9 Steps to Organize Kitchen Cabinets
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9 Steps to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of a house. You can do all your cooking, baking, and most importantly, eating in the kitchen. But, another part it plays in our lives, is storing all our tasty groceries, shiny utensils and cleaning tools. There is so much stuff that we use in the kitchen and you can find most in kitchen cabinets. This creates clutter and wreaks havoc in an otherwise well-organised kitchen. In order to combat this, we will go through some ways to organize kitchen cabinets.

What is the negative impact of a cluttered cabinet? Having to remove a big chunk of the shelf and rearrange everything. All the while looking for a specific grilling pan or condiment. 

You may also want to rethink your layout. It is found that U-shaped kitchen layouts are great for smaller kitchens. Another great layout is an island kitchen. These create more space for you to go about each process of your kitchen routine without being too cluttered. 

Working productively in the kitchen depends on the system of organisation that you have in place. This means you need to ensure that everything will have its own spot. It also means that food products with the briefest shelf-life are within reaching distance. It also means you must arrange them in a way that they all fall out as soon as you open the kitchen cabinet door.

When you first open up your kitchen cabinets, do your plates and containers tumble out? If this is your situation, you’ve landed in the right spot. The good news is that a functioning system is not hard to manage or sustain. To organize kitchen cabinets, you only really need some accessories. 

In this article, we will discuss the various ways you can organize kitchen cabinets. From bin baskets to spice racks and shelves. You can also install tiered turntables and tension rods. Read more to find out how you can optimise your kitchen space.


#1. Bins And Baskets

The first step to organizing kitchen cabinets is baskets and bins. You can use these to store small items like seasonings, dishcloths, cleaning materials, and produce which should not be in the fridge.


#2. Dividers For Your Drawer

Another step to organizing kitchen cabinets is to insert dividers into your drawers to keep stray knives and forks or cookware organised  These compartments will also make it simple to find everything you need. This saves you time that you would spend sorting through knives, pizza cutters, graters, or other cooking utensils.


#3. Tiered Turntables

Lazy Susans are useful for organising commonly used objects such as toppings, seasonings, and nutrients, as well as making the best use of edge base cabinets or storage areas. This is also a great way to organize kitchen cabinets.


#4. Racks For Your Spices

Spices are another way to organize kitchen cabinets. You can store spice bottles on racks that fit in cabinet doors, and drawers or are wall-mounted. This will keep you from forgetting about that oregano jar that has been hiding in the rear end of the kitchen cupboard for months. 


#5. Shelf Stacking

Increase the storage potential of your cabinets by inserting wire shelves across each shelf to hang cups, plates, bowls, and other items. Through this, you can effectively organize kitchen cabinets.


#6. Keep Your Pots, Pans And Bowls Stacked

To save space, nest your cooking and serving utensils. To prevent scratching, place paper napkins or plates of paper between layers. This is a great way to organize kitchen cabinets.


#7. Install Tension Rods

You can add tension rods in between racks to organize kitchen cabinets. This allows you to store baking trays and cutting boards straight up instead of flat.


#8. Group Items Together

Sort by collection, function, or pattern, such as putting regular eyewear on a single shelf and truly unique wine glasses on the other. This will prevent you from having to search through kitchen cupboards for a serving dish that was separate from its collection. It is a great way to organize kitchen cabinets.


#9. Put Your Cooking Utensils In A Crock

Put wooden utensils, such as wooden spoons and spatulas, inside one crock. In addition, you should keep stainless-steel tools, such as pizza cutters, offset spatulas, and whisks in separate containers. Arrange crocks near the stovetop to organize kitchen cabinets.


In Conclusion

A well-organized kitchen allows you to make the most of every square inch of space while wasting nothing. This requires you to store your key ingredient goods in the correct manner. You must implement creative and convenient storage ideas to combat cramped spaces. These should also alter your perspective on the available space. You can create a one-of-a-kind kitchen solution by repurposing everyday kitchen items. This includes all of your doors, cabinets, shelves, and pantry.

The easiest way to decide how to organize kitchen cabinets is to consider how to use them best. Also, which items do you actually use on a daily basis? And which have you banished to the rear of the cabinet? Remove unnecessary items and concentrate on keeping your cabinets efficient, tidy, and appealing. You’ll love to cook in your kitchen once more after you’ve organised your kitchen cabinets.

There are several things you can do to organize kitchen cabinets. You could create dividers for your drawers. Your spices may occupy more room than you might think. You should consider getting a spice rack. This can help you organise your spices and create a better cooking space. Besides that, it is a good idea to separate your utensils and keep the common ones close by. 

You could also install tension rods, get a lazy susan or double your shelves with wires. Sleek, built-in cooktop hoods that turn on instantly are one way to also bring trends into your kitchen design. Other common choices for creating a uniform look to appliances include induction cooktops and below-counter appliances.

You can organise your staple pantry ingredients to make the best use of your space. You could check the expiry dates of all your dry ingredients like cereals and spices. Make sure that none of these items is just taking up space that you can use for valuable ingredients.

You can also opt for integrated cabinets. These are cabinets that have coordinated fronts. They help conceal your fridge and dishwasher which may appear monotonous. But, integrated equipment is less clunky than individual appliances. Also, they save room and make your kitchen cosy.

How do you like to organize kitchen cabinets? What is your favourite kitchen organisation hack? Let us know in the comments below.

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