The 5 Best Food Gifts For Newly Married Couples
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The 5 Best Food Gifts For Newly Married Couples

Winter is here, and it is the wedding season in India. More than a million weddings take place every year in the wedding season. And we don’t have to share the facts with you because the wedding invitations have already started to flourish in your home. And it brings us to the point that you gotta have to spend some bucks in picking the gifts for the couple to be. 

Well, you don’t want your gift to be that normal and forgettable! Do you?

Of course, you don’t! 

So, you can pick any of the unconventional gifts from the options below and year they prove to be worthy of making a lasting impression of your gesture on the couple’s minds.


#1. A Hamper Of Nuts and Seeds

What strikes after the wedding rituals and getting overall hotchpotch? Yes, romance! That’s where the base of a long-lasting relationship stands firm. Intimacy must take over the minds and hearts for quite some time after marriage. And the hamper you will be gifting them will help the couple to have the best of their time in bed. Prepare a hamper containing walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans, hazelnuts, and peanuts. These food items contain zinc, L-arginine, and omega-3s which are highly beneficial for boosting overall health. 


#2. Cookie Boxes

For some time, just after the wedding, the room becomes the world for the couple as they tend to spend most of their time together, in private. And there are many more things other than intimacy that are good for developing and strengthening the bond between them. Things like watching movies, sleepless nights over conversations, having pillow fights, and many more helps in bringing them closer. You can amplify their time by gifting different types of cookies. Every activity of them will end on a sweet note with the cookies. And not to forget, cookies are good for health too!


#3. A Recipe Book

Love happens over food and romance! Before we head ahead for this gift option, let us tell you that it is for both the husband and the wife! We believe in equality! Whether the couple is going to reside away from the family due to their personal reasons or not, the recipe book makes a nice choice as a wedding gift. Trying to cook new dishes together provides them with some quality time together. And who knows, they can start a food blog or a YouTube channel. So, a recipe book is surely a different and useful gift that will keep the couple remembering your gesture. 


#4. Paid Voucher For 1st Month Anniversary Cake

We don’t want to be biassed but this has to go in the hands of the husband. There is a trend of celebrating first month wedding anniversaries and the lovely duty falls upon both the husband and wife. But the fact is that husbands don’t know how to arrange a perfect surprise. By gifting a paid voucher for a delicious cake, you will be helping the man to win his wife’s heart a little extra. And even if they don’t have anything in mind about their first month’s wedding anniversary, your gift will give them a chance to celebrate the new relationship one more time. The voucher should be a bakery from where he can pick up the cake from the store or order cake online in Hyderabad or wherever they reside. 


#5. Hamper Of Mouth Freshener Candies

We started from intimacy and we’re gonna end with it! Knowing each other and getting closer brings a lot of questions and worries to mind at the start of a relationship. Romance can strike anytime and by any move and so there should be nothing to ruin the moment. A smelly mouth is the worst thing if the couple is just getting started. You can opt to gift the couple a hamper of mouth freshener candies. There are so many varieties and flavours available in the market. Pick different flavours and candies from different brands. A candy before making love is sweet and seductive!


Who thought that food items can be so good for a gift? Make your impression last forever as you treat many other things other than the tummies of the couple.

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