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Espresso Macchiato: Step-By-Step Recipe

All of us have this one calming beverage in all our life. Be it tea or coffee. We all have this one beverage that we love. However, for some people, this can actually turn into an addiction. Therefore, you do find people who cannot continue their day without their beverage. That’s the same for coffee lovers too! Be it an espresso macchiato or a latte, coffee is comforting. Caffeine is known to be an energy booster. People love the rush and the great kick of a good cup of coffee in the morning. So many people like this drink to be their first drink in the morning. Many feel that this is what provides them with the energy they need. Be it just a cold day or a lazy morning, this can get you moving.

Apart from its obvious effects, coffee is a great way to connect. Be it a date or a random post-work meeting, “How about a cup of coffee?” feels great. However, the beauty of coffee lies in its variety. Every person likes their coffee a little differently. Some like very dark coffee while some just love the sweetness in it. Therefore, the taste and preference of coffee are also very varied. No wonder, Starbucks has earned a huge name for itself by just selling coffee.  There are so many different flavours and varieties of coffee available today.

People like coming together and hanging out at cafés. In fact, a lot of coffee shops aim at providing an ambience that helps with this. They aim at providing a social environment where people can talk a share over a good mug of cappuccino. As much as coffee has certain benefits, it also has its disadvantages. A lot of caffeine addiction can cause side effects too. 


What is Espresso Macchiato?

We all know how coffee has so many different varieties. In fact, going to a coffee shop without a personal preference is confusing. However, there are some personal favourites that are generally loved. Espresso Macchiato is one among them. This Italian coffee drink is an espresso served with a blob of foamed milk. Italians also call this drink “Caffe Macchiato.” This drink is strong with a tad bit of sweetness. People who don’t enjoy their coffee too milky and sweet may find this perfect.  In fact, the name of this coffee also finds its origin back in Italy.

In Italian, the word macchiato actually means a mark or stain. You must be wondering how this is related to coffee. However, once you look at the coffee, you will have a clear idea as to why the name. The blob of heated milk which is added to the espresso actually looks like a stain on the coffee. People actually have a very interesting take on how this name came to be. The most common explanation has been to tell the difference between espresso and espresso with milk. It is difficult for coffee makers to differentiate between the two. This adding a blob of foamed milk helped mark the coffee better. Therefore, this stain is what brought forth the name “macchiato.”

However, what exactly is an espresso though? Any coffee bean can make you an espresso. Espresso is a coffee drink which has more caffeine than regular coffee. The way of making espresso is through pressurised brewing. Therefore, the flavour is strong and bold. The coffee also comes out very thick and syrupy. However, macchiato as a drink uses milk compared to other espresso versions. The milk foam just helps balance out the strong taste a tad bit.


The Benefits of Espresso Macchiato 

The Benefits of Espresso Macchiato

However fancy the name might sound, it is ultimately a drink overpowered by the strong flavour of espresso. The splash of milk definitely brings along its nutrients but it is the caffeine which is the most at play. Here are some benefits of drinking a cup of some good espresso macchiato:


  • Good energy: Coffee is in general a form of energy drink. The same is the case with a shot of espresso. It gives you that extra energy you need to pull through your day.
  • Helps with digestion: In case you do have issues digesting well, an espresso shot is worth a shot. We often feel lazy and bloated after a good meal. However, espresso has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Less risk of diabetes: Diabetes and cancer are two diseases which have taken over the world. Almost every family has a diabetic patient. However, espresso can help reduce this risk. It isn’t filled with unnecessary sugar and cream. 
  • Helps with your workout: This caffeine-rich beverage can actually make you feel less tired. It can also help decrease your pain in the muscles. Therefore, you may actually feel less tired while doing your workout. This will actually help you work out even more and gain more stamina.
  • Lesser calories: Although a macchiato is a milk-based espresso. However, the quantity of milk used in comparison to several other coffee drinks is very different. Therefore, the calorie intake is less.
  • Mood changer: We all know about the stimulant properties of caffeine. Therefore, drinking a nice cup of espresso macchiato can definitely help you feel better on your cloudy days.


On one hand, people drink coffee to improve their mental functions as well as help gain energy. While on the other hand, too much caffeine can cause anxiety.


Ingredients Required to Make Espresso Macchiato 

Making Coffee doesn’t usually require a lot of ingredients. Especially an espresso macchiato. It is a very non-t tacky and simple drink. The beauty of this drink is that milk doesn’t overpower the true flavour of the coffee. Therefore, the ingredients required to make an espresso macchiato are:


  • 18 grams of Coffee
  • 1-2 teaspoons of milk 
  • Water


Try using coffee that is finely grounded. These are the best while preparing an espresso. In case a coffee grinder isn’t available at your place, try buying coffee that’s already grounded. Another great part about espresso is the freedom to choose any type of coffee beans. However, if you wish to enjoy an authentic Italian coffee taste, go for a dark roast. Therefore, make a high-quality espresso. Go for high-quality coffee to bring out the dominant flavour of espresso in your macchiato. Also, try buying whole milk. Whole milk is the best choice when it comes to frothing.  This is why it is most commonly used as well as traditionally. 


Tools Required to Make Espresso Macchiato 

Whenever you go to a coffee shop or a café in general. There is a certain set of equipment which is always available. Instant coffee and normal daily coffee may be easy to make at home. However, most coffee styles require certain equipment. Without this equipment, the preparation of your coffee is not on point. Therefore, the tools required to make espresso macchiato are:


  • An espresso machine: Try looking for a machine that has a steam wand. In addition, it must also have a milk steaming pitcher. Some espresso machines have a coffee grinder too. Such machines come in handy when making good lattes and cappuccinos. You get a lot of different parts together while buying an espresso machine. 
  • Coffee grinder: In case your espresso machine lacks an in-built coffee grinder. Look for this. However, you must make this drink and don’t have a coffee grinder at all. Please try looking for grounded coffee only.


Espresso Macchiato Recipe 

Espresso Macchiato Recipe

You can make an espresso macchiato by following the steps listed below: 


Serves: 1    Prep time: 15 minutes    Total time: 25 minutes    Cuisine: Italian    Course: Beverage


Ingredients required:

  • 18 grams of Coffee
  • 4 ounces milk 
  • Very little water


Step 1: The tools 

Before you start preparing your espresso macchiato. Get your equipment and all ingredients in one place. Switch on your espresso machine and set a fifteen-minute timer. This is just like working on a microwave. You must preheat your machine well.  Following this, you weigh your coffee grounds and add them to the portafilter. 

Side note: A portafilter is like a scoop with a handle. This is the place to add your coffee beans.

Tamp this using a tamper. A tamper packs the coffee grounds evenly in an espresso machine. On the other hand, Pour very little hot water into your small espresso cup. These cups are actually demitasse cups. They are especially used to serve espressos. Hot water is added to make sure that your cup is a little pre-heated too. This is done to avoid your espresso shot from becoming cool too quickly.


Step 2: Milk foaming

Add your milk to the milk frothing pitcher. These help you manually froth your milk. Sometimes you can actually do the milk frothing at the same time too. However, this completely depends on your espresso machine model. In Some models, you may have to wait to get your espresso shot first. This is to ensure the right temperature too.

Before you begin the milking process, slot your portafilter into the espresso maker. Get your shot of espresso in the pre-heated cup.

Coming back to the milk, ensure a dry steam wand. Add this wand to the pitcher immediately so that the milk doesn’t bubble much. You have to angle your pitcher in a way that the milk keeps moving. Your milk must swirl. You have to keep doing this steaming process until the texture turns creamy. The steaming of milk is usually done till it’s around seventy-one degrees celsius. This is your frothed milk.


Step 3: The finale

Just add your frothed milk into your shot of espresso. Plain, simple and super easy. There is no complex process of getting the right amount of milk or coffee. It is just a small blob of milk into your strong shots of espresso.



  • The number of espresso shots you use is to your liking. Most coffee shops make espresso macchiatos using a double shot only. If you do like a single shot, use half the coffee only. 
  • In case your machine doesn’t have a steam wand, you may try a separate milk frother. If it does, ensure wiping your wand immediately after steaming milk. Not doing it quickly may make your leftover milk burnt.
  • Espresso Macchiato is small. Therefore, they cool very quickly. This is the reason you must have this quickly.
  • Always ensure a good quality coffee because macchiato highly depends on coffee quality. 
  • People also tend to get confused between w latte macchiato and an espresso macchiato. However, they are completely the opposite. In the latte macchiato, it is the espresso that is staining your milk.


Espresso Macchiato_Step-By-Step Recipe

Espresso Macchiato Recipe

Paridhi Maheshwari
A caffeinated drink made of espresso and a little bit of milk.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Italian
Servings 1
Calories 15 kcal


  • An espresso machine
  • A coffee grinder


  • 18 g coffee
  • 4 ounces of milk
  • very little water


  • Switch on your espresso machine and set a fifteen-minute timer. Preheat your espresso machine. Weigh your coffee grounds and add them into the portafilter. Tamp this using a tamper.
  • Pour very little hot water into your demitasse cup. Slot your portafilter into the espresso maker. Get your shot of espresso in the pre-heated cup.
  • Ensure a dry steam wand. Add this wand to the pitcher immediately so that the milk doesn’t bubble much. Angle your pitcher in a way that the milk keeps swirling. Keep doing this steaming process until the texture turns creamy. It is Usually done till it's around seventy-one degrees celsius. This is your frothed milk.
  • Just add your frothed milk into your shot of espresso.
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Espresso Macchiato: Nutritional Information 

This is the nutritional information for one serving of espresso macchiato: 


  • Calories: 15 calories
  • Carbohydrates:  1.9g
  • Protein: 0.8g
  • Total Fat: 0.5g
  • Saturated Fat 0.3g
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Sodium 18mg
  • Potassium 98mg
  • Dietary Fibre: 0 g
  • Sugars: 0 g
  • Caffeine 150 mg
  • Cholesterol: 1.6 mg


This coffee drink gets its benefits from the caffeine content as well as the antioxidants. On the other hand, milk usage, however little, adds vitamins and minerals too. 

While milk is calcium and protein-rich, it is also a good pair with coffee. This is because it can help people with acid reflux issues. 

Also, espresso macchiato is obviously gluten-free and vegetarian. If you do not enjoy dairy, you can replace your milk with other options like almond and soy. This will help make your coffee a vegan choice too.

As already mentioned previously, caffeine in general has the ability to boost your energy. They help you get over your couch potato mood and get moving. It is also said to help with issues like cancer and diabetes.

In fact, as per studies, those who drink coffee apparently have a low risk of death through heart issues. 


Side Effects 

Caffeine obviously has great health benefits. However, too much of anything is dangerous and so is the same with coffee. A moderate amount of coffee is alright. Too much espresso macchiato may have certain common coffee side effects. These are:


  • Anxiety: too much Caffeine can actually cause anxiety. They increase your stress hormone levels and may also increase the stress chemicals in your body. You may start feeling nervous and jittery.
  • Sleep issues: People usually do consume coffee to stay awake at night. Therefore, it does have an effect on your sleep quality and pattern.
  • Digestion issues: coffee can actually help with digestion. However, too much caffeine can cause distress to your digestive system too. It can cause nausea and diarrhoea.
  • High BP: Too much caffeine can also increase blood pressure levels. They may also increase your heart rate. However, this symptom is not very common. It completely depends on your consumption too.



What Is In An Espresso Macchiato?

An espresso macchiato is an Italian coffee beverage. This coffee is basically an espresso stained with foamed milk on top. The word stain here is especially used because of the word macchiato. The word macchiato in Italian means a stain. Therefore, the name of the coffee is so. This coffee looks like any other shot espresso however with a small Blob of foamed milk on the top. It is still a stronger drink in comparison to a latte or a cappuccino. This is because of the less usage of milk. Milk here just helps cut through that strong flavour a little.


Is Macchiato Stronger Than Espresso?

No, a macchiato is not stronger than espresso. There are two important types of macchiato – latte and espresso. Both of these types involve using milk. However, espresso macchiato uses just a small blob. On the other hand, a latte macchiato is an espresso with milk. This means too much milk usage. Therefore, a shot of espresso is definitely way stronger than both types. It is just coffee in the purest form. Espresso shots are literally hot water forced through dark roasted coffee beans. This brewing technique definitely makes the coffee come out stronger and way richer than the rest.


How Strong Is Espresso Macchiato?

Almost three-fourths of an entire espresso macchiato is typical espresso only. The rest is foamed milk. It is usually made using two espresso shots. Each espresso shot is pretty strong. Espresso is mostly made using dark roasted coffee beans too. Therefore, the espresso macchiato is definitely a strong drink. It is smaller than other coffee drinks. In addition, it is also stronger than many others in flavour. It has much more coffee content than lattes and cappuccinos. Those drinks contain a decent amount of milk with respect to the coffee. However, it is not the same in the case of a macchiato.


How Many Shots Of Espresso Is In A Macchiato?

In most places, two shots of espresso are used to prepare one serving of macchiato. This is usually served in a very small cup. However, some may find two shots a little bitter or tough for their taste. Therefore, you can also use just one shot of espresso. However, ensure you reduce the amount of coffee you use. Espresso shots alone have a very strong coffee flavour. This is because they are just caffeine. However, a macchiato brings you a slightly different taste. The adding of foamed milk as a stain is really a game changer.


Is A Macchiato Stronger Than A Latte? 

Yes, definitely! A macchiato is very strong when compared to a latte. A latte is more milk and less coffee. It has less caffeine and is also less bold. Latte is basically coffee milk. You basically add steamed milk into a shot of espresso. Sometimes people also add sugar or other sweeteners. This option is for those people who do not enjoy the bitterness of coffee. Macchiato on the other hand is just a small splash of milk in two shots of espresso. That itself speaks volumes. This shows that macchiato contains way more caffeine than a latte can. Therefore, make it a stronger choice than a latte.


In Conclusion 

Having a piping hot cup of coffee early morning while reading a newspaper is honestly the best feeling. Nothing compares to the joy of having your daily tea and coffee. They become a part of your daily lifestyle and that’s the beauty of it. However, too much of anything can be harmful. We must always consume anything in moderate or small amounts only. While coffee shows a lot of benefits in terms of health, it can soon become a harmful product too. Therefore, one must be careful to try to avoid addiction.

Caffeine addiction is no joke. There are lots of people out there who cannot run their life without drinking coffee. This level of dependency is dangerous and you should not encourage it. Espresso macchiato is an excellent Italian-style coffee. It is great for those who enjoy the richness of dark coffee beans. It is for those people who really appreciate pure coffee. These are the same people who do not enjoy sugar and too much milk in their coffee. Therefore, this drink is fit for them. It is also best for people who drink coffee as a source of energy boost. The flavour is so rich that it hits you right. However, this drink must be had when warm. 

Have you ever tried an espresso macchiato? Which coffee drink is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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