The Ultimate Guide to Epsom Salt Flush
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The Ultimate Guide to Epsom Salt Flush

The origin of the Epsom Salt dates back to an English town in 1618. People observed how cattle weren’t drinking the water out of a spring and how it tasted a little bitter. After some time, it was discovered that evaporation had left back salt. This salt received the name of that English Town-Epsom and also became the cure for constipation. Today, Epsom salt flush is a way of detoxing or cleanse for a person’s body. 

Epsom salt is actually used in various ways. It can be consumed via mouth as well through a nice refreshing bath. We are often left feeling bloated and tired. Our liver is often ignored. However, it is very important to ensure a clean liver. This ensures good health and a healthy body. People usually think that detox is only for weight loss but it actually helps feel better in a lot of different ways. A good detox helps improve your immunity and energy. It also helps improve your overall mood and digestion. It is a great way to restart your body! However, it’s always great to use natural ways of doing so. Therefore, the Epsom salt flush is a great way.

This flush is actually done by most people to help them with constipation. It is mainly to detoxify the colon. However, it has a lot of other benefits too. On the other hand, It is an easy and affordable practice that can be done at home. It has now been 400 years since its usage. It may look very similar to the normal table salt. However, both have very different compositions. Epsom salt is highly rich in magnesium and sulphate. On the other hand, normal table salt is rich in sodium.


What is an Epsom Salt Flush? 

What is an Epsom Salt Flush

So, what exactly makes up an Epsom salt flush? The magnesium in Epsom salt is what helps bring out its laxative advantages. Epsom is a good combination of oxygen, sulphate and magnesium. This body detox can be done in various ways. You may either make Epsom salt a part of their diet or consume it in drinks. You may also use it in your bath. 

Detox baths made of Epsom salt actually do help remove toxins from the body. This type of salt has been a very popular remedy for a long time. It is so popular as a bath ingredient that it is also called a “bath salt.”  However, some people do consume it as well. Although most of them prefer using it in the bath instead due to its bitterness. The main reason behind using the salt has mostly been its magnesium content. In fact, when dissolved in water, it releases these magnesium ions. Therefore, a detox bath is actually a major part of the Epsom salt flush. However, Epsom salt is also taken as a laxative.

People actually do take Epsom salt as a supplement for magnesium. Although, it is important to be careful with your consumption as well. Epsom salt is generally harmless but may also pose risks if not taken properly. Not everybody requires the same amount of magnesium. Therefore, be sure to consume only as much as is required. However beneficial the Epsom salt flush may be, there are no proven benefits of the same. There is absolutely no research which proves its health benefits. People have been still using this trick though. Therefore, that must speak volumes about its effect and impact. At the end of the day, all human body systems are different due to the difference in our lifestyles. 


9 Epsom Salt Flush Benefits 

As mentioned earlier, the Epsom salt flush has a lot of benefits. Here are some benefits of the Epsom salt bath: 


  • It can reduce any skin inflammation as well as make your skin softer. 
  • It can definitely help you relieve stress and kind of anxiety. Stress actually is said to be a cause of magnesium drainage from the body. Therefore, Epsom salt helps restore that balance.
  • Has a very soothing effect on your muscles and your body. Therefore, it can help you get rid of any soreness.
  • It can also help you get rid of any dead skin cells and inflammation in case you are soaking your feet.
  • It can also help remove any tiny splinters if being used as a paste on it.
  • Epsom salt bath can also reduce body aches or any body tension. It can help reduce any kind of muscle cramp or inflammation. They actually help regulate electrolytes in our bodies. Therefore, ensure good muscles and nerves. 
  • People having arthritis can also feel better after an Epsom salt bath.
  • It can also help improve your sleep and reduce cravings.
  • Epsom salt baths can make you look and feel better. They help boost energy in the body as well.


Epsom salt flush is beneficial when Epsom salt is used as a laxative too. Here are some benefits of that: 

Epsom salt is very beneficial in treating constipation. This is because this salt is said to attract fluid to the bowel. This helps stretch the intestines and helps bowel movement. In fact, it is also said that one may experience a bowel movement within 30 mins of consuming this salt. This salt behaves like a detoxifying agent for the colon. However, one must consult a doctor before using Epsom salt to treat constipation. 


Epsom Salt Flush Risks and Side Effects 

Epsom Salt Flush Risks and Side Effects

The concerns surrounding Epsom salt flush are comparatively low. However, it is always good to consult your doctor regarding any possible side effects or risks you might face. You may face some while doing an Epsom salt bath or using it as a laxative. Therefore, It is always good to take precautions. Our body doesn’t absorb as much magnesium during a bath. Therefore, the risk of side effects from an Epsom salt bath is pretty low. However, one must be careful with Epsom salt consumption. Especially children and pregnant women. It is better to avoid children from drinking water that has Epsom salt dissolved in it.

People with any kidney issues should avoid consuming Epsom salt. The magnesium content might become tough to get rid of. This may lead to unnecessary health issues. Some other possible side effects of consuming this salt orally could be:


  • You may experience dizziness and fainting.
  • It may also cause an upset stomach and also lead to diarrhoea.
  • You may experience blurred vision 
  • You may start feeling extremely tired and lethargic
  • Some people may also experience irregular or slow heartbeat. Some may also experience breathing issues
  • You may see variations in urine and bladder habits.
  • You may also find your muscles weak.
  • People with heart and kidney problems must be careful. 


As previously mentioned, Epsom salt baths are safe. However, it is always good to be on the safe side. You could probably test a patch of your skin before submerging yourself. Avoid going in if you have injured skin, it might hurt your wounds. In case you do notice any rash or red skin, avoid going for this bath. In case you also feel Any irritation or discomfort, get out of the bath immediately.


How to Do an Epsom Salt Flush 

So, doing an Epsom salt flush is easy and can be easily done at home. To prepare yourself a nice Epsom salt bath, follow the steps below:


  • If you have a bathtub of a standard size, use about two cups of Epsom salt. Ensure that the water you fill into the tup is warm but not warmer than 102 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Pouring salt near the spout of water helps faster dissolution. You could also add in essential oils if you want fragrance along with your bath. This will help you enjoy the bath better. Soak in for about 12-20 minutes. If you are just looking for some relaxation, you may soak in for an hour too.
  • Sometimes you may only want to soak your feet in. So, use just a small tub with less salt and water. Sometimes you may only want it for an affected body part. For this, you can just apply a paste. Avoid using Epsom salt in tubs that have a jet
  • Always run a test before soaking yourself entirely though. Be it any essential oil or salt. Everyone’s skin has a different sensitivity.


If you want to do an Epsom salt flush orally, the best time to drink this salt water is in the morning. Add around one to two tablespoons of Epsom salt to water and drink it on an empty stomach. You may also squeeze some lemon juice into it to make the taste less bitter. This drink is a good option in case you are suffering from constipation. However, always consult your doctor before consuming anything. Especially if you are planning to take an extra spoon or you are already on other medications. You might not know how these interact within your body.



Does Epsom Salt Cleanse The Colon?

Epsom salt is a really good way of cleansing the colon. Although there is a lot of lack of evidence, this salt is a very popular method for colon cleansing. This salt acts like an osmotic laxative. This means that it draws fluid into your gut. It makes your intestine absorb more water from your body. This addition of water helps make stool soften. Therefore, this can lead to your gut being empty faster or more frequently. This may even cause diarrhoea. However, this is how Epsom salt can help cleanse the colon.

Most often people with constipation try this method. However, people just looking to detox can easily try the Epsom salt flush. The colon is an important part of the large intestine. Therefore, colon cleansing can help promote good health.


Does Epsom Salt Flush Your System?

Yes, the Epsom salt flush is a great way to flush your system. It is a good way of giving your body the natural detox that it needs. Be it like a laxative or through a simple Epsom salt bath, it really helps reset your body. It helps you get rid of all the toxins. This could be through a good colon cleansing if taken a laxative. It could also be through the magic magnesium during the bath. A good soak can really help relieve the body’s tension and stress.

The Epsom salt flush has good health benefits otherwise. It is great for pains and sores as well as your immunity. People should anyway take some time out of their busy schedules. We often don’t realise what we keep our bodies through. Be it the amount of junk food or the quality of products we consume.


How Long Does The Salt Water Flush Take To Work?

The salt water flush is basically adding Epsom salt to warm water. You can add salt based on the type of cleaning you require. If it is a mild cleanse, you may go for just 1-2 teaspoons. If it is a medium cleanse, you may go for one tablespoon. In case it is a complete cleanse, you may go for two tablespoons. However, avoid going for more than two tablespoons of Epsom salt without consulting a doctor. This water mixture should be had on an empty stomach in the morning. It may show its effects in a minimum of 30 minutes. Sometimes, it could take up to five to six hours to show any effect too. This water will have a laxative effect and will help facilitate bowel movement with ease.

What Happens When You Drink Epsom Salt?

Drinking Epsom salt and its benefits have not been a well-researched topic. There is a lack of evidence on this particular topic. However, drinking Epsom salt is linked to various health benefits. One of the primary ones is colon cleansing. Most often people drink Epsom salt water to help with any constipation. However, the laxative effect may also lead to bloating and diarrhoea. Apart from this, there are also other things which may happen if you drink Epsom salt water. They could be: 


  • It helps with stress relief and tension
  • It also helps your muscles relax and may help with any soreness in the body too. It may provide you temporary relief from pain.
  • Some people also think that magnesium in the Epsom salt helps with inflammation as well.
  • It can help relieve your period cramps or any migraines. This can also help you if you are facing any issues sleeping.
  • You may feel better despite being exhausted because it may help boost your energy and immunity.
  • It especially helps restore the magnesium balance in the body.


Is Epsom Salt A Good Laxative?

Yes, constipation is uncomfortable. You don’t feel your best self and you are constantly looking for ways to feel at ease. There are different reasons one might have constipation. However, there are several ways to combat it too. One of them is using Epsom salt. Epsom salt is a great laxative although not conclusively proven. In fact, the FDA has approved its oral usage as a laxative.

This is a good laxative when done on an empty stomach early in the morning. If you wish to do it later in the day, avoid eating food before it. You must just have a good mix of Epsom salt with warm water. This will help clear your gut and cause a bowel movement. This is because the salt will help attract more fluid to the colon. Therefore, helping ease the bowel movement. So, Epsom salt is like an osmotic laxative. It helps soften the stool so that bowel movement becomes easier. This helps anyway suffering from constipation.

Is It Healthy To Drink Epsom Salt?

Anything should be consumed in safe amounts. An irregular amount of anything has its risks and side effects. However, consumption of Epsom salt as a drink is relatively safe. It isn’t risky or unhealthy. In fact, it is said to have various health benefits. As already mentioned, these health benefits have to do with relieving stress and body sores. In addition, this also helps a great deal with good digestion. Maintaining a healthy colon is good for a healthy body!  This salt is also good for people who have arthritis or have any period cramps. It is quite beneficial in different possible ways.

Although, one must be aware of some side effects too. However safe it might be, drinking Epsom salt water can cause diarrhoea and weakness too. It can also cause irregular heartbeat. Therefore, it is always better to consult a physician before making any decisions for yourself.


How Does Epsom Salt Work To Draw Out Toxins?

Epsom Salt is actually referred to as bath salt. Therefore, the Epsom salt detox is pretty popular. This salt is made up of magnesium and sulphate. These minerals help draw the toxins out of your body through the process of reverse osmosis. This removal of toxins can really help balance the body. The combo of both magnesium and sulphate helps open the ways for detoxification. Magnesium is in general a requirement by the body. It also aids the removal of toxins in the body. On the other hand, sulphate can strengthen digestive tract walls. This strengthening helps make the release of toxins easier.

This whole process is very easy. All you need is a tub and a good amount of warm water. Soak your body in for an hour or so and let the detox begin. An Epsom salt bath really helps your body feel better and lighter. It makes you feel relaxed, calm and stress-free. Sometimes people only prefer giving their legs or feet some rest. Therefore, they can opt for just foot soaks or small tubs. Despite the fact that this method does not have a lot of evidence, it has been in use for a very long time.


In Conclusion

Despite all its side effects that come along with the Epsom salt flush, it’s still a great way. This master cleanse is a super simple and natural way of colon cleansing as well as maintaining a good body balance. People actually find it great to restart their bodily system clean and clear. It helps naturally detoxify and remove all the waste in your body. Once your body’s toxins are out, you will immediately feel rejuvenated.

A lot of us today have very unhealthy diets. We keep consuming without any idea of how it must be affecting our system. We have no idea how many toxins and heavy metals enter our system. Therefore, this waste buildup can definitely be the cause of your sluggishness and digestive issues. In fact, constipation is a very common problem today. This is why natural detoxification like this helps make the body feel better.

Also, isn’t it simple? You don’t require an elaborate process to detoxify your body. It is easy, simple and barely requires any ingredients. Be it through an Epsom salt bath or just by a drink. You just need warm water and some Epsom salt. Voila! You have the mixture ready! Be very careful to not overdo it though. Even small and simple things like this can unknowingly affect your entire system. 

Therefore, always remember to seek professional advice. Analyse your body and make the decision. As a heart or kidney patient, you will have to think twice before doing this Epsom salt flush. Even pregnant women are asked to be very careful as their body anyway goes through a lot of changes. Although, always take some time out for your body because “Health is wealth.”

What are your thoughts on Epsom salt flush? Let us know in the comments section below.

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