5 Foods and Drinks That Can Help You Sleep Better
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5 Foods and Drinks That Can Help You Sleep Better

Sleep is a precious commodity, and the better the quality of your sleep is, the better your overall life will be. When people are trying to improve their sleep, they often look at their sleep rituals or their sleep environment. Improving both these areas will indeed help, but what you put in your body will make a huge difference as well. The only issue is that very few people know which foods can benefit sleep. Let’s take a look at some of the foods and drinks that can help you sleep better.


Kiwi Fruit

The kiwi fruit has to be one of the most underrated fruits and superfoods on the planet. Kiwis are full of things like vitamin C and E, and other nutrients such as folate and potassium. There have also been tons of studies conducted on the sleep-aiding properties of kiwis. One particular study found that people who ate two kiwis about an hour before sleep reported better and longer sleep. Experts are still perplexed as to why not many of them have theorized that it may have to do with the fruit’s antioxidant properties. Others have pointed to its serotonin content and its ability to combat folate deficiencies.



If you think that CBD is just another new wellness fad, think again. There is a growing mountain of evidence that shows that it can help with sleep and anxiety. Taking about 0.5 mg of CBD oil under the tongue before sleep could be more than enough to relax your mind and allow you to sleep better. Gummies can also help relieve the CBD into your bloodstream during the night at a steady rate, allowing you to stay asleep.

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant but is not psychoactive. As a matter of fact, all CBD sold in the US has to come from hemp, which has no psychoactive effects whatsoever. So, don’t expect to get high with this product. 



Nuts are one of the healthiest things you can add to your diet, and they can work wonders against insomnia. Pistachios, almonds, and most nuts are full of magnesium, which has been shown to have great sleep-inducing effects. Magnesium is also great for people who have an overactive mind. If you’re not a big fan of nuts, know that you can always go for supplementation. You could go for a pure magnesium supplement, but you could also find blends that use different ingredients that will work in synergy with magnesium and boost its sleep-promoting effects. If possible, go for supplement blends made of all-natural ingredients so that chemicals will not interfere with your digestion or sleep patterns.


Tart Cherries and Tart Cherry Juice

If you’ve never had or heard of tart cherries, you should start learning about them right now if you have trouble falling asleep. As their name indicates, these cherries have a distinct sour flavor. They might not be the best for desserts, but there is a lot of evidence that shows that they can help the quality and duration of sleep. One study found that drinking two cups of tart cherry juice per day was enough for people to see an improvement in sleeping time and efficiency. One of the reasons for this might be the high melatonin content of tart cherries. Tart cherries are also very high in antioxidants and less inflammation has been directly correlated with better sleep.

These are all foods that you can add to your diet if you want to enjoy better sleep. Sleep quality is very important, so don’t neglect this part of your life and constantly look for ways to improve it.

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