7 Fitness Myths You Have Heard for Years
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7 Fitness Myths You Have Heard for Years

Being a workout fanatic for over 10 years, I have read and gathered a lot of information regarding the same and came across really illogical fitness myths that several people believe in. Today, I’ll be busting the most common fitness myths.


Myth #1: Abs Workout Reduces Belly

I have heard a lot over the years how doing Abs workout will reduce my potbelly, which is why at the end of every workout session, I made sure to incorporate abs workout until I finally realized nothing was changing. You can do as much core exercise as you can. You may build some abs muscle, but that will not help reduce the fat on top of those muscles. Fat reduction happens proportionately throughout the body and not from a specific area.


Myth #2: Tightening is Not a Thing

Several times, you must have heard how doing certain workouts can tighten and tone certain problematic areas like the belly pouch. Well, this again falls under the spot reduction category that does not work.


Myth #3: Cardio is Not Equivalent to Strength Training

Many people tend to do only cardio because they feel that this is the fastest way to lose weight. This is actually false, as strength training is more essential. Building muscles means you will improve your metabolism. Also, muscle building gives you the tone you are looking for. When you do strength training, you will be burning calories post-workout session, which is much more advantageous.


Myth #4: Fat Burner Does Not Work

How great it sounds that certain medications can help you cut through your fat easily? Don’t you think if something like that really existed, it would have been the most talked-about product? Nothing can burn through fat other than workouts and a healthy diet, so do not even go towards that path.


Myth #5: Spot Reducing Fat is Not a Thing

There is no way you can just reduce one area of your body while not focusing on others. Workout is all about overall fitness. You have to do a full-body workout. You cannot aim only at one part of your body to lose fat, as that is not how things work except for cosmetic surgery.


Myth #6: Lifting Bottles Will Not help You Much

Several trainers made me lift water bottles, as I did not have a dumbbell at home. Honestly, that did nothing for me. Weight lifting is all about the resistance that cannot happen without lifting at least significant weights, so stop wasting your time lifting bottles. If you are a beginner, it is ok, but you should outgrow it soon. This is why I would highly recommend you to start off with a personal trainer. Registering for Dubai Personal Training sessions will ensure they guide you right and you progress better in terms of fitness level.


Myth #7: Protein After Workout is Not Mandatory

I have also heard many trainers explaining how important taking protein powder is after a workout session. It sounds as if your workout session will get wasted if you do not consume this immediately. Well, you just need to incorporate enough protein into your overall diet. If you forget your shake, it is perfectly ok.


The Bottom Line

Whenever you hear any of these myths, do not blindly trust them; instead, try to research more about them. Remember, the most trusted fitness mantra is to work out consistently and follow a healthy diet plan. It is as simple as it can get; hence, do not believe in anything otherwise that complicates this.

7 Fitness Myths You Have Heard for Years

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