4 Ways Love Can Heal Your Soul and Body
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4 Ways Love Can Heal Your Soul and Body

Love has an immense transformative and healing power. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, depression, or other illness, love can ease your symptoms and improve your well-being. 

Loving relationships can do wonders – you can start feeling much better without using the medicine. And it’s not an abstract thing. There are many scientific studies out there that prove that love can heal.

Do you want to learn more about the health-related benefits of romantic relationships? Keep on reading!


Pain Relief

According to different studies, intense love can be more effective than some popular painkillers. Here is a study that Stanford University conducted: patients with chronic pain were offered to look at the pictures of their loving partners before they used a pain scale. The results of the study were the following: participants of the experiment reported that moderate pain was reduced by almost 40%, and severe pain was reduced by 15%.

Here is how it works. The feeling of intense love increases dopamine levels and activates the areas of the brain responsible for pain perception – the same areas that are targeted by painkillers. So, if you want to ease your pain without drugs, you should find someone to fall in love with. Once you start feeling euphoric and shift your focus from being in pain to being in love, you will feel much better and change your life.


Decrease in Anxiety Levels

Living in a state of constant anxiety affects our health. You can hardly enjoy your everyday life when you get worried about every little thing.

High anxiety levels are associated with physical stress that harms the nervous, digestive, immune, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, you should manage your anxiety levels. One of the easiest ways to do it is to find a life-long partner.

While it may sound cheesy, love relationships are actually statistically proven to reduce anxiety and mitigate the risks of depression. Romantic sentiment, moral support, and physical intimacy greatly contribute to mental health and benefit both partners in the long run.


Lower Blood Sugar

There are many factors that add up to the type 2 diabetes risk, and some of them do not relate to the lifestyle or diet. It may surprise you, but social isolation, loneliness, and living arrangements also influence blood sugar levels. Studies show that married people (particularly older adults) are at lower risk of diabetes development.

Do you want to normalize blood sugar levels? You know what to do – find older women or men to go on a date with. Start a new romantic relationship, and you will be more protected from diabetes.


Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

When we are in love, we experience less stress, and it has a positive impact on our cardiovascular system. People who maintain romantic relationships tend to have lower blood pressure and lower heart rate. Also, they are at a lower risk of heart attack.

On top of that, even if a heart attack happens, they recover much faster. One study showed that married people are more likely than single people to survive in the hospital after a heart attack. 

Love is literally good for your heart. The more you are involved in the relationship and the more support you get, the more likely you will live a long and happy life.


Wrapping Up

If you are single now, think about the things you currently miss in your life. You can be a healthier person both physically and mentally if you find the right person to be with. 

Don’t stay single for too long. Open your heart for true love and start dating again.


Love Can Heal Your Soul and Body

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