6 Best Culinary and Food Shows to Watch Right Now
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6 Best Culinary and Food Shows to Watch Right Now

You have a choice – watch Culinary and Food shows on TV today or choose the best of the best that was shown on television. You probably want to know what the number 1 cooking show is, but this is not so easy to determine. It all depends on the parameters by which the show is judged. For instance, if we consider what is the most-watched culinary and food shows? It will be Next Level Chef. But it can be considered in terms of the number of recipes, the number of invited celebrities, the format, etc. Let us be your curated guide to culinary programming that you can’t afford to miss.


#1. Chef’s Table

The show takes you behind the scenes, giving you an exclusive glimpse into the lives and kitchens of world-renowned chefs. Each episode centres around a particular chef, featuring notables like Grant Achatz (from Alinea) and Christina Tosi (from Milk Bar), along with other talented chefs from around the globe. Chef’s Table stands out because it delves into one restaurant, baker, or chef per episode.

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#2. Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen is without a doubt one of the best cookery shows of all time. It has become my obsession. Aside from the pleasure of seeing the charismatic chef Gordon Ramsay on my screen every week, I enjoy watching top-tier chefs perform under duress. If you can handle Ramsay’s constant demands while still running a thriving station, you can handle any task. Kristen Ashley, chef-owner of Cleo’s Southern Cuisine in Chicago, shared similar concerns.

Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay on the Food Network, in my opinion, does it best. Why is this the case? Because it gives a genuine insight into a chef’s daily work in the kitchen and demonstrates how to handle a hectic service with ease.


#3. Nailed It!

“Best in Dough” debuted in 2022 on Hulu and Disney+, captivating pizza enthusiasts worldwide. Hosted by Wells Adams (known for Bachelor in Paradise), the show challenges contestants to push the boundaries of traditional pizza. Each episode showcases diverse competitors vying for the coveted $10,000 prize. From Italian grandmothers to college students and deep dish aficionados from the American Midwest, the contestants bring their unique twists to the table. Unlike other cooking competitions, “Best in Dough” focuses solely on pizza-specific challenges, pushing contestants to redefine the possibilities. From reinventing frozen pizza without altering the crust to incorporating unconventional techniques, this show delivers pizza innovation like never before.


#4. Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend

If you enjoyed the previous versions of Iron Chef, you’re sure to adore Quest for an Iron Legend. The host for the show is Alton Brown, along with co-host Kristen Kish, and The Chairman is once again Mark Dacascos. Five newly appointed Iron Chefs, including Curtis Stone and Marcus Samuelsson, compete against challenger chefs in seven episodes that revolve around a secret ingredient. In the final episode, the challenger with the most wins must go up against all five Iron Chefs to claim the title of an Iron Legend.


#5. Street Food: USA

Street Food delves into street-side cuisine from around the world, taking a unique and immersive approach. In its third season, the show focuses on six major US cities, including New Orleans, Miami, and New York. Local casual chefs share their insightful interviews, emphasizing the significance of these street food items for their respective areas. These dishes are not often found in upscale restaurants, but they are sure to ignite your wanderlust. As a reminder, if the show is not available, simply use a Chrome extension VPN or addon for another browser. Change your region to another one that allows viewing of the video and it will be available.


#6. Pressure Cooker

This show puts top chefs in a competition between Real World and Iron Chef. But there’s a twist: they are the judges too. This creates numerous sub-plots, as we all know the entire cast’s culinary skills, but what alliances will they form? Which personalities will capture the crowd’s favour? As a viewer, you’re transported to a bustling restaurant kitchen, witnessing the drama unfold—from undercooked steaks to larger-than-life egos.


In Conclusion

Cooking shows are universal. With their help, you can have fun, get inspired, have fun, and even experience excitement during competitions. Some of them even give you homework or challenges. Now this is the best that people have created in the field of culinary art. 


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