Easy Egg Recipes To Make With Your Little One
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Easy Egg Recipes To Make With Your Little One

A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition, Education and Behaviour found that children who learned to cook had a healthier diet and better nutrition in their 20s and 30s. Spending time with your child in the kitchen might be a small thing, but more than a decade later, it could have a big effect on their lives. One of the simplest and quickest things to learn to cook is an egg. They are also a great source of protein, containing 9 different essential amino acids, as well as vitamins D and B12. An egg certainly makes a delicious meal for growing children and can inspire them to get into the kitchen and cook.


Dippy Eggs and Soldiers

A boiled egg is as simple as it gets. To get the yolk that perfect dippy consistency, you will need to boil it for 4-5 minutes, depending on the freshness of the egg. Very fresh eggs will take longer. Keeping your child safe in the kitchen is important when cooking and you should talk to them about the common hazards. You should also show them how to safely boil water, and use everyday kitchen tools like knives. As your egg is boiling, pop some bread into the toaster so that it is ready when your egg is. Cut the toast into neat soldiers together when it is ready and enjoy dipping them in the runny yolk.


Scrambled eggs

A good scrambled egg is a thing of beauty and is easy for a child to master. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl and add a generous splash of heavy cream or full-fat milk, and a pinch of kosher salt. Gently whisk the mixture – this will give the eggs a velvety consistency when they are cooking. Cook the eggs gently in a pan with a little butter on low heat – your child can help stir them. Serve on toast, or with a few fresh tomatoes on the side.


Egg muffins

Egg muffins are a quick and easy dinner option that is easy for children to master. In a bowl mix 3 eggs and some chopped vegetables – peppers work well or peas. Pour the mixture into cake cases and bake them in the oven at 350F for 20 minutes. Just like a cake, the knife should come out clean when inserted into the muffin once it is cooked.


In Conclusion

Eggs are simple and easy to cook – perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are also a great way of introducing your child to the kitchen, giving them a lifelong love of food.


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