Oncology Treatment in Israel
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Oncology Treatment in Israel

“What is the price of Oncology Treatment?” This is the first question asked by patients and their relatives planning treatment in Israel. Statistical data and reviews of people undergoing cancer treatment in Israel provide a convincing answer to this question. Statistics show that cancer treatment in Israeli clinics is one of the most effective – in most cases, it is possible to achieve remission or complete cure of cancer. In treating some diseases (prostate, breast, and bowel cancer), Israel has achieved the best results globally. The main thing is to apply in time to oncological clinics in Israel, where the patient can count on adequate assistance from the country’s leading doctors. Time is not always on the side of the patient because cancer diseases are characterized by progression, sometimes – rapid, sometimes – slower, but eventually, there may come a moment when the condition passes into the form of incurable. Nevertheless, Israeli medicine has everything it needs to help its patients effectively, and you can find out more about it on Doctor.Global.


What is the cost of diagnostics for oncology treatment in Israel?

In each specific case, an optimal set of diagnostic procedures is selected. Everything depends on the patient’s state of health, type, and stage of cancer; additional procedures may be required to confirm the diagnosis. Generally, the initial examination will cost an average of 3-5 thousand dollars.


One course of chemotherapy will cost a minimum of $1,500, and irradiation of one field will cost $200. The duration and number of therapy courses are calculated based on the type of cancer, its localization, and stage. 


What prices depend on

  • the type of disease and the general condition of the patient;
  • the doctor’s experience and speciality;
  • the status of the chosen cancer center.


It is made up of the following:

  • the volume of procedures (diagnostic and therapeutic) performed;
  • the cost of medicines;
  • the amount of rehabilitation measures;
  • payment to the attending physician;
  • the cost of hospitalization time.


The final figure is determined after diagnosis and consultation with the attending physician.

All Israeli healthcare operates according to the principles of personalized medicine. The final list of diagnostic and treatment procedures is determined based on the patient’s characteristics and histological, immunohistochemical, and molecular genetic characteristics of the tumour. Based on the obtained diagnostic information, doctors form treatment and rehabilitation protocols designed for one patient only. As a result, prices for cancer treatment in Israel can differ dramatically for two seemingly identical patients.


The cost of oncology treatment in Israel is also influenced by the chosen clinic’s legal status and level. In public hospitals (Ikhilov), prices are regulated by the state, but in such medical institutions, patients cannot choose a highly specialized doctor.


This opportunity is provided by private centers (Assuta), but the prices for cancer treatment, in this case, will be somewhat higher. The material and technical equipment of clinics are independent of the form of ownership.


An overview of the cost of oncology treatment methods used

Comprehensive treatment of oncopathology includes surgical, radiation, and chemotherapeutic methods. To answer the question of how much cancer treatment in Israel costs, it is necessary to know the approximate price of each planned procedure.

  • Radiation therapy. Remote irradiation and brachytherapy are used to treat malignant neoplasms. Methods of stereotactic radiosurgery are being actively introduced. The average cost of irradiation of one field is 155$.
  • Chemotherapy. The attending physician determines the duration and number of courses of drug treatment based on the severity and extent of the pathological process. On average, one study of chemotherapy costs from $140.
  • Surgical treatment. Surgeries for cancer of various localisations are performed by classical or endoscopic access. The price of minimally invasive interventions will be slightly higher, which is explained by the use of modern technology and the specific qualifications of the surgeon.


How to save money on treatment

The best way to protect yourself from unnecessary and unjustified spending is to compare clinics and doctors working in them. Remember that each cancer center specializes in certain types of malignant neoplasms. If one clinic has accumulated extensive experience in treating skin oncopathology but has no gynaecologists, patients with uterine tumors are better off choosing the appropriate medical center.


Israeli oncology clinics accept high-quality test results taken at the patient’s residence before departure. This way, you can bring a disc with the results of MRI PET-CT and save money on this while already in an Israeli hospital.


Specialized services for treatment in Israel provide online consultations via Skype with doctors based on data from the medical history provided to the specialists. That is, while still at home, you can get a second opinion from a qualified, experienced narrow specialist and adjust your further action plan, considering the information and recommendations received.


One of the most critical questions for a foreign patient is the cost of cancer treatment in Israel. What is the order of prices, and what does pricing depend on? It should be noted that Israel differs from other developed countries in its democratic prices for medical services. The state invests up to 8% of its GDP in the healthcare system. This is a tremendous amount of money used to build medical infrastructure, purchase equipment, pay doctors and medical staff, and meet other needs. With such funding, state clinics keep relatively low medical and oncological services prices.


Oncology Treatment

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