Reishi Mushroom: The Elixir of Immortality
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Reishi Mushroom: The Elixir of Immortality

You may have heard a thing or two about super mushrooms and their amazing health properties, but how many of these amazing mushrooms do you know?

Well, there are lots of incredible super mushrooms, but today, we’re going to focus on one that is known as the Elixir of Immortality – the Reishi mushroom.


What is the Reishi Mushroom?

The Reshi mushroom is a super mushroom that has been used for more than 2000 years in Eastern Medicine. 

It grows in hot and humid locations throughout Asia and has several molecules within it that are believed to be responsible for the many health benefits. These molecules include triterpenoids, peptidoglycans, and polysaccharides. 

The Reishi Mushroom is well revered in Eastern medicine as it is believed to help bring peace and tranquillity to energy wells (also known as treasures), that every individual is believed to have within. These energy wells are called chi, jing and then, and are thought to be necessary to support human life.

The Reishi mushroom can be eaten fresh, however, one of the easiest forms to get your hands on is the powdered extract form – which is very easy to add to your diet.

So, what can the Reishi mushroom do for you?


It may help to boost your immunity

The immune system is our body’s natural defence system against diseases, bacteria and germs. When our defences are down, we become vulnerable to these unwanted visitors to our bodies and can become unwell. 

An unhealthy diet, poor sleeping quality, lack of exercise and stress can all affect our immune system negatively. However, the addition of reishi mushrooms may actually help to balance the immune system as some properties in reishi are thought to be able to help the body react appropriately to stress and anxiety. It works to calm us, which can in turn lead to a better quality of sleep.


It may help to fight cancer

Reishi mushroom has been undergoing research to see the effects it may have on people who have cancer as it helps the white blood cell generation process. White blood cells are important for everyone, but particularly those with cancer as they can help to reduce the growth of cancer cells. It tells the value or number of coins you will win for a particular combination of symbols. 

While the reishi mushroom alone isn’t enough to fight cancer, the importance of further research is important as earlier studies have shown it as being the most effective super mushroom to help combat the development of cancer cells.


It may help to increase your lifespan

Thanks to the high level of polysaccharides in the reishi mushroom, as well as the high level of antioxidants, you might be able to slow down the effects of ageing that occur from cell damage. How? Well, antioxidants are vital in helping the body get rid of free radicals, which are unstable atoms that are formed when molecules or atoms lose or gain electrons. They cause cellular damage, and stress to the body and speed up the ageing process.

Polysaccharides also support the cells by supporting their structure, storing energy and helping the body’s cells and systems to communicate more effectively, which, as we get older, we need more and more help with.


Add Reishi Mushroom to your routine today

It’s simple to start adding reishi mushrooms to your diet. You can use fresh reishi mushrooms or opt for organic reishi mushroom powder Australia, and simply add a spoon to your meals or beverages for your fix. You can also buy it online from anywhere in Australia with Superfoods Australia.

So, don’t miss out on what ancient Chinese medicine has known for centuries, add this amazing elixir of immortality to your life today! 

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