5 Tips for Making Restaurant Reservations
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5 Tips for Making Restaurant Reservations

So, it’s your lady’s special day, and excitingly, you’ve both arrived at her favourite restaurant. But oops..! You have to wait for an hour as the place is swamped by its other fans! No one will like that. When you are planning to dine out, you would want to ensure you have the best experience possible. For this, making a restaurant reservation is the best way. Restaurant reservations not only save you from the uncertainty of getting a table when you need one, but you also get to receive the best hospitality experience from the restaurant staff. 


When you pre-arrange a table at a restaurant, you show courtesy to the restaurant staff, ensuring they are ready to give you a wonderful dining experience. 

So, here we have discussed five tips on how to make a restaurant reservation. 


#1. Go Digital

Gone are the days when reservations were made over call! Waiting for hours or even days for the call to connect and getting a reservation was once a task. But thanks to digitisation, now all this hassle isn’t needed. There are many smartphone apps that allow you to make reservations online. Just a few clicks and the job is done! No last-moment struggle, no disappointments. Making table reservations has never been easier with online reservation apps. 


#2. Choose The Best Online Reservation App

Well, it’s true that online reservation apps have made booking a table easier and faster. However, not every app that you come across is worth your attention. In order to decide on an online reservation app, you should first determine your needs. 

While all reservation apps allow faster table reservation services, there are still certain aspects that even the best-looking app may lack. For instance, look for an online application that allows you to transfer the reservation to somebody who needs it, in case you aren’t able to go to the restaurant. This way you can ensure you have the best experience if you happen to reach the venue as scheduled. And even if you don’t make it, you won’t lose your money.

So, choose your reservation app wisely!


#3. Plan Ahead For Special Occasions

If you are accustomed to going out with loved ones on special occasions, such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, and Father’s day, you must be proactive in reserving a table. These high-traffic days (or nights) are hectic for restaurants. It’s better to think ahead and book your table a few weeks in advance. 


#4. Be There Before Time

Lombardi once said, “if you’re on time, you’re late…if you’re late, don’t even bother showing up.” This statement fit apt when it comes to restaurant reservations. 

When you arrive for your restaurant reservation, make sure to show up 10-15 minutes early. This will let the hostess know that the reservation hasn’t got wasted, and they will inform the staff to prepare to serve you. 

And if you find yourself running late for some reason, make sure to call the restaurant and inform them about the delay. In most cases, restaurants allow 15-20 minutes of wait time before giving your table away.  And if you are running later than that, discuss with the restaurant management and find out what can be done. 


#5. Call To Confirm

It’s courteous to call the restaurant and confirm your reservation a few days prior. Also, you should even call them to confirm your arrival 1-2 hours before your reservation. This will give you peace of mind that your table is ready and waiting for you. On the other hand, the restaurant staff will be prepared in advance to receive you and serve you with the best experience. 


Bonus: Be Courteous

When making or confirming a reservation, be polite with the restaurant staff. Don’t sound rude or ardent about making a reservation if the restaurant doesn’t have table availability. 

Also, be polite when you arrive and place your order. Thank the employees and praise them for their service when you are about to leave. 

Being polite and kind will paint you in a positive light and they will remember you every time you visit the restaurant again. 


The Final Say

Table reservation is something that anyone can need anytime. Having to know tricks and tips for making restaurant reservations can simplify and speed up the process. We hope these tips will help you in successfully making a restaurant reservation. Just remember to be kind, understanding, and flexible. 

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