you’d like to accomplish in each quarter.

Knowing that some goals might require more than one quarter is critical to your success.

Goal roadmaps outline the first few steps toward achieving a chosen goal.

Staying on track is easier when you have a deadline for your goals.


4. Project Spreads

Whenever you need a dedicated spread, use it.

Also, note what steps you intend to take for achieving a particular goal in the following quarters.

Having these on hand will allow you to plan your monthly goals better.

As a result, you keep fewer things on your mind at one time and waste less space in the front.

With no distractions, you can pay full attention to what you are doing.


5. Monthly and Weekly Goals

Last but not least, you decide what monthly goals you will set.

Detail what you want to accomplish each month.

Having your goals and tasks constantly in mind keeps you focused on them, and that is helpful.

Take this goal and break it down into smaller steps you can accomplish every week.

While you’re trying to stay on top of everything, something unforeseen will occur that will make staying focused difficult.

However, since you already have a plan in place, no need to worry and no risk of forgetting it.

Although you might need to change it if necessary, it gives you a strong foundation from which to work.


How to Set Up a Goal Page

How to Set Up a Goal Page

Having a goal page in your bullet journal is absolutely necessary to motivate you to pursue more and smash those goals.

The process of making New Year’s resolutions is one thing, but staying committed to those resolutions is an entirely different beast.

That’s why the bullet journal goals page will permanently transform your approach to your resolutions.

You can set goals pretty effortlessly if you know what you want, and it is definitely exciting.

You don’t have to be super creative or fancy to put a bullet journal together.

Ideally, you would keep it minimalist if you don’t want to pay attention to how it looks but rather what matters most to you.


Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need a few different supplies to make a spread, depending on the type you want.

Take your bullet journal along with pens, markers, highlighters, fine liners, and any other art supplies that you usually like to use.

Recommendation: The Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 or Dotted Grid Journal, a product highly admired by all bullet journalers.


Step 2: Write Down Your Goals

Think about the goals and ideas you wish to achieve on a separate page.

For the sake of accuracy, you might want to do this on an extra rough piece of paper before inking it.


Step 3: Choose Your Layout

It is now time to choose a layout for your goal page.

You can choose from a number of ideas.

You may create your own spreads and designs, whichever best fits your personality.


Bullet Journal Goals Page Ideas

Bullet Journal Goals Page Ideas

There are several ways of keeping track of your goals.

Some involve just making a list of things, while others can be tracked by themselves or in combination.

There are many different spread types to try, so you may want to include a few elements from each to make your bullet journal goals page shine.

Therefore, these goal page ideas will be a helpful way for you to set out your goals in a detailed format while still keeping a little bit of an artistic edge.


#1. Minimalist Spread

It is still possible to decorate your bullet journal goals spreads even if you don’t like to by adding a few lines here and there to give the optical illusion that you are artistic.

Bullet journals are minimalist in nature and designed to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

They are easy to start with just a pen, ruler, and notebook.


#2. Colourful Spread

Colourful spreads may be your thing, so you’re sure to be impressed with this one.

By using this goal page, you can easily include work, health, and personal goals on one page.

You can also decorate it with a variety of washi tapes.


#3. Block Format


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Here’s a creative spread you can use to stay motivated to achieve your goals.

The layout of the spread is clear and uncluttered.

Here’s another minimalist spread you can try.

It’s easy and quick, but you can colour-code the blocks for more colour.


#4. Professional Spread

Keep things simple and clean with this bullet journal goals page idea that emphasises the content over the aesthetics.

You can also see a vision board that helps you visualize your goals on the following page.


#5. All In One Spread

Try this gorgeous spread created to separate the different aspects of your life that is both creative and minimalistic.

Whether you want to list your personal goals or even a few bullet journal goals, this spread is easy to use, and you can always revisit it as you go.


#6. Yearly Goals


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This goal page is simple and easy for anyone to draw within a few minutes without sacrificing artistry.

To ensure you stay on top of what you need to accomplish throughout the year, you might use this type of spreadsheet.

To monitor several categories at once, though, you might want to either reduce the size of the doodles to fit everything on one page or choose a different layout.


#7. Goal Chart

Here is a quirky yet clean and focused mind map goal page theme that will add some creative fun to your journal.

It is suitable for busy students and professionals.


#8. Savings Log


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You can also create separate goals for each of the objectives you intend to achieve, similar to this savings log.

Maintaining your motivation and holding yourself accountable will help you save the money that you need this year.


#9. Month At A Glance

You can see how colourful the block format looks here.

It looks magnificent and displays your goals beautifully.


#10. Two Page Spread


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This is a stylish, stunning, and clean design.

Do you have any more adjectives to describe it?

Using this two-page spread will ensure that you have enough space to add all of your goals in one place.


#11. List Design

Try out this goal spread as it’s one of the easiest to use.

There is enough space to write down many goals for the year, or you can even use this spread when planning monthly goals rather than one long annual goal list.


#12. Pastel Plans


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There is something intimidating about the word goals.

To avoid it, we use plans in our layout.

Make your plans easy to read by writing them in simple handwriting.

Brighten each plan with a highlighter to create a colourful and attractive but simplistic page.


#13. Life Wheel

Life wheel and level 10 life layouts will likely be appealing to you if you enjoy minimalist journal layouts.

It is simple to write down goals that fit into each category in a ten-space layout that’s pleasing to the eye, especially in a grid journal.


#14. Pretty Pages

Make your goals aesthetically pleasing.

Your goals page could be adorned with some nice doodles if you have artistic talent.

Put some stickers on your goals page if you don’t have any, or use other decorations.

Colour schemes make the page more visually appealing.


#15. Collage Creativity

Create an interesting goals page.

Cut out pictures from magazines that reflect your goals and paste them on your pages.

To outline goal boxes or decorate your goals page, use bright, patterned washi tape, such as those available here.

A collage formed from stickers and small mementoes enhances the page’s three-dimensionality and adds further texture and interest.

Don’t let your bujo be boring any longer!


#16. Reading List Goal Spread


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It’s a good idea to create a goals page similar to this if you are trying a read more books or improve your reading habits within a certain period of time.



How Do You Set Goals In a Bullet Journal?

Start by determining your goals. Trying to set goals can be highly challenging. All too often, we set implausible or nonsensical goals. 

Without enthusiasm and motivation, you are much less likely to achieve your goal. It applies particularly to situations that require hard work to get to the result. 

Setting goals requires time and effort. Ponder and do mindfulness exercises. Imagine how you’d like your life to look a year from now. Describe your ideal self, the habits you’d like to adopt, and things you would like to learn.

You should keep thinking about goals until you find ones that really inspire you. Find goals that give you a sense of enthusiasm and unease at the same time. That’s when you’re on the right track. 


How Do You Write a Goal For a Journal?

Make a list of what you want to accomplish first, then commit to achieving it. Make sure your SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) inspire you and write them down to make them tangible. Plan the steps you’ll need to accomplish your goal and cross them off as you complete them.

The goal “I want to get fit, healthy, and strong” may seem fabulous, but it is not a SMART goal. There is no specific target to reach, no specification of what fit means to you, and no indication of a timeline for achieving your target. 

If you want to participate in a specific event, that might be a better and more SMART goal. Let’s say you want to participate in a triathlon or a marathon. You have a set timeframe and are very specific about how you will prepare for this event. Break your goal down into measurable and achievable steps to meet your expectations.


What Is The Point of a Bullet Journal?

The bullet journal can be an outlet to help you relax, help you keep track of your tasks, or help you get a handle on your to-do list.

Imagine it as a journal that allows not only writing but also drawing. Rather than blank, lined pages, bullet journals have sections for recording daily tasks, maintaining a calendar, jotting notes, keeping track of both physiological and mental health, and keeping track of both short- and long-term goals.

Buying a bullet journal already templated is not possible. In its place, you buy a blank or dot-grid journal and design something unique to your needs and goals. A bullet journal takes time to start, which means you will have to invest many hours in it.

It should be a creative and fun process, however. You’re free to make your journal as involved or as simple as you want, but there are a few simple things you should include, such as an index and a calendar.


What Should a Bullet Journal Include?

A bullet journal should include the following elements:

1. Index:

Having an index is as simple as keeping track of the pages you wrote in your journal. Create an index for new spreads that includes a description and page number.

If you include every single page in your Index, you will likely run out of room. Consider instead only including the pages you need most often.


2. Future Log:

Here you can find a list of upcoming events. 


3. Monthly Log:

The monthly log features a monthly task list on one page and an ongoing list of events on the other. You can customise this by using a traditional calendar instead.


4. Daily Log:

There is no Bullet Journal system without this. Every day, you make a bulleted list with due dates for tasks, events you are attending, and notes you need to keep.  A dash (-) represents a note, an open circle (o) represents an event, and a dot (•) represents a task.


What Types of Goals Should I Set?

Anything you set as a goal in life needs to be within a specified timeframe, with a clear objective.

Keeping your life on track requires you to set goals and objectives centred on the following categories. The methods will help you be more productive, achieve remarkable success, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There is no way better than setting time-based goals to invest your time wisely. You can either set short term or long term goals.

You can define lifetime goals as goals that you wish to achieve during your lifetime.

Living a healthy and long life should be the most significant goal in life.

The goals you set for yourself in your professional life can help you achieve a more productive and rewarding career.

It is common for people to make less money than they should and spend more than they should. By setting financial goals, you can help yourself keep control of your finances.

To become your best self one day, you should set personal goals for yourself.

Having balance at home is essential for well-being, so these goals are exceptionally crucial.


In Conclusion

Setting goals and achieving them can be a fun process, but it requires consistency and determination.

By listing your goals in these bullet journal goals pages, you’ll be motivated to keep striving and to attain them.

Comment below which of these goal page ideas you found most beneficial; which ones were your favourites.

Additionally, the comments section is where you can share any suggestions or ideas.

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