The Top 10 Healthy Food Trends to Expect in 2022
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The Top 10 Healthy Food Trends to Expect in 2022

The world has undergone severe changes within the last few years. The pandemic has distorted the globe’s order, slowing its development tremendously and making many people put their aspirations on hold, be they related to their career, education, or vacation (especially vacation!). However, one thing has not stopped developing but accelerated its evolution! Food became the number one thing people would pay close attention to during endless lockdowns, and this approach has led to outstanding results that are evolving rapidly. Reading the article on food trends in the middle of 2022 shouldn’t surprise you. People’s culinary tastes change swiftly; based on them, the following top ten healthy food trends will be all the rage this year.


#1. Quirky beverages

Quirky beverages

You aren’t alone if consuming typical drinks doesn’t satisfy you anymore. While having a coke/beer/or wine is cool (besides, the company you drink with matters the most), these drinks aren’t too healthy. And that’s when peculiar beverages come into play. Being way healthier, they are alcohol-free drinks that have multiple variations. Infused water, zero tequila, probiotic juice, or cocktails based on virgin gin – it doesn’t matter. The point is to endow it with a character and make it healthy. Besides, such beverages look astounding and can double down on your social media popularity. Use an Instagram post generator to filter and spruce up your photos to get the desired attention.


#2. Plant-based dishes

Plant-based dishes

Veganism isn’t a new dietary trend, but only recently has it gotten into the limelight. The reason is apparent: veganism has become more diverse, expansive, and exciting. Meat alternatives are thriving, and you are unlikely to stumble upon the same meal you tasted in the past. Plus, plant-based dishes are impressively sustainable, which is often people’s number one culinary requirement. 


#3. Immunity boosters 

Immunity boosters

A weak immune system is a common issue among people living in metropolitan areas. The lack of sunlight, physical activities, and a good night’s sleep affect our immunity, so it’s essential to boost it properly. When it comes to food, you have numerous ways to give your body a good kick of vital nutrients that will fortify your body. This year several types of food are trendy and equally effective: berries, spices, nuts, citrus fruits, cruciferous veggies, and fermented foods. 


#4. Healthy ready-made meals

Healthy ready-made meals

Ready-made meals are convenient but often not too healthy. In 2022, however, the concept of pre-cooked dishes has transformed incredibly. Not only have they become healthier (without high sodium levels, artificial flavors, etc.), but they are also much more diverse these days. You will easily find something pertinent to your taste, from vegan to vegetarian to carnivore!


#5. Mouth-watering seeds

Mouth-watering seeds

Compared to ubiquitous nuts that hit the scene dozens of years back, seeds have long been in the shade. But 2022 is the year of seeds, as they are nutrition-packed, healthy, and affordable. They can also replace nuts if your body doesn’t tolerate them. Sunflower, sesame, pumpkin seeds, you name it. They all are excellent!


#6. Less sugary food

Less sugary food

People are now much more aware of how much sugar they intake daily, hurray! They opt for sugar-free alternatives or get rid of the sugar completely. You don’t necessarily have to quit eating sweet food and snacks cold turkey. Replace refined sugar with dates, honey, or maple syrup.


#7. Global cuisine food

Global cuisine food

Savoring international flavors is an excellent way to practice gastro tourism remotely. This year’s global cuisine trend focuses on blending ethnic flavors of many countries, from Asian to Eastern European to South American. It’s you who decides what’s on the menu today!


#8. Underwater botanicals

Underwater botanicals

Seaweed is a Jack of all trades, as it’s used in manufacturing bakery and meat products, desserts and ice creams, salad dressings, toppings, gravies, sauces, and soups. What makes it so popular? Well, seaweed is high in fiber and antioxidants, supporting thyroid and reducing body weight. Plus, it’s inexpensive.


#9. Dairy alternative

Dairy alternative | Healthy Food Trends

Soy, oat, cashew, and almond milk are just a few out of numerous dairy replacements present on the market. They have become popular products because they are suitable for various people, including vegans and vegetarians and those who are lactose intolerant. Moreover, these drinks are tasty, big time!


#10. Juicy mushrooms

Juicy mushrooms | Healthy Food Trends

In light of people’s increasing aspirations to consume less meat, mushrooms have become a top thing to supersede red meat or poultry. Mushrooms are healthy and resemble the meat’s taste and texture; with the right choice of spices and herbs, mushrooms’ flavor will get a headstart on any meat. 


In Conclusion

Swapping for healthy food is the central tendency from 2022 onward, so we will indubitably see more experiments and trends going viral shortly. Of course, it’s important to remember that any food, even if it’s labeled healthy, may be harmful to your body. So ensure to learn first if your organism tolerates such types of food before consuming them. 

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