The 5 Best Small Kitchen Organization Tips
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The 5 Best Small Kitchen Organization Tips

Maintaining a well-organised small kitchen is not an easy task. You will have to keep your pots and pans stacked neatly in a corner. Besides that, you will also need to make your pantry staples accessible. Sometimes you may even be re-using the same mugs and plates every day. You can then place them on a bottom shelf that you can reach easier. Store all your cooking and dinnerware on a high shelf or in a deep cabinet. 

Many people have also found that storing becomes easier with magnetic strips and blocks for their knives. Some have even created multi-purpose corners in their kitchens to help streamline their work. Vertical storage spaces are another great way to save on your shelf space. You could also go for a pegboard that is designed especially for different items like cutlery, mugs, dish rags and much more. 

You may also want to rethink your layout. It is found that U-shaped kitchen layouts are great for smaller kitchens. Another great layout is an island kitchen. These create more space for you to go about each process of your kitchen routine without being too cluttered. 

If your kitchen space is limited, you can also think outside the bounds of the kitchen. Move your barware and fun pieces to a part of your living room. These can act like decor.

If you live in a small apartment then these are some helpful tips for you to get around comfortably.


#1. Create better access to your ingredients.

Do you tuck your essentials like pepper, salt, vinegar and olive oil in a cabinet somewhere? Some great small kitchen organization tips are coming you way. You can instead keep them on your counter or on an open shelf near your stove. If you’re worried about making a mess, then you can store them on a marble platter or tray. Besides that, you can store your condiments and spices in a special rack on a cabinet. This will make it much easier for you to find what you need.


#2. Stack them up.

Next on the list of small kitchen organization tips is stacking. You can buy organising racks like maple wood and cookware racks to store your lids, pans, sheet pans and cutting board. You will be able to fit much more in your cabinets. In addition, you will also find your things much easier. You can also use a strong chrome shelf cabinet for your dinner and cookware sets. This also helps you avoid stacking many salad plates on top of a dinner plate.


#3. Organise your refrigerator.

Here are some more small kitchen organizations for organising your fridge. There are many food safety guidelines that you should consider when organising your fridge. In order to prevent contamination and salmonella disease, you can keep your meats on the last shelf. These meats are typically fish, red meat and poultry. You should also make sure you label all your containers and baskets. This helps make sure that you use up your leftovers first before opening new things. It is also difficult to create space in a fridge. A good idea here would be to use stacking bins or a deep fridge bin. These help you store your soda cans and canned goods. These also work for storing deli meats, condiments, bottled drinks and cheese.


#4. Make the best use of your wall space.

Maximising your space and using walls are great small kitchen organization tips. Rather than storing knives on an ugly knife block or in a drawer, you can get a magnetic knife bar. This is a bar that you can stick on the wall and then stick your knives to them. It helps to free up space on your counter. This also creates an eye-catching display for your knives. You can also store your spatulas, ladles and smaller pots on metal hook bars. These can be screwed onto your kitchen walls. All of this helps free up counter and drawer space. It also makes your walls look a bit cooler.


#5. Get some containers that match.

Last on the list of small kitchen organization tips are matching containers. You can store your non-perishable items like crackers, pasta, pretzels and popcorn in matching containers. These are ideally air-tight and stackable. This helps save space in your kitchen and also keeps your food fresh. You may also use mason jars made of glass. These have tight seals and will keep your pantry tidy. In addition, they will keep your food away from pests.


In Conclusion

A well-organised kitchen allows you to make the most of each part of your space without wasting anything. This requires you to store your staple goods in the correct manner. In order for you to combat cramped spaces, you will need to implement creative kitchen storage ideas. 

You should also think about creating better access for all your supplies. These should change your perspective on the space you have. You can make use of everyday kitchen elements to make a unique kitchen solution. This applies to all your doors, cabinets, shelves and pantry area. 

Some other great small kitchen storage ideas are to assign zones to your kitchen. Through this, you can then organise your drawers. They can be snack drawers or cutlery and spice drawers. You could also get drawer liners and dividers. A sink skirt helps you cover up storage spaces that you don’t want to be seen. They also bring a sense of style to an otherwise boring sink.

Stacking your Tupperware, cooking lids and other utensils can help create more space. You could start by organising your refrigerator. You could buy some matching containers and knife bars. Besides that, you can also create access to your essentials through spice racks and staple racks. Another great idea is to set up magnetic blocks or pegboards for things like kitchenware, coffee cups, and dirty rags. This helps you make the most of the space on your walls which would otherwise be bare. 

Another thing you should keep in mind is your recycling. Don’t allow it to overtake your kitchen. You can install a recycling station or craft one for an efficient storage hack. In addition, you can install it on a wall rather than occupying the space on the ground.

What are some small kitchen organization tips that work for you? How do you organise a kitchen with limited space? Let us know in the comments below.

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