How Does a Rhinoplasty Solve Certain Medical Issues?
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How Does a Rhinoplasty Solve Certain Medical Issues?

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that aims at altering the shape of your nose. The primary motive of having a rhinoplasty could be to improve your breathing, change your nose appearance, or both.

Generally, your nose’s upper part is usually a bone, while your lower part is cartilage. Through a rhinoplasty procedure, you might change either your skin, cartilage, bone, or even the three. Be sure to visit your doctor, who will help you know if you are a good candidate for a rhinoplasty procedure.

Once you visit your specialist for a rhinoplasty, they will first examine you, including the skin around the nose and facial features. Additionally, you will have to discuss your goals with your doctor to help them customize your treatment for the best outcomes. With a successful rhinoplasty procedure, you will be able to enjoy an improved external appearance and function of your nose.

Following are some medical issues that you can resolve via rhinoplasty.


Birth Defect

People with a congenital disability such as cleft palate or cleft lip usually benefit from rhinoplasty. Generally, these defects make it hard for such people to get enough nutrition due to difficulty eating. However, for better results, look for a qualified surgeon as performing a nose procedure requires high skills.


Nasal Obstruction

There are many causes related to nasal obstruction, which is a common medical issue that you can correct via a rhinoplasty. A previous surgery, unique nasal anatomy, aging, or trauma could lead to a nasal valve issue.

If you have some breathing issues or sleep disorders, your doctor might recommend rhinoplasty to help you resolve these issues. Additionally, rhinoplasty enables you to achieve easier breathing following the rhinoplasty procedure, especially if you experience sleep apnea. While the surgery might not help you overcome the apnea, it can help you manage nasal obstruction.


Injuries Around Your Nose Area

If you are looking for a procedure to help you correct the shape, change the proportions, or size of your nose, rhinoplasty might be your option. Most patients with broken orbital bones or broken noses usually benefit from rhinoplasty.

Additionally, some burns could lead to facial deformation; however, they are manageable through a surgical procedure. Also, chronic allergies could lead to breathing issues that a rhinoplasty surgery could correct.


Deviated Septum

Generally, the septum is a wall between human nasal passages. People with deviated septum experience difficulty breathing through their noses. Your doctor might recommend a combination of outward aesthetics with rhinoplasty to help you correct the issue.


How Do I Prepare?

Are you considering rhinoplasty? If so, be sure to visit your surgeon to know if you are eligible for the treatment. Following are some of the factors that your doctor is likely to consider.


Your Physical Examination Results

Once you visit the surgeon for rhinoplasty, they will request the physical exam result. The examination, which can also be conducted in the same center, includes all laboratory tests like blood tests. Additionally, your specialist will conduct a facial exam to take a look at your outside and interior nose features.

Physical examinations are necessary for helping your surgeon the crucial changes for a patient. They also help determine how physical features like your nose cartilage strength or skin thickness can affect your results. Also, the doctor will use the physical exam results to assess how rhinoplasty might affect patients breathing.


Your Medical History

Another crucial element before you schedule for this procedure is your medical history and your main goal. Be sure to discuss your medical history with your doctor, as this will help them determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Your medical record should include any nasal surgeries, obstruction, or any prescription that you use. Patients with a bleeding disorder may not benefit from rhinoplasty.



Once you arrive at your doctor’s office, they will have someone take some nose photographs from various dimensions. Using a computer, your doctor will manipulate the photos and show you possible results. This helps you have a clear picture of what is expected before you agree to the procedure.


Your Expectations

Another crucial stage before the procedure is to discuss your expectations and motivations with your doctor. In detail, your surgeon will help you understand what rhinoplasty is and how you can benefit from it. Although it can be hard to discuss your look, it is essential to open up about your goals and desires.

Typically, people with small chins seem to have a larger nose. If you have a small chin, your surgeon might recommend a chin augment procedure. Although chin surgery is not mandatory, it helps better your facial appearance.

It is also important to note that you will require either a friend or a family member to drive you back home after the procedure. Additionally, you may experience slower reaction time, memory lapses, and impaired judgment a few days following the procedure. For this reason, you may need someone to help you take care of yourself as you recover.



With a qualified surgeon, be sure to achieve satisfying results following the rhinoplasty. Even minor changes in your nose structure could make a significant difference in your appearance. However, the initial procedure might slightly fail to achieve your expectation.

In such a case, your surgeon can perform a second procedure to attain your goals. Nevertheless, you will have to wait for about one year with immediate care as your nose can develop changes with time.



Generally, your breathing ability and nose shape are interrelated. Through rhinoplasty, our surgeon will help you improve your breathing problems and manage your aesthetic issues.

If you are looking for the best center to help you attain the best results with nose issues, be sure to contact us today. We offer world-class rhinoplasty in New Jersey. Understanding the procedure’s limitations, implications, and risks helps us attain expectations.

Our surgeon will answer all your questions as well as any concern during the consultation. After a complete examination, we will personalize the procedure to suit your expectation.


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