3 Reasons to Hire a Life Coach
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3 Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

Most of us wish to have financial stability, happy family life and a successful career. However, many of us get lost along the way. Some even struggle to make small changes due to a lack of self-awareness and belief. They end up making poor life choices and don’t take the necessary action which leaves them unhappy and frustrated. Sounds familiar? Understand your purpose in life by hiring a life coach. 

I’ve come across several people who have made well-thought-of plans about how they’re going to die. Some have made their will while the others have all the details sorted for their own funerals. I always find it amusing because they’ve never thought of how they’re going to live! As sad it is to think of death, it’s even sadder not to think of how you’ll live.

A life coach serves as a helpful guide who works with you through powerful conversations. 

They help you overcome your barriers, enabling you to succeed and live an intentional life. Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a life coach.


#1. Keeps You Going

Imagine this: you’re walking in a maze and are getting confused. Which way should you take? This or that? You decide on going in one direction but you’re confronted with a dead end. You go back only to find yourself lost again. Eventually, you realise you need help finding your way out. However, once you’re out you realize how easy it was to get out. 

Similarly, we all get lost in our lives. In fact, some of us don’t even realise we’re lost until someone points it out! 

Life coaches help you get out of the maze and also achieve your goals. Not only do they direct you in the right direction but also ensure that you stay on the right track. Every time you slip or make a wrong move, they help you get back on track again.


#2. Helps Discover Blind Spots

Most people have blind spots they’re completely unaware of. A blind spot is something that others can see in your behaviour but you’re completely oblivious to it. 

It may be a bad habit or something you lack. But, it may be what’s hindering your progress and causing you to fail. You may be setting a bad example for your children but have no idea of how you’re contributing to the breakdown of your family. Or, you may be a poor manager and have little or no understanding of how your clients view you.

Feedback, when given in the wrong way, can be hurtful. However, with the support and safety of a life coach, you’ll be able to discover your blind spots and work on overcoming them. 


#3. Helps You Achieve Your Dreams

We all dream and the capacity to visualize a better future allows us to live fully. It’s what motivates us through the tough times and achieves our goals. 

However, some dreams can seem unattainable. They can seem so big that you get sceptical. You start doubting your abilities and before you know it, you’ve already settled for what you have.

A good coach will listen to your aspirations and dreams and will help you work towards achieving them. They’ll put you on the right path so that you can continue going ahead undauntedly.


How to Find The Right Coach?

You can easily find a coach by doing a quick Google search. It’s wise to go through the coach’s website, client testimonials and social media pages to get a sense of who they are and how satisfied their clients have been. 

Before embarking on your journey, you can also enrol for a free session to gauge if the coach is right for you. 

Remember to look around, check out their website and find someone who feels right for you, because just like any other relationship in your life, when you know, you know!

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