6 Foods to Avoid If You Have a Sensitive Scalp
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6 Foods to Avoid If You Have a Sensitive Scalp

Conditions that affect the scalp, such as eczema and dandruff, may be highly bothersome. You could have tried every other possible remedy, such as washing the scalp a fewer times switching your pillowcase more often or even switching the hair care products that you use regularly.

What you may not be aware of, however, is that some foods may either bring on these diseases or make them worse. Because of this, it is essential to learn what these foods are so that you can steer clear of them in the future. We have compiled a list of the biggest culprits, which are typical foods that you should stay away from to improve your scalp condition.


#1. High-Mercury Fish

In general, fish is beneficial to the health of your skin and hair. However, people who regularly eat sushi are more likely to suffer from hair loss due to mercury buildup in their bodies from eating high-mercury seafood. Some varieties of tuna and mackerel, as well as swordfish, and other forms of tuna, should be avoided.

Choose kinds of fish that are lower in mercury, such as shrimp, sardines, salmon, as well as canned light tuna. These are some of your alternate possibilities. Consuming them will help you improve the condition of your hair and scalp as well as the signs of eczema since they contain a low amount of mercury. Make sure to also use a cleanser for sensitive scalps in order to keep your hair healthy from the outside in as well.


#2. Vitamin A Supplements

In general, supplements are not considered to be foods; yet, many individuals do use these supplements alongside their meals. When used in excessive amounts, vitamin A supplements may irritate the scalp and produce dandruff. These may contribute to hair loss in ways that cannot be remedied by using hair products. An overabundance of vitamin A could also be a factor in the development of other skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, oily scalp, as well as itchy skin, among those who already have these symptoms.


#3. Sugar

Even though sugar has a sweet taste, consuming an unhealthy amount of it is hazardous for your health. This may lead to a variety of skin disorders, including psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, amongst others. If you would like to get rid of dandruff, you will have to take care of the health of your scalp from the inside as well as the exterior of your body. Since sugar stimulates the release of androgen, a hormone that reduces the number of hair follicles, consuming sugar may lead to dry patches, irritation, and even damage to your hair follicles. Sugar consumption should be kept to a minimum if you want good hair.


#4. Low Protein Foods

Because protein is a component of hair, consuming meals that are low in protein consistently may cause damage to your hair and make conditions like dandruff even more severe. A diet high in protein may reduce dandruff, provide your hair with the essential nutrients it requires, and even make it simpler to eliminate dead skin cells that remain on your scalp.


#5. Alcohol

Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol may cause itchy skin since it lowers the total amounts of zinc found in the body. Since zinc is essential to the formation of good hair, consuming an unhealthy amount of alcohol might be detrimental over time. It is not necessary to entirely abstain from alcohol if you are working toward bringing your dandruff under control, as your hair can still handle alcohol in moderation without any adverse effects.

Additionally, alcohol may cause your body to become dehydrated, which can exacerbate diseases such as dermatitis and dandruff. To protect yourself from the worst of these effects, you should drink plenty of water while you are consuming alcohol.


#6. High-fat Diet

If you have a highly sensitive scalp, one of the things that you should attempt to avoid is a diet that is heavy in fat from dairy products. Try reducing your use of whole milk as well as full-fat cheeses, both of which are high in saturated fat; instead, go for varieties that are reduced in fat. In addition to that, dairy products that are low in fat are also excellent for the health of the heart.

6 Foods to Avoid If You Have a Sensitive Scalp

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