Why Energy-Clearing is Important and 5 Ways to Do It

Why Energy-Clearing is Important and 5 Ways to Do It

Our bodies carry energy. You may have heard of chakra centres – which are seven energy centres governing different areas of our lives. For instance, the solar plexus chakra governs our sense of self, our confidence and how we experience joy. 

These energy centres are also connected to the mental, physical and emotional well-being of that area of the body. A weak solar plexus chakra, for instance, could manifest as gut issues, persistent feelings of low self-esteem and an inability to take action.   


The Importance of Clearing Our Energy 

In order to be in prime physical, mental and emotional health, it is important for our energy centres to be aligned and balanced. But as we go through life, various sources can block or drain us physically, mentally and emotionally, leading our energy centres to either be over-active or under-active. Some examples of energy drains are listed below: 


  • Mental: Overthinking, worry, excessive use of screentime, living too much in our heads with little outlet for expression
  • Emotional: lack of emotional support, difficulty or discomfort in expressing emotions, people pleasing, unresolved trauma
  • Physical: relationships, intense and overly stimulating environments


Over time, constant exposure to energetic drains can lead to persistent fatigue, unexplained or chronic illnesses, continuous low levels of energy and depressed feelings. These symptoms can linger for a very long time. 

Hence, having energy-clearing tools in place that we can tap on daily to clear the gunk out of our systems is vital, and can help to reset and recharge our energy. These energy-clearing exercises also help bring awareness to the triggers for our energy drains, so that we can engage in them less in future. 

The following are some energy-clearing tools we can incorporate in our day-to-day to help re-align our energy centres.


5 Energy-Clearing Tools

Here are some of the best tools for you to try:


#1. Automatic writing 

Automatic writing – also known as morning pages – is straightforward. You put a timer on – five minutes is recommended as your mind starts to stray and become unfocused if the session goes on for too long. Once you start the timer, you put pen to paper and write freely about whatever comes to mind – how you are feeling, your fears. Anything. 

People do not recommend re-reading their automatic writing notes, but I always do as this is a great way to take note of the patterns and themes that make up your days. Do this for at least a month and you will start noticing trends – what is draining you, what is affecting your energy and when you feel the lowest. 

You are then able to make adjustments to your lifestyle. 


#2. Perform an energy audit 

This can be done daily, alongside #1 and makes you more aware of what are some things or people you should engage less with. Take a piece of paper and split it in half, taking note of what drains you on one half, and what energises you on the other. 

After some time of doing this, you will get a better sense of what (or who) your energy vampires and what boosts you. 


#3. Creating an energy base you can return to often 

This is a very powerful tool that can enable you to “get into the zone” whenever you feel low and it takes about ten minutes. 

Start by visualising where you’d like to be – a garden, the beach, or a particular country. Explore the area, and take some time to absorb the sights, sounds, colours and how you are feeling being at that place. Be as vivid and as detailed as possible. Let everything sink into your subconscious.

Anytime you feel like life gets you down, recall these feelings and state of being, and use it to recentre yourself. 


#4. Form an energy bubble 

This is useful when you are in a very stimulating place, where your energy is intertwined with others, like on a morning commute. These spaces can bring up feelings of anxiety and chaos, which can mess with one’s energy field. 

To stay centred, imagine yourself in a protective purple bubble. This bubble separates you from other people’s energies and keeps you feeling calm. 


#5. Engage your five senses more 

Tapping on our senses helps us stay grounded and more present with our environment. Making use of the strengths of some of our lesser-used senses like our smell and hearing can help to regulate our emotions and nervous systems. 

Bringing in soft scents like a mild perfume or fabric spray and listening to calming, soothing audio can help to cleanse our blocked energy centres. 


In Conclusion

Energy clearing is a vital daily process we need to engage in to feel better and function well. The tools listed may be helpful in helping you find the daily balance you need to recentre and recharge.


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