The Butter Way to Cook Your Meals!
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The Butter Way to Cook Your Meals!

For many families in India, butter is an integral part of their everyday diet. Its unmatched taste and creamy texture can transform the simplest of dishes into something special. However, there is a misconception about butter that has made many people sceptical about consuming it. In today’s world where the number of people opting for a healthier lifestyle is increasing by the day, people are getting more watchful of what they eat and trying to satiate their cravings without compromising on their health and immunity.


And, this is exactly what Nutralite has been able to offer with their new DoodhShakti Probiotic butter spread. Through this range, you get the taste you crave and the health you wish for. Made with fresh, creamy milk and the goodness of probiotics makes this is the perfect healthy butter spread for butter lovers. Now add that rich, creamy, silky texture of butter to your meals and explore the Butter way to cook meals!


Each serving of Nutralite DoodhShakti Probiotic Butter Spread consists of 1 billion probiotics, making it the deliciously good choice for elders and kids alike. These probiotics present in their butter spread are basically good bacteria that not only support your gut health but also your immunity. So, if you and everyone in your family just can’t resist the temptation of butter, Nutralite DoodhShakti Probiotic Butter Spread is the perfect choice for you.


What makes it a perfect new addition to your diet is that you can enhance the taste of any dish by adding just the right amount of it. So, be it Rajma Chawal or Pav Bhaji, a hearty burger or a Chatpatta Corn Mix, this magical ingredient is bound to do the trick. So, the next time you want to try out a new Butter Spread variant, be sure to try out Nutralite’s DoodhShakti Probiotic Butter Spread and let it fulfil your butter cravings.

The Butter Way to Cook Your Meals!

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