5 Delicious and Manageable Meals For People With Dysphagia
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5 Delicious and Manageable Meals For People With Dysphagia

Whether you have been living with dysphagia for a number of years, or else have just recently been told by your medical doctor that you are showing the signs of a problem with chewing, swallowing or both, then you will undoubtedly have been advised to make big changes to your diet. Fine in principle, but sometimes it can be hard to translate doctor’s orders into practice so here, for your information and hopefully dining pleasure, are five top ideas for delicious and manageable meals for people with dysphagia. 


1. Cheesecake Mousse

Everyone regardless of their preference for sweet-tasting foods or else who favorite savory foodstuffs loves a delicious and creamy cheesecake and the good news is such a dessert translates easily into a manageable mousse.

Simply whip together heavy cream, cream cheese, sugar, cocoa and espresso powder and coconut milk to create a delicious and easy to eat dessert. 


2. Basil & Tomato Soup

Soup is one of the pillars of strength in the meal planning and diet of a person living with chewing and swallowing problems, especially when enhanced and thickened using a quality and affordable product such as SimplyThick

Skinless whole tomatoes work best when they are roasted and added to the thickening agent with skinless diced tomatoes, basil, thinly whipped cream and a touch of garlic. 


3. Chia Seed Pudding

Perhaps a more unusual suggestion for those people who are living with signs, symptoms or a diagnosis of dysphagia is that of the creation of a chia seed pudding. 

Simply mix together a good amount of chia seeds, which are fantastic for the immune and digestive system dye to their high levels of omega-3, together with a little bit of vanilla essence and a generous amount of maple syrup. Leave the pudding to completely set and thicken in the fridge for approximately one hour before serving. 


4. Savory Beetroot Puree

The fantastic thing about making savory beetroot puree is that not only is it incredibly delicious and brilliant for people who sometimes experience issues whilst chewing and swallowing their food, but it is also as nutritiously beneficial as it is aesthetically attractive.

There is a myriad of health benefits to regularly eating beetroot, which include but are not limited to:

  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Prevention of heart disease
  • Stamina whilst exercising
  • Can aid the fight against some types of cancer
  • Improve the outlook of people with diabetes
  • A way of eating healthily whilst losing body weight
  • The maintenance of healthy levels of potassium
  • Helping to fight inflammation


5. Coconut Mango Puree

For a delicious, decadent and altogether beautiful dessert that is a lot easier to chew and swallow than a lot of other sweet treats is that of some gorgeous coconut mango puree.

The best bit? Coconut mango puree is one of the simplest desserts to make in the history of the world and just requires the blending of perfectly ripened and sweetened mango with either coconut cream or coconut milk. 

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