Shamanic Reiki: Meaning, Process, Benefits and More

Shamanic Reiki: Meaning, Process, Benefits and More

Reiki is a type of energy healing technique which comes from Japan. Reiki came into existence around the early 20th century. Unseen energy is the basis of this process. However, it isn’t that simple. It is based on the idea that all of us have unseen energy in our bodies. However, there are different types of reiki. In today’s article, we will talk about shamanic reiki.

Spiritually has been an undeniable aspect of almost all our lives and reiki uses that. A lot of us have heard about it. However, some deny its benefits while some have a lot of faith in this practice. Reiki is actually fairly simple. In addition, It is hassle-free and does not cause any medical intervention too. This practice has seen a massive impact especially in creating a feeling of peace and security. Therefore, it ensures balance in a person’s system and helps to heal. It works on your body, soul and mind. Reiki also helps open your mind and spirit. 

However, Reiki isn’t a substitute for proper medical help. You should use Reiki to complement your medical treatments instead. Most of the people who use reiki as a side treatment feel very peaceful after it. It is a very different form of touch therapy. Reiki and shamanism are the same in terms of using energy. However, the latter uses a third party.


What Is Shamanic Reiki? 

Shamanic Reiki is, as mentioned earlier, different from the usual reiki. In the usual form of reiki, you call on the god or the universal energy to heal. However, in Shamanic reiki, you call on the nature spirits. Therefore, you use the power and energy of the elements of nature. 

This form of Reiki is like traditional medicine. However, its creation has taken place in ancient cultures around the world. This spiritual practice is for people from any faith. You will find it in several Asian tribal cultures that have been living for a very long time. The practices and activities performed by shamans can be easily adapted. Like yoga, it is a life path.

It is actually said that the term “shaman” comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. This word literally translates to the “one who knows.” However, the most interesting part about this is how there is no religious connection to it. Therefore, shamanism is essentially a spiritual practice.

The knowledge one gains during this are from the nature around them. Be it animals or trees, they work with these spirits and gain knowledge too. There is not enough proof that claims the shamanic practice really heals. 

However, some studies have shown that they might be beneficial for a few. This is because healing is different for every other person. There is no particular structure for this healing. It happens based on the person and their disease. The shamans are mediators. They access the spirit world so that they can protect or heal someone.


How Can Shamanic Reiki Help Me?

There are various reasons people may seek shamanic reiki. However, the Shamanistic point of view about illness is slightly different. People practising this don’t believe that the same type of symptoms has the same root cause. They believe that behind any illness, there is a spiritual issue too. They also believe that problems in the community can have an effect on personal illness. Illnesses that arrive early in young people or are psychological may have spiritual issues.

People who have been through a lot of trauma would benefit most from this. In addition, this trauma could be mental or physical. When humans go through personal trauma, they become more prone to diseases and depression. Therefore, whenever you feel lost, this is the right way to heal yourself.

Now, in terms of the healing process, there are two phases. First, it is finding out the diagnosis of the root problem. Second, it is the way you solve this problem. Shamanic reiki can help by removing energies which are not needed. In addition, It also helps bring back lost energy.


What Are The Benefits Of Shamanic Reiki?

Shamanic Reiki

This form of reiki adapts to the requirements of its receiver. Be it mental or physical, this is a good option. This reiki is also good for spiritual and emotional issues. Their process has a way of releasing energy blocked within you. By doing so, you feel much more relaxed and less stressed. In addition, it also helps reduce your fears and addictions.

The benefits of reiki are far and wide. It increases the functions of the body and mind. The healing energy has a certain amount of intelligence and power to reach where you need it. That energy is taken by every cell and goes exactly where it is most needed. You may immediately feel energised or meditative after going through shamanic reiki. Shamanic Reiki is mostly used to heal trauma and autoimmune diseases. Therefore, its main benefit is restoring that balance between the body and the mind.

The moment you make someone feel calm and relaxed, you tend to make them feel secure. This security helps in helping someone deal with their personal trauma. Therefore, this leads to a personal transformation. It builds resistance against negativity and makes changes for a joyous life.


What To Expect in Your First Session

Every session begins with a conversation. This conversation is about why you want to do this and everything going on in your life. Having the right intention at heart is very important. Therefore, think about what brings you to that session. All this information gives your practitioner a better look into your problem. It also helps them be more sensitive to how they may respond to you.

After this, you need to relax and go into a reflective phase altogether. The sounds of musical instruments help your head wander and reflect. While you do so, the helping spirits help decide your healing journey.  They help the practitioner realise where you need help. The sound of drums plays a role in helping them know this.

Therefore, all sessions follow a process. There is divination and mentoring. What are they? Divination is the art of interacting with spirits. People all around the world have different ways of achieving it. However, mentoring is different. It is the basic help for you to learn how to apply the shamanic essence in your life.


How To Choose The Right Practitioner?

Choosing the right person for the job is always difficult. It is not as easy. There are a lot of things you must keep in mind before choosing. Reviews are one of the most important things one should practice. 

On one hand, it is easy for people in native cultures to find such practitioners. However, this is not the same for the rest of the world. There is no such certified body made for these people. However, foundations for shamanic studies do have a registry of certified people. These counsellors are those who have done their program from their foundation.

Are you still wondering how to decide which practitioner to choose? Look for people healed by them. Understand how they work and about their reputation. 

You must also have a fair idea about their background. Where did they receive their training and their work experience? Sometimes you may face some issues after the healing. Therefore, ensure that the person you choose will be available later.

If you are unable to find a reiki practitioner, perform a thorough online search. Sometimes, doctors themselves have people they know about. Therefore, it is good to get recommendations. Some yoga and massage places may also have reiki contacts. Finally, always ensure that you must feel comfortable with your practitioner. This is because shamanic reiki requires relaxation.


Who Can Benefit From Shamanic Reiki?

Reiki in general has never been the cause of any major side effects. It is a practice which touches the body lightly. Therefore, the question of who can benefit is very general. To be honest, anyone can! Especially those in need.

As already mentioned, shamanic reiki pays a lot of focus to trauma. Therefore, in case you have been through a life-changing incident, this could help you. For instance, imagine the loss of someone close in an accident that involved you. This is bound to have a huge impact on anyone mentally. There might be a lot of emotional and mental impact on that person. Even physical! We often don’t realise how our mind and body are connected. Trouble in one causes trouble in the other too.

Therefore, a case like the one mentioned above could be helped using shamanic reiki. In addition, people with autoimmune diseases can find this reiki helpful too. 

Autoimmune diseases are those where your immune system is attacking your own healthy cells. However, Shamanic reiki may help improve your immune system.  In addition, it can also help ease your body’s pain. People with such diseases are often very hopeless. Reiki may also help reduce their anxiety and feeling of hopelessness.


How Much Does A Session Cost?

No one has a set and decided price. In fact, a lot of factors go into determining the cost of a session. Firstly, your location. It depends on where you live and the number of practitioners available at your service. Secondly, it depends on the duration of your session. It is obvious that longer sessions cost more.

In general, paying $50 to $150 per session is a decent amount. However, there will definitely be a lot of places where the cost per session might be more. 

Sometimes, if you are doing reiki through salons or spas, it could be on the higher end. On the other hand, if you were doing reiki through community reiki centres, the price would be less. Therefore, it primarily depends on your location and the market.

There is one other factor that the pricing may depend on. This factor is being like a private counsellor. There are plenty of practitioners who come to your place. This is definitely something which will call for a price hack. Therefore, how much per session will cost is entirely upon your choice.

Your main goal must be to look for people who are well trained and have experience worth trusting. You must be good at your research and work as per your needs. There are both budget-friendly and expensive options. However, the choice is yours!


Top 3 Shamanic Reiki Books To Read

Here are some book recommendations that you might enjoy reading:


  • Dreams of the Reiki Shaman: Expanding Your Healing Power: This book by Jim PathFinder Ewing offers great knowledge. It helps you awaken your intuitive power and connection with the spirits. The book also has some easy exercises that might be useful for both experienced and new shamanic healers.



  • Reiki Shamanism: A Guide to Out-of-Body Healing: This book is another work by Jim PathFinder Ewing that one might like. The author presents a clear and concise account of both reiki and shamanic teachings. It is for both kinds of readers. It can help people who know nothing about both. It can also help experienced people gain more knowledge. The book has a lot of case studies from his own practice to provide examples of shamanism. This book is definitely a must-read for people who want to gain more knowledge of shamanic healing.


Shamanic Reiki Training and Courses

Did you like shamanism as a practice? Would you like to become a certified Shamanic Reiki Trainer? Worry not as there are plenty of courses and training available online. All you have to do is pick one that suits your location, convenience and budget! Here are a few courses to get you started:

  • Debbie Philp: Debbie Philp is a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher. Her journey with reiki actually began as a person stressed with life. She went from being a yoga teacher to practising Usui Reiki. She became a shamanic reiki teacher back in 2016. She now works with people through her virtual training program. Her training program is divided into three levels.
  • The 8th Fire: The 8th fire teaches Quantum Shamanic Reiki. You not only learn traditional reiki but also shamanic as well as Quantum physics. You don’t need a prior healing experience to enrol. In addition, this class is virtually streamed on zoom. They have an elaborate four-level program. 
  • Reiki shamanic healing: This training program was started by Alessandro Ferrari who began his own journey a few years back. He got into this through meditation and metaphysics. After his trip to Peru back in 2017, he realised the power of shamanism. His website offers several one-day and half-day workshops.
  • Centre of Excellence: They offer a certified online diploma course. Their course has 8 modules and comes with assignments. The course is about 150 hours and has no deadline. Their course is registered with this Complementary Medical Association.
  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts: SWIHA offers various reiki training programs from holy to shamanic. They are elaborate classes with elective options too. This is a college approved by the US Department of Education. They have programs which are running both offline and online.



What Is The Practice Of Shamanism?

Shamanism is an Asian religious practice. It has had links to local and native tribes and cultures. This practice is based on the belief that shamans have a connection with another world. Using this power to connect with spirits, they are able to heal people who are sick. 

The shaman is able to interact with a spirit once they enter a trance or the spirit world. This practice is more proactive than the traditional reiki. It does use universal energy but that is for calling the spirits. 

This form of healing is also way deeper. It involves a lot of questioning about the patient. Different musical sounds are also used during this entire process. Therefore, this is a basic gist of the practice of shamanism.


What Is The Power Of Shamanism?

The power of shamanism lies in the ability to control natural spirits. As we know, shamanism is based on the fact that the world we live in is pervaded by forces unknown to us. Shamans who have this power are extremely powerful. They can communicate and manipulate these spirits. They can use these spirits to heal sickness. 

On the other hand, they can also guide a dead soul to their afterlife. In addition, their ability to have an influence over natural forces is also marvellous. It is also said that they used to draw power from the nature gods to save tribes from any enemies.


What Is A Shamanic Way Of Life?

Non-native cultures actually follow shamanism as a life path or a way of life. People study and practice it as an individual practice altogether. These people basically seek to be in a relationship with nature. 

In this way of life, people tend to live a balanced life on earth. They nurture their environment because as per shamanism, all nature is alive and holy. All of nature has some sacred energy within. Therefore, people who practice this as a life path build love and a relationship with nature. They are truly connected with it and realise its importance for balance in life.


What Is The Meaning Of Shamanic Rituals?

At its core, shamanism is all about being for nature. It is about connecting with the forces of nature for the betterment of the community. Shamanism is still very much prevalent in Asia. It is alive and practised. 

Therefore, tribal villages where shamans exist practice rituals for the purpose of healing and divination. Their rituals are more to do with their power to connect with mother nature. It also has to do with their power of healing sick people. 

Shamans of Nepal are called Jhakri. It is said that they conduct rituals at weddings and funerals to bless families. They also seek spiritual hell for harvest. Therefore, what shamans do to seem spiritual help are their rituals.


Who Is The God Of Shamanism?

Shamanism or shamanic reiki dealt with an assembly of tribal gods. They worshipped both animate and inanimate objects. As per the Oroqen tradition, shamans made a lot of sacrificial offerings too. The assembly of gods they prayed to included the sun and the moon god. 

The list doesn’t end there though, they worshipped a number of nature gods. Be it the god of stars or even the grass god. There are no texts or temples today to stand proof to this statement though. However, nature spirits play an important role in the shamanic practice. Their art was passed on to further generations orally.


In Conclusion

Shamanism has apparently existed for ages. However, its power in terms of reiki has only come to light in the past few years. This is mostly due to its strong connection with its tribal roots. 

According to the shamanic practice, they believe that everything around us has some amount of divinity. They believe that everything is alive. It is not at all an organised religion. In fact, you can actually call it a way of life.

Shamanic healing is actually a combination of healers, diet changes and natural medicines. The power that the shamans hold is not ordinary. Not everyone can enter a different world. These shamans actually mediate from the spirit to the physical world. In addition, they serve their community well. They do so by healing people as well as keeping their tribes safe from the enemies.

Many spiritual practices actually stem from nature. Shamanism does so too and helps form a beautiful natural connection. They tap into that power that helps create harmony and balance.

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